The New Face of Healthcare

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    Everyone wants to be a nurse. Nursing is in high demand. The pay is good. Career stability compared to other professions is good. It's a great time for the nursing profession.

    What trends do you see in nursing in the next 10 years? Do you see the nursing profession taking on more responsibilities? The average salary increasing? The nursing workforce increasing?

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    I think Medicare is going to crash leading to sweeping changes but maybe that's just me .
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    Quote from tnmarie
    I think Medicare is going to crash leading to sweeping changes but maybe that's just me .
    If Medicare is starved of funding, it will "crash." If it's not, then it won't.
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    nursing will thrive! us old farts are retiring and get sick! we need nurses & doctors, which is why you see many from off shore making home here, more money then home! I would like to see less politics (yeah, right), and more responsibility given to RN, judgement calls, etc. In the meantime, lets have a beer!
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    Nurses are becoming obsolete. I feel like a babysitter. The MD doesn't want to know what I think. My experience doesn't matter. My observations are dismissed as stupid, with eye rolling and muttering as the MD studies labs and Xrays. Numbers, numbers, numbers. VS. Lab results. Maybe there are fewer nurses with more pts, because all the MD wants to know is what the CBC shows in the AM.
    I can't remember the last time an MD asked me what kind of night the pt had. And I know darn good and well they don't read my notes.
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    welcome to the wonderful world of MD ego's! They are still gods in the eyes of medicine, but considering its their butts on the line, in case something goes wrong. I challenge each MD if needed, but since their ego's are fragile, do it nicely.
    The old saying: Politics is saying the nastiest things in the nicest way...aka pure BS.
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    And as soon as they grow up, they'll get out of there once they have their masters.
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    I think GEN Y is going to drive nursing wages down, unless they shape up! GEN Y thinks you buy a degree, instead of earn it; they chant 'C's earn degrees!' GEN Y cries and throws a fit at the nursing school director when they fail for receiving a 69.9% when it was clear there would be no rounding come the end of the semester. GEN Y thinks that 1-5 minutes late is just as on time as 1-5 minutes early. GEN Y thinks makeup, hair highlights, sweet shoes, a glam watch, a neon stethoscope, and butt-accentuating scrubs look good/professional/put together. GEN Y lacks the tactfulness and class of their elders. GEN Y lacks respect, dedication, and hard work.

    STEP IT UP! Nurses are highly respected as a group. We, GEN Y are the future of nursing. Our behaviors, attitudes, appearances, and work ethic are going to need to improve if we want to remain a highly respected (and well-paid) group of professionals!

    A GEN Y nursing student
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    I find this highly offensive. I am in my 20's but look like a teenager. I deal with this nonsense from patients who say "are you old enough to do this" and I am. I am college educated and licensed as an RN. I don't need rude coworkers disrespecting me because of my age. It's okay to be disrespectful of young people, but the "age discrimination" against older people isn't okay and we talk about all the time. I'm so sick of getting dumped on by jerk coworkers because I am young.
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    i remember when i first started, and the orientating nurse kept saying "oh my gosh, their hiring babies now... soon babies will be giving pills" i did not understand the joke at the time. but now i see its a regular joke.

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