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    Im curious what are some nursing jobs that aren't your typical hospital or clinic setting. I've considered going over seas for a while, or trying to get on a cruise ship, I'm also interested in travel nursing. I'm also planning on doing short missionary trips to volunteer in clinics. I'd like to know what other places an RN can find employment outside of the traditional settings. How do you find these positions? Have you ever had a really interesting nursing job outside of the traditional setting?

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    Nurses at the major theme parks might be interesting.
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    I would think nursing for a major sports team would be fun.
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    Nurse at a construction site. I have a classmate who was in construction, and she said that many are there in case of emergency and also do random urines
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    A friend of mine is a nurse at one of the major automotive factories.
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    Nurses work as authors or in the publishing/editor/review end of the industry.

    TV Channel 6, Philadelphia, PA, has an RN reporter who does health-related type features.

    Nurses are also in upper level administrative positions in agencies like Red Cross, Hospital Assoc, CDC, etc.

    State Civil Service positions for nurses exist that are NOT for hands-on care.

    Nurses serve as lobbyists or are politicians themselves.
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    Nursing on cruise ships
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    I have an RN buddy who is the medical officer aboard a Military Sealift Command ship. He is the sole medical person on a huge governement owned, but cilivian crewed ship. He takes care of a crew of 25-30. Needed experience in critical care, emergency as well as occupational health. Travels all over the world.

    You can learn more about it here.
    Medical Services Officer | Military Sealift Command
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    Check out Correctional Healthcare Jobs | Nursing Jobs at Wexford Health I think correctional facilities are often overlooked, and as a result their positions are often unfilled.
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    I know someone who works for the county. She does home visits of preemies and NICU graduates, assesses their health needs and developmental milestones, and makes recommendations for the types of services they may qualify for. She loves her job, but the pay is not great and she has to drive a lot.

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