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  1. JZ_RN

    Need serious advice- dealing with smell

    Well the one patient was set up with SW but won't go to a care facility... which they need, because no one in the home can care for the patient and the patient can't take care of themself.. Unless the patient is declared incompetent we can't force them. In and out of the hospital at least the patient gets a little bit of hygiene care there. No insurance makes it difficult to get HH and they always d/c the patient soon after the case is started, and the patient is also very rude and unpleasant to HH. No insurance also makes it difficult to find placement if the patient were to agree to HH. Also patient's family members will not let the patient be "taken away" and feel they take good care of the patient (open dripping mrsa wounds and urine all over the patient means good care? Ugh.) I have to spray the whole office when the patient leaves and the other patients complain of feeling ill and the stench when patient comes in... Homeless patient has been set up with a program after I hooked them up with the social worker through what else but the VA (pt. is a vet) and now has a housing situation that isn't the streets and where showering is possible, yay!
  2. JZ_RN

    Classes required

    I need to take statisticss and nutrition and they haven't offered them the last time around or this time, I want to get these classes done and then finish the nursing classes. Does anyone have a complete class listing?
  3. I don't even know what all classes I need to take, I don't understand the DARs. I am totally overwhelmed. Do you have any straightforward advice or what all is required? I'm terrified of statistics and I have no way to take a proctored exam except on Saturday. :/
  4. this program is not 100% online and I can't complete it this way. Anyone else find themselves screwed over by OU's online rn-bsn?
  5. I need something 100% online, no clinicals, no proctored exams, no nonsense. I just want to get this done. Any advice?
  6. we need to revamp ours because we are seeing an increase in narcotic seeking patients and abuse and it's a headache for all of the staff. Thanks!
  7. JZ_RN

    Need serious advice- dealing with smell

    Thank you guys for all of your advice. Honestly, in our area, our resources are stretched as thin as they can possibly be. I've had pregnant patients and those with newborns turned away from the shelters for lack of space. We do the best we can, but I can only smell so much before I begin to feel ill. I appreciate all of you guys! I'll continue to try to help these people.
  8. JZ_RN

    Say Goodbye to Wet-to-Dry Wound Care Dressings:

    I have always hated wet to dry dressings. They don't make sense in so many ways.
  9. JZ_RN

    Dr Oz's show on antidepressants...your thoughts?

    I've hated him since he treated nurses like dancing servants but this is just ridiculous. Along with teaching coping skills and management of problems, antidepressants save lives. They are over-prescribed to people rather than teaching them coping skills, yes, but they are helpful for almost everyone taking them. To make a blanket statement about an entire class of medications is wrong. Viagra is over prescribed too, don't see him whining about that.
  10. JZ_RN

    Constantly stuck staying late!

    I like my job and I don't want to just jump ship but does anyone have a tactful way to bring this up to my bosses? I just want pay to compensate for how much and how hard I work or a reduction in my hours (maybe 4 10 hour shifts a week since my contract only accounted for 40 hours a week and I'm ending up working 50 and getting treated badly to boot when I voice my desire to go home on time (or early) like everyone else.
  11. JZ_RN

    Constantly stuck staying late!

    Let's put it this way, I made more money (takehome) per hour as a CNA than I am making now.
  12. JZ_RN

    Need serious advice- dealing with smell

    The one patient I feel is homeless but the other I know lives in a home with running water and all of the associated facilities. I feel like she just has lost the drive to maintain hygiene. I understand the homeless patient. I've set him up with social services and shelters and numerous resources in the past, and I can sympathize with him, but the other patient literally just doesn't bathe or wash her clothes. I tried to discuss the importance of washing for infection control to her and she said she understood that. And she tells us that she bathes and changes her clothes and wound dressings daily but we simply know that it's not true.
  13. JZ_RN

    Help with d/c callbacks!

    callbacks are stupid. I can't be responsible for a patient when they go home. And i don't have time for that nonsense. Sorry but that's just another customer service pile of crap.
  14. I signed a salary contract, 8-5, I come in at 7:20 so I can have 20 minutes uninterrupted so I can do paperwork, but then I get stuck staying so late at night to finish with doctors and finish my work. All the other nurses leave at 4:45 and I always end up getting stuck staying late. I worked less hours for more pay when I was doing 3 12 hour shifts and i am basically doing 12 hour shifts now! They act like since the other nurses are not salary that I am always expected to stay late and never them (I get that staying late is gonna happen sometime but it is always and I really resent getting crapped on and forced to stay late every night it seems, for very little less pay, as well as working through lunches and no breaks). I work harder than the other nurses and I feel like I just keep getting dumped on. My manager basically says I have to stay because that's the rules (although that wasn't in my contract) and I am sick of it. I am about to quit just based on how they are treating me. Any advice on how to approach this? I know my attitude is bad about this but I'm stressed out and very upset about being treated like this. I have no free time and no time at home or for anything but my job and I get zero perks, zero respect, and constantly treated crappy.
  15. JZ_RN

    Super Obese

    I once got a call-in report on a patient they were planning on bringing to my unit from hours away. No other unit would take her. I normally didn't mind admissions unless they were agitated/confused or narcotic-seekers, but... She was in her 30's, about 750 pounds. Mind you, my unit was a stand-alone unit, mostly non-acute but very confused or total care but not difficult total care patients (an old man with a feeding tube who was bedridden, a lady with CP who couldn't walk but was totally mentally competent and would help me with my work to the best of her ability and with whom I enjoyed talking, an old man who had a BKA and severe diabetes, etc) with 30+ patients and I was alone at night with 2 nurse aides. One was about 160, 5'4, and the other was about 5'6 and 175. I myself am about 5'2 and 120. I told the woman giving report that she needed to call my nurse manager and that I refused to take the admission. There simply was not enough staff and I was not even going to be able to assess her or clean her up, and I certainly was not about to injure myself trying.