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  1. HIPAA violation, or just creepy?

    The answer is, like most HIPAA answers.... it's complicated. There are a lot of factors that play into it. Is there audio transmitted as well? Is the recording stored, or is it just visible from another location? Who is watching the camera?
  2. Diluting Ativan?

    It doesn't have to be diluted, it's just so viscous that it hurts if you don't. It's like maple syrup. It also gives you a lot more control over how fast you're pushing it, if that's an issue.
  3. What Are The Rationales for these two treatments?

    Bingo. Typically, when I have seen fluid used in these situations, it is from a concern of potentially bottoming out the pt's blood pressure. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; it is much easier to give fluids first than to wait for the...
  4. Post-operative gas pains

    Thanks for explaining
  5. My feet HURT!!!

    Ha, I got called a creep for even entertaining the notion of a solution. https://allnurses.com/nurse-colleague-patient/foot-rub-769071.html Dr. Scholl's work great for me.
  6. Post-operative gas pains

    I'm confused about how that is anatomically impossible; is it an issue of the mesentery, or diaphragm? What is in the way? How does crepitus develop? The pressure on the nerve makes sense in this instance. I have also had patients switch sides befor...
  7. Pain Medication addicts

    The patient gets pain meds when they ask for them. Period. I would rather overmedicate a junkie than undermedicate someone in legitimate pain. Most patients that are believed to be junkies are in fact not. Sometimes its an issue of poor pain manageme...
  8. Do you ever correct people about medical stuff?

    I liked this thread for the first few pages, and then it took a turn. Does anything really matter? Truly, in the grand scheme of things, we are insignificant in comparison to the vast expanse of the universe; amdist the sands of time, we are but a g...
  9. Why do some people think they are God's gift to nursing?

    You mean you don't take the brother in law's cousin's wife's daughter's opinion seriously?
  10. Post-operative gas pains

    I think the poster is referring to the gas related to laproscopic procedures, not flatulence after surgery. When a laproscopic procedure is done, they employ cameras within the area; in an abdomnial procedure, it is necessary to "inflate" the area, s...
  11. That awkward moment when....

    Haha, I am very happy to hear I am not the only one who has done this. I feel like an idiot when it happens. That awkward moment when you walk by a room and hear the MD giving discharge instructions to the wrong patient. (It was the patient next door...
  12. Sigh...the dreaded day...advice needed

    Not to be a jerk, but does anyone else find it odd to make it through a Master's degree without addressing this issue along the way? I can understand post-grad jitters, but if you are this uncomfortable with nursing, how did you make it through the c...
  13. Do you stand up for yourself to patients?

    I cannot believe some of these replies! Enough with the self-depricating nurse who not only allows this behavior, but expects it as part of the job! You need to stand up to people like this; you wouldn't let them talk to you like this outside the hos...
  14. Snapshots vs. The Big Picture

    Honestly, sounds like she is doing her job. Its not a fun job, but these questions are what management are there for. Its nothing to worry about, I'm sure everyone on here has dealt with these questions/demands before. She is not going to judge you f...
  15. Your opinion

    The question is a bit unclear. You are allowed to be concerned with any Pt, what are you being held back from doing? Big concerns would be injuries to the hands, face, and legs. These tend to affect many ADLs.