Should you put RN or BSN after name on resume?

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    Hi, I am new to allnurses and have a question about resumes. I am trying to apply to a graduate nurse residency program and one of their requirements is that you get your RN by the time you start their program. I have graduated with a BSN and have passed boards making me an RN. (SO relieved!) I am wondering which title is the most important to list after my name on my resume? I want them to know that I have my license (hoping this will make me a attractive candidate for the program) but that I am also a BSN as they prefer that degree. I was thinking that I would put RN and then assume they will get the BSN info from my education section.....but wasn't sure! Any ideas? I would appreciate your thoughts!

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    According to APA, the corect way to list credentials is degree first, professional title, then cerifications.

    For example, Nancy Nurse, BSN, RN, CEN

    I would recommend using your RN credential on your resume, since it will separate you from those who have not yet passed boards.

    Whether you place BSN in your name, or list it under education is your choice. Placing it with your name might call attention to the degree, even if one is quickly scanning resumes and not reading them thoroughly.

    Good luck!
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    I and most everyone I know do RN, BSN Not sure that is correct
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    I put RNDreamer, BSN, RN and got calls
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    I just use My Name, RN. My education is first on the resume so my BSN is pretty clear. I just thought My Name, BSN, RN Not incorrect, but not as good looking as just the RN. I don't think it would hurt to do BSN, RN though but at the very least put RN so they can see right away that you are licensed.
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    Name, BSN, RN is the correct order. I would definitely put both right on top, it well set you apart from unlicensed candidates and those without a BSN. Good luck, and congrats on graduating & passing boards!
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    Thank you all for responding! It was great to get your input! I am really happy to be a part of this site as you all are so willing to help! I really appreciate it! I am sure I will have many more questions to come!
    Take care!
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    Definitely include that BSN -- a lot of employers are Magnet or pursuing Magnet, and BSNs are preferred. Be proud -- you earned it! Show off on your resume. Good luck, and welcome to allnurses!!
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    i would include BSN on there, it draws attention to you!
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    Wow! Thank you all for your input, I too am a new grad w/ BSN and had the very same question about placing creditials right on top of Resume. I really appreciate the helpful insight, thanks that helps a lot = )....Additionally, is it recommended to place your actual license # on the resume? if so, is it recommended to go before or after the education secion?

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