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not much to tell, a burned out nurse

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  1. each hospital intake is different, or is it! List only the problems patient is having.
  2. royhanosn

    A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

    you do not give the patient false positive hopes. I just tell the patient no matter what age, the doctor will give you the intrepretation. Even though you may know, its not your job.
  3. royhanosn

    Thanks to NICU Nurses

    personal experience has talk me, that a lot of human handling of a preme helps. My daughter was in Neonatal for a few weeks plus a few premature, because she contracted during womb time, a rare bowel disease. She had a dead spot in her bowel. After it was fixed, the nurses, & us handled her a lot. Cuddling, talking to her, carrying her around. The human touch does it! She healed well. And is not 25 and typical mouthy adult child. Do expect your kid to carry on with what a military mom does.
  4. royhanosn

    10 Questions New Grads Would Love to Ask a Recruiter

    Money...the root of all evil. Got to love it! If you enjoy nursing it will show in the interview. Remember you have to earn your nursing stripes. Good luck.
  5. royhanosn

    10 Questions New Grads Would Love to Ask a Recruiter

    what are tiny patients..if you mean kids, say so. Dont use buzz words of little or no meaning to others. For recruiters, turn OFF your cell. The only person that is important during your search is the recruiter. I am sure you IM or FB will do fine without you for 30 minutes. The world will not end. For jobs, look beyond your nose...overseas. Do not restrict your search area. Look to underdeveloped areas of USA & Canada. If your a kid looking for your first job, take a partime job. Or go to HR and ask
  6. royhanosn

    Student Seeking Advice - Is NICU for me?

    before your ego get the best of you, you have to earn your stripes. You will have to develop a TOUGH skin in this day and age. Never get emotionally involved with a patient problems You dont know their background.
  7. welcome to the real world, girls! But what the bit about 'tiny' patients, can we uneducated nurses have that in plain english.
  8. royhanosn

    If you could have one nursing superpower, what would it be?

    you cant! deal with it! You do the best your can with what you are giving.
  9. royhanosn

    A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

    that is NOT your job to interpret. Dealing with a child is sensitive, especially with mom or dad hanging over your shoulder. Its the doctor, your BOSS, that does the interpretaion. Dont over drama this. Perhaps you are too sensitive for this job. you do the slog work, let the boss doctor do what he is trained to do, interpret. Perhaps there are things on the reading that need to be interpretted, the patient should not need to know.
  10. royhanosn

    RN Jobs working with children who have ASD

    I am glad you took offence to animal comment. Kids are brilliant and just because you are upset at the way things are written. Autistic do good job, and live socalled normal people, they get upset if things dont go their planned way. 118 is good. He will continue to do well, give him a chance. Dont take things serious.
  11. royhanosn

    Nursing is not related to gender

    aye, true, laddie! Hang your ego at the door, and do the job your getting paid to do. Discuss problems over a beer! We are having more off shore immigrants coming to work in North America, nothing has changed in over a 100 years, except when desperate, we call out foul in form of racial, sexual, or anything else you can through out.
  12. royhanosn

    What about a union?

    changes are usually in concern with management, thats why Unions step in. Some management are hard to deal with, especailly with the young middle to upper managers who have risen to their level of incompetance, and decide they are in control. Unions are good, but looking at the large scale, have outlived their usefulness and over priced their members (ie UAW, CAW).
  13. royhanosn

    How to Choose a Good Stethoscope

    you NEVER lose or loan your steth out! as they say now day...ever (with empathsis) thats why its around your neck. Makes you look official lol, even at McDonalds.
  14. royhanosn

    RN Jobs working with children who have ASD

    IQ 200? what does he excell in?
  15. royhanosn

    RN Jobs working with children who have ASD

    I agree, let him talk, and strut his stuff. Are they very or extremely sensitive to their surroundings?
  16. royhanosn

    Nursing is not related to gender

    I dont totally agree, I agree! I psych'd nurse for 25 years, loved it. I did battle with admin, doctors with ego problems, but in the end, I gained their respect since I did my research and stood my ground. We worked well. If you cant find work here in North America or non hospital jobs..go off shore.

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