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  1. I find most of us just get used to 12s, and it stops feeling like an excessively long shift. I’d much rather have the extra days off than feel like I’m going in to work most of the week.
  2. KarenMS

    LPN Refused Assignment as a CNA

    I’m an RN and got pulled to do transport for the ER one night. Not exactly what I wanted to do all night, but I took the low stress, low responsibility of being a very well paid transporter for what it was. It was just one shift
  3. KarenMS

    Is this really a cushy job?

    If I were happy with my salary and not stressed out, I would just stay where I was while I finished school.
  4. KarenMS

    I Was Fired...for Being Abrasive and Having Attitude

    I don’t know why people think “not having a filter” is a good quality
  5. I’m coming up on 2 years on my unit and starting now to not feel “new.”
  6. KarenMS

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    We call all the residents by their first names, and the nurses who have been around a while call the attendings by their first names too. I haven’t reached that level of comfort yet with the attendings, but also some of the nurses may have been around when the attendings were residents, and that’s the only way they’ve ever related.
  7. KarenMS

    Gave Tylenol to patient with elevated AST and ALT

    That was my thought, but if the docs D/C’d it they must have thought her reasoning was sound enough.
  8. KarenMS

    Gave Tylenol to patient with elevated AST and ALT

    This isn’t a med error; there’s nothing to report. You did a good job critically thinking about the med vs patient condition and brought up a concern to the doc, who agreed with you and then discontinued the order. This patient more than likely even took Tylenol on their own at home.
  9. KarenMS

    IV Push Meds

    We have an IV med administration guide on our hospital intranet that addresses where in the hospital certain meds can be administered (only critical care areas, OR, etc), dosing, rates. It’s very helpful, but when things aren’t addressed, I am a heavy pharmacy caller.
  10. KarenMS

    Nursing Mistakes

    Not judging the mistake, because they happen of course. Just curious how the little girl got more than 210 even if you hadn’t changed the dose. Wouldn’t you just have put 210ml in the bag if that was the intended flush? Edit: never mind, I’m thinking you must just have a large bag that you fill once a day and it pulls from that? At my Peds facility, we use smaller bags that we refill all day with each feed and flush, so that’s where my head was.
  11. KarenMS

    Can good nurses work in bad facility

    There’s a terrible facility near me, and my hospital often gets patients from them in pretty rough shape. I don’t blame the nurses or aides; I’m pretty sure they’re doing the best with what they’re given to work with. To brand them “uncaring” without ever working with them would be a huge leap. I consider myself a “good” nurse too but who knows how I’d fare under different circumstances. It’s easy to be good with the right support.
  12. KarenMS

    I failed my patient today- Student Nurse

    Hopefully once you’ve developed your nursing judgment a little more, you won’t melt down over something like a lapsed nystatin order. It’s sort of over the top to consider this failing your patient, and having that level of anxiety isn’t great for your decision making/patients either.
  13. KarenMS

    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    I followed my sick pregnant patient to L&D, witnessed her vaginal birth, and brought her back to ICU. Came back a couple of days later to read every doctor’s note referring to her C-section.
  14. KarenMS

    CNAs starting IVs

    Starting IVs is a task; I have NO issue with CNAs being trained in that task. I’m an ICU RN and some of my IVs go bad fairly quickly Its the RNs job to assess them and that won’t change. Its really not that special of a skill that we have to hold on to it for sake of pride or whatever.
  15. KarenMS

    Nervous about math in nursing school!!!

    Everyone made it seem like math was going to be impossible in nursing school, but it truly was no big deal. They’ll generally show you a few different ways of doing the calculations and you can figure out what works best for you. The best thing you can do is really concentrate on what you’re trying to do rather than on memorizing formulas, if that makes sense. Meaning, what are you trying to figure out rather than where to plug numbers...
  16. KarenMS

    Rude nurses

    So, 1.) I don’t really believe this person got their BSN, worked as a med-surg nurse for 3 years plus home health and then graduated medical school by 26, despite the “graduated earlier” story. 2.) I’ve never seen any nurses be actually be mean to new residents, ever. We know they’re going to be there for years; we want to make friends. For the record, questioning orders isn’t the same as being mean.

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