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  1. by   Rose_Queen
    Quote from Nursetom1963
    Im curious as to what you posted that would get a reply that would create/cause this reaction in you
    To which post are you replying? When replying, all posts go to the last page; they do not go immediately after the post. It helps to quote rather than to reply.
  2. by   Farawyn
    To see my friends on the School Nurse board.
  3. by   Mas Catoer
    Since I'm not an English spoken nurse, I honestly love to see and learn many brilliant expression of experienced nurses in discussing subjects or matters that I'm interested in. I reply sometimes, expecting anyone will respond accordingly if my English isn't appropriate to the context being discussed.
    Other than that, I love nursing as it's been my line of work for around 35 years.
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  4. by   Forest2
    To blow off steam and see what's new.
  5. by   qbcd08
    To learn more about different schools' programs and admissions