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Habits you picked up from work... - page 6

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    Quote from juicybath
    Someone else may have said this, but looking for IV sites on everyone, everywhere...:-)
    Yes! In public, I'm secretly looking at strangers' arms to see how 'juicy' the veins in their arms happen to be.
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    I was standing in line at the pharmacy of my local WalMart last week, sick as a dog waiting to get my feel better medicine, and no lie, I heard a wound vac beeping and couldn't pinpoint from where. I took two rushed steps before I stopped myself realizing that I was definitely not at work and that definitely wasn't my patient.
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    Asking my hair dresser friend how many more "patients" she has to see today.
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    This was my sister, not me, but when she started working night shift in a pediatric facility with mostly trached kids, the sound of her puggle's snorty breathing would wake her out of a sound sleep, thinking she had to suction someone.