I'm becoming very discouraged

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    I took my NCLEX exam before Thanksgiving and have been putting in applications. I put in maybe 35 applications and went in person to several places. So far I've gotten one interview and then was declined for 35 positions. I'm beginning to think as a new nurse I'm never going to get a job. I went into nursing school being told there were all kinds of jobs and we'd get a job as soon as we were out. I'm about to loose my home and don't know what else to try. Some of my cohort already have jobs. They were offered during their preceptorship but the place I was put does not hire new nurses.

    Any way just needed somewhere to go vent and cry. Anyone have ideas how I can make myself more presentable or capable to get that first job as a nurse?

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    What kind of places have you been applying to? Just hospitals?
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    I'm having the same issues in Mass, graduated in May, cant find anything either, hang in there
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    Any clinical background? And work experience in health care? Waiting until after you graduate is a bit late to start thinking about it. But it can be done. Any classmates have jobs? Start asking them if they can help you. I would also suggest revamping your resume and changing it up a bit. It can't hurt. Are you willing to work nights? Are you willing to commute>?
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    you might have to move. Consider non-hospital choices. If your city has a medical society, they may have a placement service. If you are a member of your state's nursing association, they may have leads. Consider the health department and other agencies. Check with the health dept's website for your state to see if they have Area Health Education Centers (AHEC). The one in my area has leads for new grads. Ask your old schoold advisor to look at your resume and give you honest feedback.

    I wish you luck!
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    If you are about to lose your home you may have to apply in the non healthcare field. This way you can have some income until you find a nursing job. Try home health, nursing homes, clinics, schools, health dept.
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    Just remember as nurses, we are the face of the hospital. Remind yourselves of these words and show your interviewer that you have what it takes.

    I found more ipad mini cases like this but I'm sure you get the point.
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    Try some flu clinics this time of year. Urgent care. Minute clinics. VA hospital. Hospice. Wherever you can, even if it is per diem at first.
    Best of luck to you.
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    Curious, I guess it's different depending on your state, but in mine: School nursing requires peds/special certification for school nursing, Urgent care wants at least medsurg or ER experience, Minute clinics use NPs pretty much only, you might have an RN to help run things but they ask for occ health experience, VA is probably the toughest to get into, Hospice you might try - but the only ones that will take someone without acute care exp of minimum 2 years and usually additional minimum 1 year hospice are the ones that need to be run out of the state (serious about that - you are on your own to handle whatever struggle in death you are presented with - no training, no supervision at all), Flu clinics are pretty much no more, handled by pharmacists or NPs at minute clinics, Health department usually wants MSN Case Managers. Nursing homes are a possibility, but they hire few nurses, and there are nurses who can't leave since the hospitals won't hire them, so until they find a way out you can't have their jobs.

    Tough deal, I'd just find another non healthcare job first, then try for nursing. If you have family who works in healthcare, they will be almost your guaranteed way in the door.
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    Quote from MJB2010
    Any classmates have jobs? Start asking them if they can help you.
    I don't know why it is, but at least from what I've seen, classmates aren't too helpful when it comes to helping others get jobs. I tried to help a friend get a job by telling them which places had called me for interviews so they could apply and even telling them the questions I was asked in the interviews, but for some reason we drifted apart when I got a job and they didn't have one. It's weird, but I've never been surprised to see people thrive on the failure of others instead of being happy for their success. I don't think the job hunting process is any exception.
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