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  1. KarenMS

    Rude nurses

    So, 1.) I don’t really believe this person got their BSN, worked as a med-surg nurse for 3 years plus home health and then graduated medical school by 26, despite the “graduated earlier” story. 2.) I’ve never seen any nurses be actually be mean to new residents, ever. We know they’re going to be there for years; we want to make friends. For the record, questioning orders isn’t the same as being mean.
  2. KarenMS

    Husband Wants to Become a Nurse Too

    My FNP sister is married to an RN and I often wish my husband would go to nursing school as well. He’s a 41 year old carpenter so it’s probably not going to happen, but I know he’d be a good nurse. And it would be amazing to have someone at home who knew what I was talking about as I debrief after work.
  3. KarenMS

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    Sorry, you’re kind of on the wrong side of this one. Not telling coworkers about other jobs isn’t being “secretive,” even if they have a friendly texting relationship. Just like it wouldn’t be secretive if they led their kids scout troop and never mentioned it to their coworkers. Or had an Etsy shop or took baking classes. You’re allowed to have as many jobs as you want, as long as you’re fulfilling the requirements for the jobs. And if you don’t, then you’ll be let go. And that’s no one else’s problem.
  4. KarenMS

    Wastefulness in healthcare

    I was very frustrated when we got our new oral care kits and procedure. In an effort to be sure q4 oral care was being done on vented patients, we are to set up a new kit at midnight, date it, and then use that kit for the next 24 hours. Fine. But if the patient is admitted at 1800, we need to break out a new kit for 2000 oral care, and then instructions are to THROW AWAY the rest of the kit and start fresh at midnight. I...don’t do this, but I don’t know if the extra swabs and mouthwash that I stash away are ever being used. Probably not.
  5. KarenMS

    I am not good at nursing

    You are being insanely hard on yourself. Your story is no indication that you are unsafe as a floor nurse...you are NEW as a floor nurse. It’s literally impossible to be perfect 6 months (or any months) in. I was just included on an email detailing a mistake several nurses made over the course of a week with one patient. One of the nurses has 30 years experience, 2 of them were over a decade, and a few of us were under 2 years. Mistakes happen and we learn.
  6. You must be joking. It’s entirely appropriate to be appalled at someone who claims they text and drive and that it’s really no big deal. If if you don’t actually text and drive, and it was really “hyperbole” then you need to learn how to convey that in a better way, because “I text and drive” isn’t clearly a hyperbolic statement. It looks like a statement of fact.
  7. KarenMS

    Write Up's and Potential Termination for Pain Reassessments

    Our system frustrates me most when I give acetaminophen for fever, check the “not given for pain” box on scanning it, then still am required to chart a pain level one hour later. And there is no option for “not given for pain” on the reassessment, I just have to randomly assess pain for a med that wasn’t documented as given for pain.
  8. KarenMS

    The Cannibalism of Nursing

    I honestly couldn't read past the first offensive stereotyped paragraph.