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  1. Ntheboat2


    You could probably get a lawyer to legally change your name. Just kidding. Send a private message to the administrator maybe? Or a moderator might come along and help.
  2. Ntheboat2

    No rapid response for a DNR?

    I think the nurse did the right thing. It's not like she called a Code Blue. She probably wasn't sure what exactly to do in the situation and needed some support. Isn't that what a Rapid Response is for? You're damned if you do and damned if you don...
  3. Ntheboat2

    question about nurses on methadone

    I'm on the "don't report" train. Even if it is used for addiction (which would be impossible to tell from a pharmacy record), I still don't think it could be reported if the nurse is a patient.
  4. Ntheboat2

    question about nurses on methadone

    I work in a facility where we have a lot of patients who are addicts, recovering addicts, etc. Sometimes we have nurses, former nurses, etc. as patients. The question came up the other day.....if a patient comes into your facility and their medicati...
  5. Ntheboat2

    Why do some nurses use their titles as a big ego boost?

    I think it could be that you're being sensitive. Who knows really without knowing the entire story, background, tones, etc. I know that when I first started working (at 16) I worked in a fast food place which I stayed at for several years off and on....
  6. Ntheboat2

    My Name is Susan

    I work in mental health and I'm disgusted by some of the things I hear my fellow nurses say. "Pill seeker" is a common phrase they'll use towards ANYBODY on narcotics, even people who have a very legit reason like a fresh post-op if they have a histo...
  7. Ntheboat2

    Patient asked me what an IV med was for..i didnt know

    I didn't realize so many nurses were perfect. I come across medicines all the time that I have to look up. Luckily, I have a computer at my side when administering meds and a button I can click to give me all the info. within seconds.
  8. Ntheboat2

    Does age matter when it comes to delegation?

    Thanks for the replies. I guess I just need to get over it and realize everybody isn't going to like me. It sucks to feel like nobody likes you though. Really, the nurses all seem to like me a lot, but the aides not so much. Particularly the older a...
  9. I'm going to try to keep this short, but basically I look younger than what I actually am. I know...sad, right? JK. Honestly, I'm wondering if looking like I'm 21ish has anything to do with how I'm received by co-workers...specifically CNA's. I'm not...
  10. Ntheboat2

    Score one for standardized scrub colors

    When I had my children, I never knew who the nurses were unless I happened to catch a glimpse of their nametag. Where I work now, we have color coded scrubs. Trust me, the patients notice. They know exactly who the nurses are and who the aides are. T...
  11. Ntheboat2

    Stop complaining about your job - It could be worse.

    One of my RN co-workers was talking about all the bills she had to pay/repairs she had to do at her house in front of a patient one day. It wasn't really that unprofessional in the setting we are in because that's mostly what we do in psych is talk t...
  12. Ntheboat2

    We all have our place.

    I work in psych and I love it. I got jabs from nursing school buddies about their jobs as a "real nurse" but I just blew those off. Why? Because most of them hate their jobs, are always looking for a way out, and I have no intention of leaving mine....
  13. Ntheboat2

    Am I Only one who is irritated by doctors and medical shows?

    It's a sad reality that the higher education you receive, the more removed you are from hands on patient care. I was thinking of this the other day when I realized I had been at the desk for much longer than I would have liked to be. One of the aides...
  14. Ntheboat2

    What is psych nursing really like???

    I love psych nursing. I worked as an intern on a med/surg unit throughout nursing school and it was great getting experience with starting IV's, inserting foleys, etc., but med/surg is definitely not something I would want to do again. Can I handle i...
  15. Ntheboat2

    Having Trouble Hearing BP's

    I don't have any problems hearing, but I had a hard time finding a stethoscope that my ears could handle. My ears are really small and it would literally hurt to wear a stethoscope. I'm not a wimp, but it was so painful that I could barely stand to l...