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  1. serenitylove14

    Blatant false documentation

    I'm experiencing a similar dilemma, but it's the Np who i am replacing that is charting on patients he doesn't see. He has been charting on patients located at other facilities or that were previous patients in our system yet not located in any of our facilities. It wasn't me who found out but one of the other facilities I was training at that notified the NP that serviced that facility. So I did some digging, he has done it more than 4 times in the past month. Along with some other questionable behaviors like not addressing legit concerns that need medication treatment, I asked if I could cut my training short by a week. Honestly I don't want to be associated with this guy when **** hits the fan and he only has one more week until he officially leaves so I'm going to let him hang himself.
  2. serenitylove14

    New grad needs advice on picking a job

    Compare pay rates, student loan repayments, pto, ceu coverage, which hours will work better for you? Which job interests you more? Who gives you better vibes? Orientation length? Etc...
  3. serenitylove14

    Stories of NP Employers Trying to Take Advantage or Blatantly Lying...

    Luckily my home office gives atleast two weeks advanced notice of needs and uploads atleast a week prior. Idk what this other office is doing but it doesnt surprise me that she has a hard time holding on to NPs.
  4. Hello All, I do Hospice Re-certification Visits. - We use tablets to chart and access patient information - We typically give 24 hours advanced notice of our visits So I recently picked up some hours for a different office that is about 3 hours away from my home, received a bonus plus pay of course, it is the responsibility of the office manager to upload patient information into our tablets so we can notify the patient of our visits. She told me her previous NPs x2 quit unexpectedly. 1. She waited until 10 pm the night before to upload my patient information, I left to head to this city at 5AM the next morning. *This is after I let her know that I refused to do the visits because she had not uploaded the information as of yet* 2. She told me her and her staff notified the patients that I was coming *This is after I informed her the night before that I refused to also go see them when they didnt know I was coming* Well I told her I could do 6 patients, she asked if I could add one more, I said yes. None of the patients had been notified I was coming to visit them. So in total I was assigned 7 patients, no problem. AS SOON AS I FINISHED MY LAST PATIENT, she texts me saying a patients family member was wanting to talk to me and was waiting for me to arrive to see the patient, I called her and she tried to add 3 additional patients, saying I was scheduled to see them, I refused and told her maybe next time. Has anyone been blatantly lied to or had employers try to take advantage of you? Lucky for me this isnt my home office, but I wonder how common this is?
  5. serenitylove14

    Which exam should I take?

    Hollier was the best review. I had access to Barkley, Fitzgerald, and hollier. I took AANP. But ancc actually had a new grad coupon out back in July that cut like 125 off of the price but I still chose AANP because I don't like non clinical questions.
  6. serenitylove14

    Working during NP school

    Very doable during the didactic portions. When you start clinicals it will be a bit more work!
  7. serenitylove14

    Anyone NEVER been hit/hurt working psych?

    Ive never been hurt working psych. Ive been hit while working med-surg plenty of times tho lol.
  8. serenitylove14

    What is your worst visitor story?

    An older couple, wife was stepdown patient in the ICU. Patients husband had alot of holes in his jeans, one was right down the middle right below his butthole. He asked where the bathroom was and I let him know. As he walks away... juicy drops of doo doo drops from his pants on the floor, trailing him... We got him new pants but HE REFUSED to put them on!! It was hilarious and nasty at the same time!
  9. serenitylove14

    Pharmacology CEU/CME recommendations

    I found some free ones on... cebroker
  10. serenitylove14

    You don't need RN experience to get an NP job

    Interesting thread here... OP Sometimes i see jobs that say RN experience or NP experience, I figure whichever job will want to mold you into what they want you to be regardless of the background. I wouldnt necessarily say that no RN experience would be beneficial, but I can say that one thing working while in school did for me was keep my total student loans owed down to $4000 lol. Plus it has helped me communicate with a variety of different people, it has also taught me alot about pharmacology. I think it just depends on the person.
  11. serenitylove14

    Single Parent, Relocation, Daycare?

    Hmmm. Never thought of that, but its an option for weekends. But during the week they really need social interaction.
  12. serenitylove14

    Single Parent, Relocation, Daycare?

    Thank you. I have started to look. I realized that I need a more child friendly schedule, so I am looking for something either M-F or with some high flexibility.
  13. serenitylove14

    New Grad NP - which job would you take?

    Wow awesome advice. And i agree 4 pts per hour for that pay sucks! But I am keeping my mind open to all these jobs. Thank you for all of your responses.
  14. serenitylove14

    AZ APRN can't get a CO position!

    I am having the same issue in Tennessee trying to get a job in South Carolina. The jobs in SC have called but when they find out my moving there is contingent on me getting a job first, they are immediately turned off. I am in the process of getting my SC license, I hope that once its approved i will get more opportunities. Someone told me that I should use someones address that I know that lives down there. That may be the only way.
  15. Hello all! I recently accepted a prn hospice job as my first np job, does this count towards that year of preferred experience that most job postings require? Thanx!
  16. serenitylove14

    Sleeping during your breaktime

    We do the samething at one of my job floors. Especially if I am in charge, I will let everyone take that hour break and then if everyone gets it done and agrees, they can take additional breaks if it doesnt interfere with patient care. BUT we cant do it if we work with people who always have a problem with everything!