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  1. Hi!

    I saw your post from last year on the USC CRNA 2018 page and had a few questionsif you don't mind. I am to complete biochem prior to March 2020. Did you take this course online and if so where and was it self-paced? 

  2. Cuddleswithpuddles

    Loma Linda University- California- CRNA-DNP 2018

    Hello, I attended Loma Linda's RN-BSN program. I loved my experience. I can honestly say that my time there was life-changing. For one, I am becoming more and more vegetarian since I attended. I am not religious but I deeply appreciated their holistic approach and community service. Yes, it is a strict religious campus. Yes, all the food is vegetarian and caffeine free. The campus and the surrounding area is not a place to party. (Then again, that was never a priority for me.) The student contract I signed stated that I will not do drugs or alcohol during the entire duration of my enrollment. The RN-BSN cohort were treated like professional adults. I get the sense that the rest of the student body were scrutinized more. I feel that it is likely that social media accounts would indeed disqualify someone from the program. I consider myself a fairly.. hmm.. colorful individual. I have not had issues during my time there. As long as you go to Loma Linda to study and be a better professional, I really do not think you will run into trouble.
  3. Cuddleswithpuddles

    USC CRNA 2018

    Hello everyone, I submitted my application a couple of days ago. Dr. Gold emailed me with some very positive feedback. I am waiting for official transcript reviews and a formal invitation to interview, but Dr. Gold kindly gave me some dates in advance. I blocked off those dates in my calendar faster than lightning! For anyone who went through an interview, could you share some insight? What kind of questions did they ask? What tips would you give a fellow applicant? My stats: - A little over 4 years in critical care. 11 years in total. - BSN from Loma Linda. GPA 3.98. - GRE 315. |
  4. Cuddleswithpuddles

    HELP! TB test positive after 14 hours?

    Huh, interesting! Totally TOTALLY unscientific musing follows: For the first few years of my yearly TB skin tests, I always had a gnarly looking "reaction" after the first day. These was during the time when I took the bus regularly. I always thought this was faint legacy of my BCG vaccination in the Philippines. Now that I no longer take the bus, I do not have these "reactions. I will have to pick the brain of our ID doc!
  5. Cuddleswithpuddles

    LVN/LPN to RN...What's your schedule like?

    I finished my LVN-RN bridge program close to 3 years ago but this was my schedule Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Work from 7a-7p Monday and Tuesday: Clinicals or preceptorship from 7a-5pm and 7a-7:30p, respectively Wednesday: Off day, typically spent on study group until noon and then errands Thursday: Lectures from 8-3pm
  6. Cuddleswithpuddles

    Fired for med error

    I find this system appalling. I am torn about the larger discussion about the ideals vs. reality of medication errors and self-reporting, but it is like this facility knows how common med errors but has no interest in correcting their faulty error-prone system and would rather blame individuals. I do not know of any nurse or facility that habitually sees so med errors a year that they could arrive at such ridiculously specific (and high!) numbers.
  7. Cuddleswithpuddles


    Could the doctor have refused the consult to reduce the cost for the patient? As far as I understand, consults are a judgment call and not an obligation to the patient unless the patient's condition was grossly mismanaged by a primary MD overextending his/her capabilities. I know some doctors who prefer not to call for consults for more straightforward cases. Not every infection requires an infectious disease consult, not every incidence of uncontrolled HTN and blood sugar require cardiologists or endocrinologists etc.
  8. Cuddleswithpuddles

    ADN to BSN credit by exam instead of papers?

    That is good to know. Did they encounter any issues or questions about grading at all? I am already pretty far along in my current RN-BSN program and I am also thinking of medical school, so the ship is too far out to turn back lol
  9. Cuddleswithpuddles

    Millennials in the workplace

    For better and for worse, sometimes the best opportunities do not go to the best people but rather the ones who step up and take them.
  10. Cuddleswithpuddles

    Online BSNs - good reputation?

    Hi there. Don't forget to check your local colleges and universities' RN-BSN programs. Many of them offer online formats so you get the benefit of the school's local reputation without actually being on campus. A state university or private school near you may be more recognizable than a purely online program like the ones you have mentioned in your post. Good luck!
  11. Cuddleswithpuddles

    Millennials in the workplace

    I do see a deluge of articles and studies about millenials, opinions on how to deal with them (or us, considering I am part of that generation) but so far I have not seen any articles in scholarly journals that recommend overhauling the entire workplace for the millenials at the expense of others. I am willing to bet that a lot of infuriating and ridiculous pieces like the Forbes article you mentioned are published simply because they get a rise out of people, but not because they are evidence-based recommendations that are taken seriously and applied to all workplaces as we speak. I do agree with a lot of the negative stereotypes about millenials and I take great pains to distance myself from them. But do I agree that workplaces are now giving non-team players carte blanche? No. In my short time in nursing, demanding divas are quickly addressed formally and informally, and are not allowed to continue with their behaviors without consequence. I am sorry your experience has not been the same, and I hope you find satisfaction in your work life.
  12. Cuddleswithpuddles

    ADN to BSN credit by exam instead of papers?

    FYI: WGU was my first choice until I learned that the highest GPA they can assign for your work is 3.0. They have a pass/fail system wherein a pass is agreed to be at least a B grade. They do not go by GPA but, if one were to ask for a GPA calculation, they can only offer a 3.0. This is a non-issue for most people who want to stop at a BSN, or intend on continuing with WGU or similar pass/fail programs for higher degrees. As for me, I wanted to keep my options open and a 3.0 is not competitive in my eyes so I chose another school.
  13. Cuddleswithpuddles

    Millennials in the workplace

    Could you link us to these studies?
  14. Cuddleswithpuddles

    Night Shift Snack

    Night shift wreaked havoc on my appetite. There would be nights when my stomach was so upset that I could go the whole night with crackers and tea. There were others when I would eat reasonably, have my "breakfast" and "lunch" with fruit or cheese in between. Others? Madness. I was a human vacuum cleaner. If it was edible and on shared territory, it went into my mouth. Sometimes I would be lucky and there would be a great potluck around. Other times, I was scrounging for crumbs like junkie looking for the next hit. I was a black hole of baked goods, a usurper of salty snacks. There were nights I would awake and say, "I am Khali, destroyer of refrigerators." Yeah, so, clearly I did not adapt well to night shift.
  15. Cuddleswithpuddles


    The PCCN was not very difficult at all. I felt it was like the NCLEX with more emphasis on EKG rhythms and electrolyte imbalances. Other than the numerous questions on those subjects, it felt just like the NCLEX with its questions on common cardiac issues, medical emergencies, psychosocial and professional issues. I used the Ahrens and Thomas' PCCN book, link below. http://www.amazon.com/Progressive-Care-Nursing-Certification-Preparation-ebook/dp/B006B7LRXA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1399319401&sr=8-2&keywords=pccn I recommend getting whatever version includes the 3 practice tests. Not sure if the Kindle version includes them.
  16. Cuddleswithpuddles

    Tattoos and unique shoes?

    Professional aesthetics are subjective. Whoever signs your paycheck gets to decide what constitutes a professional look and, unless you are willing to cause unnecessary pain for yourself or find another job, it is in your best interest to fall in line.