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  1. FLancaster11

    If you were my preceptor......what should I know?!

    Wow....thanks for that advice! I am starting right now and feel so overwhelmed and dumb! I know that I will need to admit I don't know things that are simple and just don't want my preceptor to think she got the stupidest new nurse on the planet. thank you for giving me this encouragement to bite the bullet and ask for help. I pray I have an understanding preceptor such as yourself!
  2. FLancaster11

    If you were my preceptor......what should I know?!

    Awesome! Thanks for your input!! I think I can manage those!! :)
  3. I am a new RN who is starting a critical care nurse internship in a month. I will have months of orientation, which is a true blessing! I want to try to prepare myself for this experience so that I can get the very most out of my orientation. I have been out of school for 8 months now and feel like I will have to catch up on a lot of things that have slipped over those months as I planned a wedding, got married, moved 700miles away and passed boards! I know that I can't be expected to know everything as I spend my first days/months in ICU, but I want to try to know as much as I can! My question for all of you is.....if you were the preceptor for a new RN in the ICU (MICU, SICU, Neuro ICU) what would you want her/him to know starting out? Is there a medication that you would be shocked they didn't know about? A task that you would think they would be comfortable with already? Pretty much.....what would you want in your preceptee/orientee? And what would drive you crazy?! (definitely don't want to make my preceptor's life harder when I am there!) Thanks in advance! I look forward to hearing your thoughts! This message board is such an awesome support system! :)
  4. FLancaster11

    I've been a nurse for six months. Here's what I've learned so far.

    Thanks so much for posting your thoughts!! I agree with other posters that there are many "downer" stories about nursing (such as the poster above ) so it is refreshing to find one like yours. I can't wait until I am 6 months in and hope that I can make just such a positive list! Thanks so much! :)
  5. FLancaster11

    Helpful hints DVD

    This would be great!! I am starting my first job next month and would LOVE to have a DVD to turn to for refresher and learning new skills! :) Thanks!
  6. FLancaster11

    Should you put RN or BSN after name on resume?

    Thank you all for responding! It was great to get your input! I am really happy to be a part of this site as you all are so willing to help! I really appreciate it! 🙂 I am sure I will have many more questions to come! Take care!
  7. Hi, I am new to allnurses and have a question about resumes. I am trying to apply to a graduate nurse residency program and one of their requirements is that you get your RN by the time you start their program. I have graduated with a BSN and have passed boards making me an RN. (SO relieved!:)) I am wondering which title is the most important to list after my name on my resume? I want them to know that I have my license (hoping this will make me a attractive candidate for the program) but that I am also a BSN as they prefer that degree. I was thinking that I would put RN and then assume they will get the BSN info from my education section.....but wasn't sure! Any ideas? I would appreciate your thoughts!