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  1. Recently I was reading about bait and switch during preliminary interviews. I then recalled the worst interview torture that I was ever subjected to. It was a few years back and I had applied for a nurse educator position in a 74 bed hospital. I was greeted by 2-3 interviewers and we were located in a small conference room. There were probably 8 total chairs in there. During the interview a couple more people came in, then in a few minutes a few more came in, till at one point people were standing. At that time someone mentioned that we would be moving to a larger room. I was escorted to a very large class room, more like an auditorium really. I sat and waited in front of the class at a small table and chair. As I waited more and more and more people came in, department heads, assistants of department heads, managers, secretarial staff, nurse residents, trainees, every single member of the HR department. Finally the crowd was all settled in and introductions began. Each person introduced themselves and what their position was. No way was I going to remember who all these people were. I'd say there were about 40-50 people there. I mean really? So they start hammering me with questions. Why do you think you should get this job? What makes you qualified? Talk about mob mentality. I felt like I was on the witness stand being drilled by a team of lawyers. There were a couple of mean ones in there too, staring at me as if I were a creepy little bug that they wanted to squash. The one I remember most was the nurse manager of the OR who would roll her eyes. Now, I wish I would have gotten up and walked out leaving them there scratching their heads. At one point, I quipped, " wow, it looks like everyone is here, Who is running the hospital?" I got several laughs about it. The HR folks told me that they invited everyone who wanted to come (it was an open type of torture for anybody to join in on I guess). Yes, and this was the first interview. I decided I would never work at that hospital. They didn't call me back anyway but I don't think it would have mattered. I was ready to tell them that their practices were unwarranted and unfair and like the Spanish Inquisition. If they treated potential employees that way I couldn't imagine how they treated actual employees. So... Tell me about your nightmare interview experience.
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    "Not sure what unit you will be hired into..."

    As far as I am concerned they committed fraud and false advertisement. Maybe they will get sued someday.
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    "Not sure what unit you will be hired into..."

    One thing my preacher used to say and it sticks with me to this day. Be difficult to offend and be difficult to offend. Meaning, you avoid offending others and you don't take offense. I guess I was raised a tough country kid and stuff like this doesn't bother me, but I have a little sister who is soooooo sensitive. We all got our issues.
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    "Not sure what unit you will be hired into..."

    I hear ya. I got the ole bait and switch. Was not happy. I was asked to interview for the job and after the interview they told me that the position had been filled, but hey, we got this other one over here, we can offer you that. I said no thanks and left. But, honest to heaven's, making people get all in knots over an interview, get ready, make arrangements and drive there, then you get this crap handed to you. It's disgraceful. I know what they are trying to do. They are desperate to get those positions filled. It is basically a scam to draw you in. If they need nurses have an open house for crying out loud!
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    "Not sure what unit you will be hired into..."

    Sounded to me she was just trying to fill holes. So, she did the bait and switch, hope it works deal.
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    "Not sure what unit you will be hired into..."

    I know what she means and I didn't take it personally. I'm not that darn sensitive. I would not want an ICU nurse to do my job, she needs to be in her own specialty where her expertise is.
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    Help with behavior-based interview questions!!!!!!!!!

    Interviews are basically torture. I swear sometimes they actual mean to torture you. That aside, I have done a lot of interviews. I can honestly say that my best interviews did not land me a job and some of the other interviews that just seemed blah, I was offered a position. Who can figure? In any case, I do just go back and remember challenging times and what I did to resolve those problems. Tell me about a time you made an error, etc. Tell me when you prevented an error by double checking your work, duh. That question never quite made sense to me because the reason I double check nearly every cotton pickin thing I do is so that I don't make an error. So yea, double checking works. I mean what do they want you to say? Right? The one I really don't like is, Tell me your greatest weakness. So that takes some creative thinking. You have to come up with something that you may not be such an expert in but make sure it is something you are working on, because that is how you are to follow up on that question. Soooo. I am weak in motivational interviewing and to remedy that I have been taking some online CEU's to learn techniques to improve that. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Or, I am weak in starting IV's and so I decided to practice and work in the lab practicing on a dummy and the educator has been giving me tips, so I am improving with that. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I have researched behavioral questions , made a list of them and wrote my answers down. Then have someone read my paper and practice with them. But, after you do so many interviews it becomes second nature how to answer and you don't have to think so hard. I used to drive myself crazy getting ready for interviews and trying to follow all the tips, don't talk too much, be direct, sit up, don't lean back, lean forward, keep eye contact, don't talk with your hands too much, dress conservatively, try not to shake, watch the body language, don't wear perfume, remember to smile, this, that and the other. I would totally stress out! So hey, I'm glad you are on here asking questions. That's a good thing. Keep reading what is out there about interviews and the more you know the better you will do and remember to practice. I think I will start a thread on the most torturous interviews ever. LOL
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    Nursing job is making me sick ?

    Me too! Let us know how it goes and the best of luck to you!
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    When Your Nursing School is Shut Down

    There was a school, not nursing, in Indiana that closed either this year or last. Students found out by seeing a sign on the locked door when they presented for class. Terrible.
  10. Would you fill out and return an exit interview survey to a past employer? If you would, dare you be truthful. Would you ignore it? Would you be politically correct? They want to know how you rate the department, the supervisor, the organization as a whole, why you left, what you liked most, hated the most, etc. It was a bad experience and I hate to even mention what went on there. But, of course, management thinks everything is wonderful and I am sure they are not going to like the truth. Why should I answer it when it won't make any difference? I wonder if anyone ever even reads them.
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    Caught Sleeping on Night Shift

    A picture is worth a thousand words. I say what is fair is fair. Love to see a photo of a nurse asleep in bed when she is supposed to be working. LOL. I don't condone anyone sleeping on work time. Nurse or no nurse.
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    I wish I would have never went into nursing... :(

    I agree this is good advice.
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    What Next?

    You definitely have the experience to travel. It's not as scary as you might think. I don't think I'd like to float. Why don't you talk to some of the nurses at your hospital that actually do these jobs?
  14. What does the facility policy on emergency procedures say?
  15. That's a bad situation to find yourself in. So, you had 2 choices, either accept more patients into a disorganized and therefore unsafe patient environment or refuse to accept more patients into a disorganized and unsafe environment. The first puts your license in jeopardy, the second puts your license in jeopardy. What to do, what to do. I wonder if there was a way to do some of both, like try to take more but insist on staff being called in because it is an emergency? Who was in charge of the process? If they fired you then I'd say you can't go back. Usually when I hear a supervisor say, clock out, then that means you are fired. So, going back doesn't seem like an option. As far as what to do about it now? Do you write a letter to the board or not? I never heard of good things coming from something like that unless it was coming from a "customer", employees don't seem to make much impact. I don't have a good answer for you, sorry. I wish you the best.
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    UCSF Alarm Fatigue Study

    The problems with alarms will never cease till admin and management listen to the voices of bedside nurses. Don't need a study to tell us that.
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    Trouble communicating with patients?

    I just matter of fact explain what is going to happen and why it is going to happen that way. Then see if there is something else I can do besides blinding doing what the patient thinks I should do. I may say I am sorry that I am unable to do what they want. Then I just go ahead with good nursing care and not let it bother me.
  18. There is no strip exam during these physicals. The last place I worked did not do one at all but they probably said that they did.
  19. They can't legally discriminate against her, but they sure as heck can do it illegally. They just won't tell her. There is a lot of discrimination out there, it's all illegal. Examples: They won't hire a pregnant nurse, a nurse that is older, not pretty, has had cancer, overweight, etc. Fortunately it won't be obvious when she interviews. I hope she doesn't say a whisper about it. It is none of their business.
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    Never feeling good enough, despite milestones

    You worked hard to get your degree and now a job probably seems easier than school. Does that make you feel that you aren't working so hard? Just take it easy, you don't have to be so antsy. Don't let other more acute care nurses look down on you. I just can't stand nurses that think, hey I'm better than you because I work in ER or ICU or surgery or whatever. I worked in HHC for years and I was a great nurse there. They couldn't do what I did, no way. If they wanted to look down on me it was because they were ignorant. So, if you decide that you would like to take it a bit further some day, then sure, go ahead. But, the main thing is to like how your job makes you feel, do you feel gratified by what you accomplished that day? Job satisfaction is a great thing, not everyone gets that. I bet some of the more acute care nurses don't always get it. Don't feel you have to do such and such because it sounds impressive or because other nurses think that is the thing to do. I would advise that you set up a trajectory with your career though. If you are going to be a nurse till retirement then make some plans to get away from bedside nursing. Start working your way towards education, administration or something similar that you would like. Nursing is hard work and you can't avoid growing older that's for sure. Good luck to you in your future endeavors whatever they be.
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    Getting My Graduate Degree: Is it Worth It?

    I believe that if a school is real and accredited then it should be accepted. AND the BSN does require time away from the computer and so does the MSN. The curriculum meets the standards. I don't think your bias is justified.
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    New York Nurse Steals Narcotics from Cancer Patients

    I understand that drugs and alcohol are a problem, but putting more burden on every working nurse does not sound like a good solution to me. Why don't they monitor better? At a place I worked they required 2 nurses for insulin, 2 nurses for urinary catheter placement, 2 nurses for disposal and other things. It won't be long till two nurses will be required for everything from charting to blood pressures. So they double the nurses work, will they double the staff. Nope. How does this make things better? I don't know it just seems to be getting more of a mess all the time. I don't know what the answer is.
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    New York Nurse Steals Narcotics from Cancer Patients

    I was thinking the same thing. There is some responsibility there as well.
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    New York Nurse Steals Narcotics from Cancer Patients

    I would expect 1in 10 to be a low number. I am sure many nurses drink because of the job. However, If it is appealing to have an alcoholic beverage to deal with stress then that does not automatically mean you need to go running for help. Now then, if you find yourself turning to alcohol more than just occasionally then I would say that is the time to get some assistance. K. Mulvey got away with a lot, seems administration were focusing too much attention on the wrong things. The Pyxis should be monitored every couple of days at least, it would have been easy to set up a trace on her activity. They caught her too late and the patients suffered for it. I suppose they will be made to compensate patients for the pain. I would like to know if patients have filed suit against the hospital for neglecting to monitor the pyxis activity. As far as antianxiety medications, I know a lot of nurses who see their doctors for these prescriptions because of job stress. I wonder, is there something wrong with the nurse? OR is there something wrong with nursing? We should ponder that.
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    New York Nurse Steals Narcotics from Cancer Patients

    I am still recovering from a job I resigned from because of the traumatic experiences and the disillusionment I suffered. Honestly, I have all the symptoms. I wish there were more nurses that shared openly and truthfully. I commend those who do.