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  1. NICUorbust

    Banner New Grad Experience

    You should get a call from a recruiter as the next step. I was just offered and accepted a position at Banner UMC (Tucson). I applied to west valley, east valley and tucson. My recruiter handled some Phx area hospitals and tucson as well. They'll ask your hospital preference as well as unit preferences. You may want to apply to Tucson as well, since they handle more than one area. Sometimes it results in a quicker response. I am about 5 hours from Tucson, so i did the initial phone interview with the recruiter, and then a second one with her as well. She does the hiring and recruiting. I had three choices of start dates. Once I finally got a call back (I'm a May 2018 grad) it went really smoothly and fast. I had an answer/offer the following day.
  2. Hi! I'm not completely a new grad anymore, but Banner requires all less than 12 months exp. to enter their new grad program. FINE WITH ME!!!! I'm starting at Banner UMC/Tucson in March. Any other Banner new grad "acceptees" check in! We will be relocating to the area, but not from too far away. Stop in and say hi! I'd love to hear your experiences/concerns etc too!
  3. Check in! I start at Banner UMC/Diamond Children's in March. Just curious if anyone else out there is too!
  4. NICUorbust

    New Grad NICU Support Thread

    I'm so glad someone kicked up this thread from the trenches ! I start in the nicu in a few weeks! Level III I can't wait! Graduated in May and have worked in tele/ortho and Pediatric HH (Medically fragile). NICU was always my end goal so I'm beyond excited (slightly terrified too) to begin! Any wisdom appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone! Welcome back! Quick question for ya'll. I am moving back to FL in May, when the kids are finished with this year of school. It's the last few years the kids will be home before growing up and going off on their own, and we want to spend it where we want to be....that is NOT the desert any longer LOL. We've lived in Pensacola and Daytona Beach so familiar w/ the area and FL in general....my question is this... When making a cross country move, when should I apply for new positions? I'm shooting for as little down time as I can, between moving and starting new. I can possibly move over myself in April and have the husband and kids follow. Thanks in advance! K~