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  1. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    You can have the holidays off - put your notice in right now!
    Which I did. Not for having the holidays off, but for other reasons. That is a different thread though.

    I generally like to have Christmas off because it is my favorite holiday. I don't mind working Thanksgiving and new years.

    Like others said, it is an easy day and double time
  2. by   snuggles49
    My hospital pays 6 holidays a year...if you work you get paid time and half for all 12 hours plus you get paid an extra 8 hours , (that you don't work ) in the same week whether you work the holiday or not (it is your holiday pay) working holiday gives you a 44 week (actual worked hours are 36 and 16 are at time and half as anything over 40 hrs in a week is OT) ...if you have the holiday off you still get 40 hours but only 4 at OT...... we have a set holiday schedule ... all the nursing staff on are scheduled a summer holiday and a winter holiday (A,B,C groups) when the A group works their 2 holidays they move into the B group for the next year and so you will get the holiday you just worked off for 2 years before you work it again...
    works well there is no squabbling ,it is fair for all, and staff can make arrangement with each other to change a holiday for that year but with the understanding they will still be in the same rotatation for the following year which may mean being on for 2 of the same holiday 2 years in a row due to a switch and this has not been a is nice also to know what holidays you will be scheduled so you can make family plans well in advance. Hope this info hepls someone.....

    Happy Holidays to all
  3. by   redhead_NURSE98!
    We do something I think is stupid, half the staff work Christmas Eve and half Christmas Day, and half the staff works New Year's Eve and half New Year's Day. So it really keeps people from being able to travel in an area that is mostly transplants. Right now she's got 12 people staffed to work Christmas when it usually takes 6 max (especially on a low census day like Christmas). So those people will get called off last minute and still won't get to travel. I expressed my displeasure with this silliness last year, but it didn't change anything. Shocker.

    Oh and we rarely get paid extra for the holidays. If we do it's a last minute thing "Oh this year we decided to give an extra $5 an hour for 8 hours of Christmas Day, Merry Christmas!"
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    We get triple time on Christmas (double time and a half for all other holidays), so most people want to work. Unfortunately, Christmas and New Years are always overstaffed, so we get called off by seniority.
  5. by   Double-Helix
    I had a baby in August, so I'm on Maternity leave through the holidays. I'd say if you really want the holidays off, give birth.
  6. by   Paul'in'FL
    Quote from Ashley, PICU RN
    I had a baby in August, so I'm on Maternity leave through the holidays. I'd say if you really want the holidays off, give birth.
    Sort of not an option of some of us "Y" chromosome carriers!
  7. by   Topaz7
    I get every holiday and weekend off- I work in an ECT clinic.
  8. by   Double-Helix
    Quote from Paul'in'FL
    Sort of not an option of some of us "Y" chromosome carriers!
    Dads are also eligible to take FMLA bonding time with a new baby.
  9. by   Dalzac
    When I worked FT we had to put down the 5 holidays in order of how we wanted them off. We always had to work either Christmas eve or day I have never minded working New years eve so I would always work that and New years day. I also work for others on both those days now. Thankisgiving has always been my fave off. I will work on Christmas Eve for mom's woth little kids too