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A&Ox6 has 11 years experience as a BSN, CNA, RN and specializes in Pediatrics/Psych/QI/Suicide Prevention/Regulatory.

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  1. I can't speak to all programs, but I have to say that my online RN to BSN program had two clinical requirements. Each of these were tailored to fit both course objectives and career goals. So yes, I think that my ONLINE program has helped me and my classmates clinically.
  2. Actually, I respectfully disagree. As an AAS nurse, while I was a student In a BSN program, I was the primary investigator on two original research programs. I developed and implemented a quantitative study that validated a specific suicide prevention program. I also conducted a qualitative study of resilience in victims of child abuse. Both of these have been selected for presentation at professional conferences following peer review and are in the process of peer review for publication. I agree that bedside nurses may not always conduct such studies, but almost every specialty conference and journal has had research presented by bedside nurses and the like.
  3. A&Ox6

    C'Mon Now!

    The kids always laugh because the first question I ask is "did you poo today". Next is "did you have a saltine" of course.
  4. A&Ox6

    What offends you (nursing related)?

    Patient complains that they haven't had a BM in weeks. So then what was that we just cleaned this evening?
  5. A&Ox6

    T-shirt Sayings

    Crystal healing? That's not a thing...
  6. A&Ox6

    Students Cheating

    As a new nurse (2 years licensed) interested in nursing education, having tutored nursing students for 4 years and currently mentoring nursing students for my alma mater, I would like to address your concerns. While accessing faculty test banks may be considered cheating, it is important to understand how students may access this material. Unfortunately some unscrupulous individuals have purchased these items knowingly. This would definitely be cheating. However, when students share "practice questions" from other schools, and from colleagues, they may, unwittingly, be utilizing test banks. There have been incidents of which I am aware in which students were dismissed for academic dishonesty even though they were unaware of the source of study materials. I would also like to point out that some of our faculty was in the habit of giving away their texts. Some may have been unaware that they were giving away access codes that were intended for faculty only.
  7. That should be Snape. AN app not letting me edit.
  8. Shape would contribute. He always does. His lecture and theory are one page 394...
  9. Exactly. Her class would present information and Trelawney would contribute the "divination" component.
  10. And this is the reason that I have "delivered babies", "called the sitter" and "let the dog out" for my dementia patients.
  11. I believe this class was meant to be taught by Madame Pomfrey with guest lectures by Professor Trelawney.
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    C'Mon Now!

    Add some colace and your golden...
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    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    I forgot, also have pink eyes. I had a really difficult three shifts in a row.
  14. A&Ox6

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    Pink scarf for my ride home. Pink pjs to sleep. In solidarity...
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    C'Mon Now!

    Want to see my pet louse? WP/RP
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    C'Mon Now!

    I'll buy one.