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JZ_RN has 5 years experience and specializes in Oncology.

My name is Jess, I am an RN.

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  1. JZ_RN

    Classes required

    I need to take statisticss and nutrition and they haven't offered them the last time around or this time, I want to get these classes done and then finish the nursing classes. Does anyone have a complete class listing?
  2. I don't even know what all classes I need to take, I don't understand the DARs. I am totally overwhelmed. Do you have any straightforward advice or what all is required? I'm terrified of statistics and I have no way to take a proctored exam except on Saturday. :/
  3. this program is not 100% online and I can't complete it this way. Anyone else find themselves screwed over by OU's online rn-bsn?
  4. I need something 100% online, no clinicals, no proctored exams, no nonsense. I just want to get this done. Any advice?
  5. we need to revamp ours because we are seeing an increase in narcotic seeking patients and abuse and it's a headache for all of the staff. Thanks!
  6. JZ_RN

    Need serious advice- dealing with smell

    Thank you guys for all of your advice. Honestly, in our area, our resources are stretched as thin as they can possibly be. I've had pregnant patients and those with newborns turned away from the shelters for lack of space. We do the best we can, but I can only smell so much before I begin to feel ill. I appreciate all of you guys! I'll continue to try to help these people.
  7. JZ_RN

    Say Goodbye to Wet-to-Dry Wound Care Dressings:

    I have always hated wet to dry dressings. They don't make sense in so many ways.
  8. We order a couple hundred referrals per day (large practice) and I find that there are some employees who do no referrals and I end up doing like 25 a day! I have no time for anything else. Who does the referrals in your workplace? Do the RNs, LPNs, CMAs? I have to be in clinic and also do 30 other tasks no one does, I am drowning!
  9. JZ_RN

    Hourly vs Salary

    I went Salary because I had no choice and now work 60 hours a week at the same pay as I was making for 36. Don't do it. The only perks I got were mileage, company phone, a few holidays, an extra week of vaca, and less free time than ever before for no more money.
  10. JZ_RN

    LTC nurses-Are you worried about being fired?

    I almost was fired from a LTC I worked at, senseless write-up after senseless write up and no training or help, horrible understaffing. When they needed me though, I was doing a great job! I was treated like I was terrible (which I was not) but if they needed me they were more than happy to have me..
  11. JZ_RN

    Computerized MAR

    When I worked LTC the computers went down for hours sometimes at night. No meds could be passed, no treatments, no charting, nothing. Sit on your butt with a notebook and do rounds for falls and fill water pitchers, turn patients and change briefs. Would have been nice except I knew some people needed meds but even if I know the schedule I'm not doing it with no mar or tar to cross check (every time no matter what! sometimes it changes, rarely, but it happens) and I knew I'd be staying behind hours to chart the mess afterwards and do txs. No one ever came to help or got us paper mars/tars or gave a crap at all. Don't wake up management. Just be totally screwed over. No overtime by the way.
  12. JZ_RN

    Does this job offer sound good?

    As a new grad I had 50-55 pts. in LTC. I'd rather die than go back to LTC.
  13. JZ_RN

    Sandy Storm whom do I serve?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. If it comes down to me or patients or my family members or patients, sorry but I'm going to take care of my own and myself every time. I've worked 20 hour shifts. Doubles. Through tornadoes and storms, blizzards and everything. i will go in if it's safe. But I will not abandon my family to be worked to death or maybe harmed. The patients are not my number one priority over myself and my family. My job comes number 2 in my life after myself and my family. I am dedicated to my job, work countless hours of unpaid overtime and work harder than anyone should ever have to. It's not a matter of prep or planning, it's a matter of where do I need to be in an emergency? And if the emergency could result in harm to my family or myself... sorry. I'm not shirking responsibility either and anyone who thinks so can get over it. Would your patients risk life and limb or their families for YOU? You bet your behind they would not. I'm not gonna get hurt trying to get to work or abandon my family to get to the patients.
  14. JZ_RN

    Craziest thing at work...

    In GYN You'd be surprised at the long list of things some very gross female patients will have stuck up where the sun don't shine, either vaginally or anally.
  15. JZ_RN

    The Disrespect Of Nurses

    Patients who tell me that I "work for them"... no, I care for you, and for many others, and I work for the hospital. Patients who are physically abusive, happened many times. Patients who tell me, isn't it your job to do this for me? (Wiping, handling food issues, getting tv remotes, fixing things like a repair man, and best of all, getting a ride for them LOL) Patients who demand things for free that cost money. I don't get paid nearly enough to help you out people.
  16. JZ_RN

    Online BSN - Is it taken seriously?

    Gee, the people who went 4 years straight, probably have debt from over-priced tuition and who sat through class after class to get their BSN will do anything to feel superior to us ASN nurses, even when we get our BSN, but in the more convenient and less expensive way. NEWSFLASH- BSN is BSN. And an RN is an RN. We take the same classes and the same NCLEX-RN. Proud to be an RN who started ADN and who used online BSN. Don't like it? Too bad. Go pay your loans. /rant Just so tired of being put down for doing things that are actually positive. Don't have a BSN. You're crap. Didn't go to a physical class at a 4 year school? You're crap. Get off your high horses people.