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  1. Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    This is why it isn't worth it. I'm not a saint.
  2. Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    This sounds about right in my experience.
  3. Millennial Nurses Have Issues

    That is insulting to me.
  4. What to say in exit interview

    Just say you are ready for a change. Simple and truthful.
  5. You should never ask a nurse this question.

    I would like to hear about nurses that wanted to be doctors> I believe that would be more interesting.
  6. I left bedside nursing because I could no longer tolerate 12 or should I say 13 plus hour shifts. Even though I work eights now and have weekends off, the weekends feel really short. But, at least I can mentally and physically do it.
  7. Webcams in Nursing Homes?

    A nurse I talked to recently said she had one aide for 30 patients, many of which were incontinent. How do you keep 16 or so people clean and dry or feed 10? Someone will be getting cold food or sit in urine for awhile. That is a sad reality.
  8. Walk a mile in our shoes. He doesn't know what he is talking about.
  9. New grad stuck between options

    Acute rehab is a lot like med/surg. Extremely busy, but not as bad on night shift. I would recommend thinking about what your overall goal is. Do you just want to work? Do you want career growth? Are you more interested in practicing nursing ski...
  10. First RN job, and I'm having second thoughts

    I have never started a new job where I didn't feel incompetent and stupid. It goes with the territory. After awhile, I become more competent and knowledgeable. It's not called a learning curve for nothing. Keep plugging away, keep trying, and kee...
  11. Does it get better ?

    If the unit has attainable goals, then yes, it will get better.
  12. I was fired from my first nursing job after 3 weeks

    I feel for you. If you want to be an ED nurse, don't let this break your soul. Try to get on where you did your preceptorship. Sorry this happened.
  13. Nurse bringing child to work

    I think this is a bad idea.
  14. They got this backwards. Nurse dissatisfaction led to poor quality outcomes. It's pretty simple, happy nurses =happy patients.
  15. Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    Yea, that's someone who stirs the pot with a big spoon. I wouldn't want to be friends with someone like that.