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It seems like every time I come onto AN these days, every other post is "I'm sick of nursing/I want out". I understand the nature of this site and forum and all are welcome to come on and vent, but this post type really irks me.... Read More

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    No problem! haha. But seriously, I like your point about ageism, or I guess it's reverse ageism since we're young. To dismiss someone's view purely based on their age is really not fair. I have met some people in their 40's and 50's who are less mature than I was in high school. Gossipy, irresponsible financially, lazy 50 somethings. Granted, I was a pretty mature teenager, not perfect by any means, but I always understood why my parents had a curfew (they were worried about me and date rape, etc), and never fought that. You clearly have had life experience behind you, more than many people twice your age. This is not to say that I have not been around some pretty immature people in their 20's either. I respect the wisdom any nurse gives me at work and appreciate their knowledge regardless of their age. Usually, the ones that are in their 50's have been nurses for 30 plus years and know a ton, but obviously, there are some new non-traditional 50 something nurses now. Let's all just be respectful toward each other. If we can't get along on a website, how on earth do we get along at work? Oh yeah...that's an issue in nursing. It's at the tip of my tongue...lateral....and...violence, yes. Let's be nice to each other .
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    So let me see if I understand this, you can rant and vent about something that bothers you, but feel others should censor themselves because it bothers you? Here's the beauty of a public forum, keep scrolling and don't read it.
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    I probably agree in the main.
    I've just gone thru a period where I'm absolutely sick of nursing in very way, cos I feel I don't get treated like a professional, after all my hard work. But I've worked in hospitals for over 26 years, so I'm not a newbie. There are however reasons people can't leave nursing (at least not right away):
    - Have no money for study.
    - Have a mortgage, or rent. Can't find somewhere else cheaper to rent in a tight market (this happened to me not long ago as well).
    - Are a single parent, have kids in school, can't move due to them or sharing parental commitments thru a court so they aren't allowed to take the kids to move for another job.
    - Are getting too old for bedside nursing. Life is SO lovely when ur 25! I thought absolutely nothing of doing 3 late/early shifts, then going out to a party/nightclub staying up all night drinking whatever, going to sleep at 5am, then going to work later! I wouldn't even contemplate that now. Nursing is harder on u when u get older; you ache more, you have to deal with more cos ur seen as mature & people confide in u more; you get more tired & need more sleep.
    - I would love to go back to mmixing cocktails & bartending for a while, I did hospitality work for years b4 nursing. But they won't take an old bag like me now - they want young, slim, big-boobed blondes with long legs, g-strings and short skirts, so they can perve at them and pay them less.
    - You think 60+ patients is manageable? I did meds one night for nearly 65 people and it was SO was not manageable! And it is very unsafe - I do not work in those facilities now.
    - You think 1:8 psych patients is easy? I regularly get this. Wait till most of them are suicidal & go psychotic on you (have seen this happen in psych & ED).
    Peopel will always complain. They can't just up & leave jobs for various reasons. And they probably are looking for other jobs, but the housing & job market is so tight, there's no room for leeway. Sometimes it's best go just listen & sympathise & give them a break, as some people may feel trapped as well, ie: too scared to try anything else & have only worked as a nurse.
    It's hard breaking into a new market too.
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    Great post.

    I would add if you are leaving nursing and have one of those sweet 12 hr day shift schedules, please let me know so I can apply for your job!
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    Quote from imintrouble
    If it were only that easy.

    The OP is 25 yrs old. Everything was simpler when I was 25.
    I guess the OP didn't pass the therapeutic communication part of the NCLEX.
    Even at a tender 25, the OP struck chords with some of us, um...more seasoned folks too.
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    Quote from PunkBenRN
    Yeah, I am only 25. Before you start making ageist assumptions on my path to today, let me clear something up. Since 15 years old, I have been working full time (32-40 hours). I have been paying my own rent, food, and transportation since 16. I have been in retail, roofing/construction, food service, traffic control, factory work, farm work, sales, and I did work at a humane society for three years prior to nursing. For what student loans I could qualify for I am indebted. Everything else was out of pocket, and required 40-50 hour work weeks while going through school full time. At the busiest point in my life, I was working three jobs and 75-80 hours a week. I do agree that my youth leaves room for naivety, but I worked HARD to be where I am today. I love what I do, and I would do it all over again.
    To put it bluntly, BFD! We have ALL worked hard to get where we are! We all have lives, spouses, children, have had crappy jobs, some even including nursing. Alot of us are drowning in debt with student loans, mortgages, car payments, have one income, etc. I was a 15yr old high school drop out who had a baby, and worked to get my high school diploma, even when they didnt have programs to bring your baby to school in 1984. This is just the beginning of the story of education that myself, my husband, and kids went through while I earned 3 degrees, my husband earned 2, and each of our 3 children earned a college degree. We all have our stories..which in my opinion gives us all the right to vent. I don't know about anyone else, but I come here to vent and read because I have no support system at home that understand the trials and tribulations of being a nurse. And you know what the days that I want to leave nursing it is the mortgage, the car payments, the student loan payments, my husbands monthly medical expenses with insurance, that make it so I just can't walk away from it. While I am on this subject, how DARE you state as you did in your original post that MY patient care suffers. I might not always like my job, but I am ALWAYS professional as are 99% of the men and women I work with. Come back and evaluate the validity of your post in a few years, I bet you change your tune on that. And PS if it bugs you so much to see it then don't read the posts. I don't believe being on is a job requirement anywhere, so you should be ok.
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    ummmm, ok......
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    Remind me y'all...

    Wasn't there a thread recently about AN getting boring?!?!?

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    Quote from imintrouble
    If it were only that easy.

    The OP is 25 yrs old. Everything was simpler when I was 25.
    I guess the OP didn't pass the therapeutic communication part of the NCLEX.
    Exactly. The 25 yr old newbie nurse is an Epic fail on therapeutic communications. Clueless as to what some of us are going through at work.
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    Quote from ZooMommyRN
    So let me see if I understand this, you can rant and vent about something that bothers you, but feel others should censor themselves because it bothers you? Here's the beauty of a public forum, keep scrolling and don't read it.
    Censor themselves? No, people will rant as they please. But am I denied the same right? Were you not compelled to reply to my post because it bothered you?

    Thank you carolmaccas66, not for agreeing or disagreeing but for a thoughtful response to my post.

    And the 65 pt load was NOT manageable - the 45 load on the easiest floor in the NH was manageable. The 65 was most certainly not, especially being agency and not familiar with the environment. I went to the right people, spoke directly about my concerns, and they helped to make it manageable. I was very lucky that night, had I been alone I would have been in a very dangerous environment. Also, I consider psych pt to be high acuity, particularly when they are unpredictable or suicide watch. What I meant by low acuity would be walkie/talkie, A+O, independent - maybe stable COPD exacerbation, dehydration, UTI, hyponatriemia w/o AMS, etc

    Again with the discrimination - I understand the fact that a lot of people have more experience than me. Offer your experience and allow it to serve as a merit towards your response. Yes, many people in this world know much more than I do. But do not detract from my main point due to the fact that I am young or inexperienced. If you disagree with my post, please validate it with more than my age.

    I don't know how to make it more clear - this is not an attack on people ranting or venting on AN. It is therapeutic to vent amongst peers in your profession, but I don't see how constructive a post is when you make threats about leaving the profession entirely. I am sympathetic to those who are struggling and when nursing gets hard. But if you are really miserable enough to repeatedly post about hating nursing enough to want to leave the profession entirely, yet you make every excuse why you can't, I can't feel entirely empathetic. Sometimes life circumstances are hard and don't leave much wiggle room - why not talk about this to your family, manager, co-workers? These people may be able to help you make the situation more bearable. Posters on AN may be able to offer emotional support, but the situation remains the same.
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