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    Can you temporarily suspend your account until background checks are complete? Or you can just change your name on your facebook to a fake name or a nick name so they don't find you?

    I'm going to heed your advice, OP. Come job application time, I may suspend, delete, or change my name on facebook ... and that's only because I've been on facebook since 2005 when I was a freshman in college. Who knows what I posted back then?!
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    They hold your page when you end it for a time period so you can re-institute it later if you want.
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    What scares me is when soneone gets angry and creates a fake facebook just to bash people and try to get you in trouble :/
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    Sorry that's happened to you.

    What I do with Facebook is the following:

    1. Privacy settings set to the strictest possible settings
    2. Do not play games or use any FB apps.
    3. Do not allow myself to be tagged in anything without my specific approval
    4. Friend coworkers with caution and if necessary, take full advantage of those lists to control exactly who sees what
    5. Post nothing on there that I wouldn't say directly to my manager's face.

    It has not given me a problem yet.

    Though I will admit I have a second account under my work-emails which has absolutely nothing under it, nor do I ever post in it. But if someone were to search by my work/professional e-mail address, that is what they would find.
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    Quote from TakeTwoAspirin
    This problem is not so much fb but the fact that you appear not to have any privacy settings turned on. How is it that someone you are not a "friend" with can look at your fb page in so much detail? If you don't know how to block your page then I think you should consider shutting it down.
    Precisely. I am always careful about what I post on facebook, but my page is private, friends only. So unless I "friend" you personally, you have no access to my page. Check your settings. I also do random searches on my name just to see what might pop up. We all need to be careful.
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    Ummm, your cop in school friend is either lying to you, or he is hacking the accounts. Some schools have tried to force students to reveal their passwords, it has been ruled illegal. Whatever the case, he should be careful. If I found out that he was accessing my child's personal FB account, it would not be pretty.
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    Quote from joanna73
    Precisely. I am always careful about what I post on facebook, but my page is private, friends only. So unless I "friend" you personally, you have no access to my page. Check your settings. I also do random searches on my name just to see what might pop up. We all need to be careful.
    I searched my email address just the other day and was surprised what came up. It wasn't anything too bad, but I had signed up for an account on an astrology website where I made a post or two and apparently didn't make my email address private. So, I changed that. You can still click on the link and the site pops up, but nothing else. I also created an account that I had to make for a school assignment and the public could see everything I had to upload to that site. It wasn't anything bad, but there was a resume on there...and I did leave off a previous employer to one job I applied to. That would be a reason for someone not to hire me if they saw that.

    I've considered deleting my Facebook account. Even though I have my privacy settings on, I just don't trust people. My mom asked me to login to my account one time from her house so that she could look at one of my friend's pages. So, that's one way people who aren't your friends can see your account. I have a lot of "acquaintances" rather than true friends on Facebook. I'm sure they'd open my page in a heartbeat if someone asked. I recently went through and changed almost every status update I've ever made so it's viewable to "Only Me." Who's to say that even one of my nursing school friends who is bitter that they didn't get a job wouldn't blast some innocent comment I made 3 years ago and forgot about? I dunno...I still might delete it. I just dread starting one all over!
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    I've wondered about that. My FB is set to "friends only" and my maiden name is in there, so if someone searches for the name on my resume they shouldn't find anything. I Google myself regularly but hadn't thought to check my email address. I have one email address on my resume for just job searching. My mom is always telling me that my FB posts (when I get another rejection) is hurting my chances but I don't see how it could if it's inaccessible to non-friends.

    Check out's scary. Put your name in and it will pull up your address, a picture of your house, the names and ages of any household members, the value of your home, and for a monthly subscription will search 70 social media sites and give all that info too. You can remove yourself from there but it's still something to look into.
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    Oh, I also do not use my real name on FB.
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    My cop friend did not lie to me. I was at the school bringing him a coffee when the administrator came in and gave him the name of two students who got into a fight. She said there had been reports that someone recorded it and posted it on facebook and she wanted him to check their FB to see if anything had been posted. He did not hack into the account or get into their personal account, he just accessed the account as if he was on their friends list and able to see their posts.

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