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Okay I'm going to give a situation and ask your opinion on what you think: just rude or is it reportable (to state board of nursing). I'd also like to know if you feel it is reportable what steps should be taken next. Here's... Read More

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    Until there is an actual situation there is nothing to report, Irish Libra. That someone might blow up is not reportable.
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    Irish, the exact same thing happened to me too.

    I miss my residents and had bonded with them.

    Good luck going back to work. I know you are an excellent professional and will find a better place to work. Where I use to work something like that happened and it seemed set up to me when it happened because they were doing away with agency nurses now due to the economy. They informed us nurses we had to work overtime if needed, to fill in. I heard the DON say myself that agency nurses were tooo expensive and they were done using them. Then, recently, when census fell tremendously and not replaced a few nurses - in house went as well. Yes, me being one of them. Since I have been gone 2 wks two more residents have passed. You will find something so much better and consider this a growing experience ! You will have learned from this and we move on... I sure hope we find jobs! LOL

    Good luck to you Irish !
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    I understand your points; the issue we are discussing is that the behavior, as bad as it was, is not reportable to the BON. And, they can turn it around and say that you did not listen to direct orders. I am not saying that I agree with this was unprofessional for sure...but hate to say, the BON would probably feel that they have bigger fish to fry. And, I would hate for you to have them tell you would infuriate you even further than you are already.
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