57 and need to start over YET AGAIN!

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    I need some help. I just joined the site. I am working as a radiology nurse in small imaging facility. Its been a great job. Unfortunately we are shutting our doors 12/2013. I am worried sick. I live in a small area. I'd rather not go back into hospital. I just feel nursing is over as I knew it in a hospital setting. I can't even get a call for a nursing home. I truly think my age is working against me.

    What can I do? The thought of starting over again makes me physically ill!

    I appreciate any help and all advice! Thank you everyone.

    I've been trying to check into insurance nursing but dead ends everywhere.
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    My advice is to apply any and everywhere. I know that ageism exist however,it is not a reason to give up hope. Update your resume and start applying to these places in person. I'm sure something open up. What about school nursing, teaching CNAs, working in an outpatient clinic. There are many options.
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    OP--no good advice, but know that you are not alone. I'm in the same boat, in my late 50's. No responses to resumes, a few interviews which never go anywhere. I just keep trying, and apply to every position for which I have even the smallest amount of experience. HR isn't stupid and they can piece together experience and education and get an age approximate of the applicant. It isn't fair, it's how it is. Best of luck in your job search and keep us on AN posted.
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    Unfortunately, I can provide only sympathy and not advice.

    Despite the numerous nondiscrimination regulations and laws, I believe that ageism is quite widespread in the workplace and epidemic in nursing. While I am not sure why employers feel that older workers are less desirable, it cannot be simple co-incidence that so many of us of of a certain age have great difficulty finding employment. Such discrimination is hard to detect and even harder to eliminate when employers can easily and quite accurately deduce your approximate age from the information in resumes and/or required on job applications.

    Best of luck in your job search.
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    As a radiology nurse aren't some of your skills transferable? IV Meds, IV starts, ACLS are all important skills for any position.
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    Go back to school? The blunt fact is that for most of us, we will be working until we are 70 and maybe beyond. Going back to school at 57 doesnt sound so off the wall.
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    Yes, ageism is alive and well. I am 56 with years of varied hospital experience, but I am not getting responses to my applications, either. I have noticed a trend in my hospital (and area in general) of hiring very young, inexperienced nurses. I mean "new grads." There are some efforts underway at my current facility to "get rid of" a few of the older nurses~ these nurses are in their late 50's to early 60's. They are using bogus excuses, too.
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    Yep. I think in our 50's it becomes much harder. Network if you can.
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    I'm in the same boat......they don't want experienced RN's in their 50's......we cost money and we don't put up with their bad behavior that is so rampant these days. Look to LTAC'S long term acute care facilities. Maybe phone triage. I have tried them all to no avail. try home health I know a friend that after any dead ends got some home health work.

    I can only empathize....what trauma says is right....go back to school?
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    Did you eventually find somethign?

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