My nurse looks like a zombie

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    Nurses work many hours ... it's understandable that they come home tired.

    Any zombies out there?

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  4. 2's a scene from the new season of "The Walking Dead"
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    I have been feeling that way lately with working extra for EPIC.
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    I remember those days........and yep, that's about what I looked (and felt) like at the time!
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    Quote from DMCRNC
    I have been feeling that way lately with working extra for EPIC.
    what's EPIC like? We are getting it soon...
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    Im pretty sure I will look like that after the next 4 days. I really need to start looking at the schedule before picking up extra hours. Maybe a low census day on Monday? But everytime I want one, it doesnt happen
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    zombies! this is my favorite so far.

    [color=#696969]my favorite nurse movie "i walked with a zombie".
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    i thought that was how nurses were supposed to look after four twelve hour shifts??

    that's where older nurses eventually go... we star in zombie and crusty old bat movies. once you become a crusty old bat, you can go back and forth between being either a zombie or a crusty old bat.
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