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RN with Associate's Degree in Nursing. Entered the nurse workforce, November 2013. Working in pediatric home care as RN/Case Manager. New to the Front Range, Colorado from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Intend to begin pursuit of Bachelor's Degree in Nursing January 2014.

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  1. libby11

    Legalization of recreational marijuana

    Using nicotine in your time off is legal on a federal and state level, but hospitals can still require you to be tested for it and refuse to hire you if you test positive (and this is a growing trend hospitals are moving towards). Compare it to that ...
  2. libby11

    BSN required in the state of Colorado?

    Agree with previous posters--CO is tough on NEW nurses. Once you get some initial RN experience (from what I understand), it's better. Most of the hospital jobs posted say "BSN required." A ton of them say 'no new grads' or the careers section will s...
  3. libby11

    Suction After Meal/On Schedule?

    Does anyone have some great evidence-based resources on whether or not it is best practice to suction after meals. Most sources suggest to suction before meals. A few sources suggest to avoid suction after meals (but they are not necessarily scholarl...
  4. libby11

    Advice for a prospective Nursing Student

    What state do you live in? That changes everything as far as LPN/RN/BSN. For example: Colorado, I would say go straight for BSN and work as a CNA the entire 4 years of school. Wisconsin: ADN, work as a CNA; get a job after graduation then start BSN....
  5. libby11

    Dreading L&D/Peds

    You have an incredible point of view to share and its up to you how to translate that professionally to this population. You are obviously very brave to share this with us, and it's probably not something you would be sharing with patients, but it i...
  6. I've recently graduated, but saw a lot of leadership changes while in school, so I was curious if it is common that schools have difficulty retaining a Nursing Program Director. How long has your Nursing Program Director been in position? What type o...
  7. libby11

    What to do with medications if patient is NPO

    Prevacid can usually be held. Facility likely has a policy or standing order on the unit for holding insulin/what scale to use when client is NPO. If no policy or standing order, hold (depending on client's current BS) and call Physician for clarific...
  8. My boyfriend (of two years) and I broke up during the second semester of nursing school (and my first semester of clinical)... still not sure that the two aren't directly correlated.
  9. This is just what I have found initially, but it sparked my interest and I will likely dig a little deeper. Here's a bit of a snippet about the value of BSNs compared to ADNs in terms of reducing patient mortality. A few studies note reduced mortalit...
  10. I am curious, you say you've tried on at least 30 people? Realistically how long did you try? 5 seconds? 10 seconds? 1 minute? 5 minutes? The reason I ask, is because I wanted to say it is OK to take 5 minutes to find a pulse--especially if you're ne...
  11. Agreed. CNAs cannot TEACH. They can encourage. They can remind the patient to use it or watch and say, 'good job' or 'here, maybe try holding it this way.' They cannot teach; which would be telling all of the steps to use it, the process by which it ...
  12. libby11

    RN-BSN in 6 months is DOABLE!

    Thanks for sharing. I hope to start on my BSN at WGU in January 2014. I haven't gotten my transcripts evaluated yet (sent them in, waiting for report), but I'm thinking I'll need around 35 credits too.
  13. libby11

    How are new grads doing out there?

    I graduated in August of 2013. I got my license on October 22. I moved to Colorado on October 24. I took the first job I was offered, 2 weeks and 1 day after moving to CO (from WI), November 8. It is not the last thing I wanted to be doing, but also ...
  14. libby11

    How are new grads doing out there?

    I took the first job I was offered. It is not the last thing I wanted to be doing, but also not the first. ADNs with no true RN experience will struggle to find a job in CO. It is NOT impossible. I found a job after 2 weeks of being in Colorado and s...
  15. libby11

    Nursing Home New Grad Job Market? Please Advise!

    ADNs with no true RN experience will struggle to find a job in CO. It is NOT impossible. I found a job after 2 weeks of being in Colorado and seriously applying. (I'm an ADN with 11 months CNA experience). I had to accept a position in home care. Hos...