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  1. PunkBenRN

    Sexual harrassment?

    Lose his job? No. This isn't male comradery speaking, just an honest opinion. As others have said, there is a huge double standard in nursing. As a male myself, I am very reserved and cautious in discussion. Even if I feel I know the person well enough and the boundaries, I know the implications of sexual harrassment accusations and the weight that follows. I have not personally been accused, but I know some that have (some with and others without merit). Here is my impression: you should have addressed it with him immediately on the spot if it makes you uncomfortable. You don't have to come off as disciplinarian, just a simple "sorry, that really isn't appropriate" will suffice. Sexual harrassment is just that - harrassment. As in repeating the act with full knowledge that it makes you uncomfortable. He certainly overstepped his boundaries, but you need to declare those boundaries clearly. Unprofessional? Yeah, as are most non-work conversations at the nurses station. You are justified in writing him up, although it would have been more effective to have just spoken directly to him.
  2. Depends on how certain/confident you are in the order. If you felt insulted, by all means call him right back and repeat it back. Whether you call him back or not, you should most definitely follow up with Nurse Manager, Medical Director, Pharmacist, or Safety Committee - this is a safety issue and is there for a reason. I gaurantee you there is someone in your organization that cares enough to follow up with that MD.
  3. PunkBenRN

    Drawing blood/phlebotomy tips and tricks

    Never use the inner wrist, thats a great way to nick a tendon, nerve, or artery. If you can't get it, ask for help! Otherwise heat, positioning, going for feel rather than sight; all good recommendations.
  4. PunkBenRN

    Can this nurse be saved?

    Lesson learned. Chin up, wash the dirt off.
  5. PunkBenRN

    How do you deal with overbearing family members?

    Bring someone else into it. This sounds like a lazy answer, but it works. Find a supervisor, or even a colleague; there are power in numbers, and it is much easier to diffuse a situation when you aren't backed into a corner by yourself. Also, find out who does the "customer service" side of things. Every where I have worked, they generally sent complaints to a specific person or department. If the family is overbearing, it is interfering with Pt care. Be assertive.
  6. PunkBenRN

    Is it my resposibililty?

    Its different by state, you have to look up your state to understand your responsibilities. Here in NH, you are not obligated to stop and render care, but if you do stop to you have to stay; you can't check on someone and then run off before an ambulance arrives. Also in NH, you are protected under a good sumaritan privilege for care provided, meaning when you are off duty and providing care in an emergency you or your liscence are safe (Except in special circumstances, like if you drag someone out into the middle of the road instead of the side). Look it up, you'll find its pretty interesting.
  7. PunkBenRN

    Blue Urine

    Blue Urine Color. Is it Dangerous? What it means about your health.
  8. PunkBenRN

    MD Present to Defibrillate?

    By the time you call the code, start compressions, attach the defibrillator, and start an IV, the MD probably be in the room
  9. PunkBenRN

    unsure what to do

    You need a break. Take some time off. Use earned time, and if your SO can support it, take even longer off just to recharge your batteries. If at the end you still hate nursing, maybe its not for you.
  10. Yikes. Could you imagine how bad that nurse feels right now?
  11. PunkBenRN

    MD Present to Defibrillate?

    Is this a joke? You would waste so much time waiting for someone to give you the okay. AED's are designed to tell you what to do and when appropriate, all you need is a BLS, and even that I don't think is necessary. Just do it.
  12. PunkBenRN

    Blood clot questions...

    See the other posts, they did a good job of describing these. The meds they give, generally heparin or lovenox (NEVER both) are to prevent further clotting. The body does all the work as far as dissolving the clot goes.
  13. PunkBenRN

    Tips for assessing heart and lungs

    Its all about practice. The more you do, the better you get. That is really the best way to learn them. If you know of any patients on the floor with something funky going on, or you overhear a nurse talk about a murmur or click, go in and ask to take a listen. This helps a lot, knowing what you are listening to before you hear it, helps make that distinction. There is a lot of stuff on youtube you can use, but really the only sure way to know is practice.
  14. PunkBenRN

    WHY is everyone on D51/2NS with 20mEq of K+?

    You almost answered yourself in your question, haha Surgery puts a heavy metabolic demand on the body. Post operatively, nutrition and hydration are important, and there are many obstacles to acheiving these - anesthesia particularly prevents adequate consumption due to post-op N/V. Since they were NPO after midnight, they want to make sure they are addressing metabolic demands - Dextrose particularly is involved, as well as 20 mEq of K to help keep their potassium stable. The half NS is used primarily because it is hypotonic; that is, it will draw fluid into the cells and promote hydration. Hope this helps! When in doubt, you can always ask the surgeon. Many of them like to teach about this kind of stuff.
  15. Um, you have this a little backwards. You should wipe the first blood off with gauze or alcohol wipe, as this blood is more superficial and could give you an inaccurate reading. "Milking" the finger will not affect the results, but will make collection easier. Also OP, after it is collected, do not use the alcohol pad on the pricked site - this will burn and actually encourage more bleeding; you would want to stop the bleeding with gauze. And I tell all CNAs, dont let a nurse's attitude bring you down. If you think it is important for the nurse to know, than it is important for the nurse to know. If you have to keep hounding nurses about Pts in pain, what does that say about your nurses? Pain is never petty and needs to be addressed, keep up the good work.
  16. PunkBenRN

    Do you think the CDC is biased?

    Do you guys hear yourselves? Why would the CDC be biased? If you are going to purport the pharmaceutical industry has that much power within the CDC, you need to back it up with some or any examples or sources. And if they do have that kind of power, they are doing a pretty sh*tty job considering the CDC has held back a lot. This is some wingbat conspiracy theory with no basis. CDC is not biased.