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  1. each hospital intake is different, or is it! List only the problems patient is having.
  2. royhanosn

    A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

    you do not give the patient false positive hopes. I just tell the patient no matter what age, the doctor will give you the intrepretation. Even though you may know, its not your job.
  3. royhanosn

    10 Questions New Grads Would Love to Ask a Recruiter

    Money...the root of all evil. Got to love it! If you enjoy nursing it will show in the interview. Remember you have to earn your nursing stripes. Good luck.
  4. royhanosn

    10 Questions New Grads Would Love to Ask a Recruiter

    what are tiny patients..if you mean kids, say so. Dont use buzz words of little or no meaning to others. For recruiters, turn OFF your cell. The only person that is important during your search is the recruiter. I am sure you IM or FB will do fine without you for 30 minutes. The world will not end. For jobs, look beyond your nose...overseas. Do not restrict your search area. Look to underdeveloped areas of USA & Canada. If your a kid looking for your first job, take a partime job. Or go to HR and ask
  5. royhanosn

    A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

    that is NOT your job to interpret. Dealing with a child is sensitive, especially with mom or dad hanging over your shoulder. Its the doctor, your BOSS, that does the interpretaion. Dont over drama this. Perhaps you are too sensitive for this job. you do the slog work, let the boss doctor do what he is trained to do, interpret. Perhaps there are things on the reading that need to be interpretted, the patient should not need to know.
  6. royhanosn

    "When Was the Last Time I Wow'ed a Patient?"

    agreed! if your so called wow...dont know why you need a wow! just do your job! Those comments are needed during your so called yearly assessment, if you been a good nurse.
  7. royhanosn

    "When Was the Last Time I Wow'ed a Patient?"

    ****..talk about ego's. Your not there for entertainment, or to demonstrated your lack of vocabulary, your there to show your confidence. If your co-worker is there and tells the patient you did the same procedure without a hitch yesterday or whenever. You dont see doctors trying to WOW, or AMAZE, or AWESOME a patient. Leave those overworked adjectives to the internet mentality. Approach the patient with calm.
  8. royhanosn

    Sitters/CNAs: Thank You For "Doing Nothing"

    no! Its a sitter...baby sitter for adults. unless they come with a nursing background or proper training, OR just have the talent, you expect them to perform properly when dad goes ballastic. The post was good, and dramatic, but the point was clear as to what you father was like. Is he being preped for a ALZ warehouse? We used to care for these people years back, and it aint easy. But we were trained and injured a lot for unseen things that they reacted to.
  9. royhanosn

    Why Do People Bully Me?

    it will not stop, its been around since the dawn of time. I confronted mine, he backed off. Consider bullying a learned behavior. They have to learn it from some one..usually dad or mom!
  10. everyone is human? Its the staffing, managers, and patients that feel that you are theirs, that ones learns to control yourself. Your a customer service rep, you WILL learn how to deal with human nature. Dont take it personally. I have been in nursing for a very long time. you learn to put up with Boastful Statement..BS for short.
  11. WELCOME...to the real world. You WILL mature, and develope a thick skin. No matter whether your dealing with a irate patient, staff or manager...flip them the bird behind their back. lol
  12. royhanosn

    That Dreaded 3-11 Shift

    we voted going to 12H shift. Enjoyed it! The days off were better. 3-11 was good becuase you did not have the ego's of management interferring.
  13. royhanosn

    Elder Abuse - A Hidden Epidemic (Part 1)

    depends on the kids. The elders husband or wife that died, and left them alone to fend for themselves, was usually the one that took care of the financial. AND its usually money that starts the abuse. Remember these elders come from a different generation. that what causes senior abuse. I have seen too much of the elders that have money, or a nice place to live, then out of the wood work, after years of no show, suddenly the offspring appear, wanting to see how they can get the money, or 'inherit' the house!
  14. royhanosn

    Step away from the old nurse!

    young nurses could learn a lot by shadowing older mature nurses. Young nurses tend not to have people skills. Considering more patients are the baby boomers, who are needing compassionate level. The door swings both way, for the two to get along. We are all in this together, lets not get ego's involved. OR hang you ego at the door!
  15. royhanosn

    Those Darn Diabetics

    agreed! you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink it.