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CeciBean has 30 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in MICU/CCU, SD, home health, neo, travel.

Late entry RN who was once a linguistics major but dropped out after junior year in college to wander in life. Married, had kids, and decided I might have to support myself and them someday so I went back to school and became an RN. Worked in a little bit of everything and might have worked forever if a health crisis hadn't caused me to retire after 5 surgeries in the course of a year. Being on the other side was an education of another sort! But once a nurse, always a nurse. In retirement I devote myself to jewelry designing, which was once merely a hobby, and I'm considering writing a book about the most interesting part of my career.

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  1. CeciBean

    Colostomies: Types & Care

    I had a temporary colostomy for 4 months after a partial colectomy where the reanastamosis failed. I hated it. Then when they did the reanastamosis I got a temporary ileostomy for another 4 months to allow it to heal properly. I hated that even more ...
  2. CeciBean

    IV Push Ativan

    30 years in grade in all kinds of units, mainly critical care/stepdown, and I've pushed Ativan a zillion times. Slow push is recommended. You did the right thing, helped her relax enough to let go. So often anxiety about leaving us behind makes our d...
  3. CeciBean

    Dear Healthcare Leaders: Self-Care is Not the Answer

    I'm retired now (thank all the gods and goddesses!) but all that toxicity COMES FROM ABOVE and filters down. There is one word you need, and that word is NO. When I worked PRN I used it a LOT, especially at one hospital. I am a past master at it. ...
  4. Silverbells can do this, but since, as she noted previously, there seems to be some favoritism at play in regards to this nurse, it's possible that things would go badly for her if she did. I would suggest that she might need to be the one with one f...
  5. CeciBean

    Do you recommend a year of med/surg in 2021?

    No, no, no, and no....unless you absolutely have no idea what you want to do, and most of us do when we graduate. (I made a big mistake and paid dearly for it, but that's another story.) I ended up where I probably should have been in the first place...
  6. CeciBean

    Do most agencies give you a car for visits?

    I worked for an agency that at one time leased a bunch of vehicles and required us all to drive one of them, even take it home at night. The nice thing was that they provided oil changes etc. The bad thing was that even though we had to record mileag...
  7. CeciBean

    The golden first year?

    I hated my first job in a big regionally well-known hospital (that I thought I would love) and ended up resigning after 4.5 months. I was so burned by it that I didn't work for 3 months. I then went to work in a smaller local hospital, but foolishly ...
  8. CeciBean

    Feeling terrible about a mistake I made in clinical

    EXACTLY! Seems like someone else fell down on the job...or got busy and just forgot.
  9. CeciBean

    Fired from my first travel gig after 4 days

    I got fired from my last travel job on Christmas Eve. It wasn't exactly my fault either. I'd been pulled from the unit I normally worked in--there were 3 travelers and it was not my turn and I said so, but whatever. So I went where they told me and s...
  10. CeciBean

    Considering Cardiac

    It kind of depends on the hospital. I worked in a couple of hospitals on cardiac medical units where the ratio was 4:1. In one of those, the unit was divided into pods where there were 4 rooms. The other was a standard floor and the ration was 5:1 on...
  11. CeciBean

    "Mess Up" stories for New Nurse

    Absolutely this. When I was new (and being bullied by my preceptor, but that's for another thread), I was trying to hurry because said preceptor was literally on my heels. I had two IV piggybacks of the same antibiotic, same dose, same time, differen...
  12. I worked in home health from 1990-97. When I first started, home health and hospice were together. There was a pretty seamless transition if one of our patients was made a hospice patient; they had the same nurse, the same aides, everything. They ju...
  13. CeciBean

    Is it like this everywhere now?

    Sounds like a smart move. When I'd been a nurse for 20+ years and had a pretty solid cardiac/tele/ICU profile in my pocket (and was leaving my then-husband) I decided to become a traveler. I never regretted that move. I traveled for 3 years and loved...
  14. Yes, hospitals absolutely ARE abusive employers! The farther away I get from them (now retired 6 years, volunteer work only) the more I see it. At my last job, I had joked with a co-worker about calling in on a certain shift because my gentleman frie...
  15. CeciBean

    The COVID 19 Battle Cry for Retired Nurses

    I'll be 77 in a couple of months. I don't think so.