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wondern has 20 years experience as a ASN.

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  1. Hopefully soon all car seats will be required by law to have an alarm built in at the factory. Maybe a wire or bluetooth attached somehow to the drivers door when it opens. Maybe have a little pulse type device built in that you can actually hear the beep beep beep beep of the childs pulse while you drive. Something already! I don't understand why the federal government hasn't demanded it by now. Parents need to demand this law of their congressmen and women. Now that there are more women in Congress than ever maybe we will see some action on this issue. Does anyone know of any laws being proposed for safer alarm built-in carseats to help prevent this from happening? Certainly the technology is out there! So sad for all the parents this has happened to.
  2. wondern

    Being bullied at work

    I always liked the saying when you assume something it makes an *** out of u and me. Good nurses are trained not to assume anything. Anticipate problems, yes, assume, big no-no. We must gather facts not make assumptions.
  3. wondern

    Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    Your Daddy makes a lot of sense. He sounds like an awesome Dad! Thanks for sharing that hppygr8ful. I feel that way too. Have a Happy Easter everybody!
  4. wondern

    CEO Says More Nurses Won't Improve Care

    CEO Says More Nurses Won't Improve Care-and 1+1 =11 too! It does not make a lick of common sense no matter what scare tactics management or CEO's spins on it. I guess their main job is to cut costs on top of care. It's a team approach apparently. Just ran across this while surfing. http://smysofficial.com/nursing/2636/
  5. Tennessee is an At-Will state. Nurses need their rights protected with their own National Union or even better yet, an International Union. Nurses unite!
  6. wondern

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    If paleo goods are more expensive I doubt management will want to splurge on them but it is a nice thought! I'd be willing to try them out on my own sometime though with my own money. This thread is kind of funny as if anyone would do nursing only for the money. It's not as if the money is that great. You could make more selling real estate or any number of things.
  7. wondern

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    Just give us the money instead and we'll buy our own treats. Thank you!
  8. wondern

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    Show me the staffing! Or pay us the salary of the whole employees you're holding back on!
  9. wondern

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    A pizza party....just like in grade school. How thoughtful. How about my own pizza money for putting my license on the line all night long day after day! Heck, I bet y'all didn't have time to breathe barely much less complain until the next day when you were on your way back in!!!
  10. wondern

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    Hey Lil Nel. How you been? I have no problem complaining about a crappy work environment especially if its to someone that can do something about it like management but just continual complaints all day about patients and their families is what gets on my last nerve. And yes, short staffing does make for a very unpleasnt work environment! I wish the ones that complain so much about their patients would grow a pair to go talk to management about more important issues than the irritability of sick people and their families instead of just griping amongst themselves hoping that someone with a backbone will do or say something to get someone hired to help out with the patients. Maybe the patients would like and need more attention.
  11. wondern

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    I'm surfing trying to figure out how to get my neon heart with wings (I found on the web) avatar back. Then I find this flying fruit basket comment. Just that slang and visual alone were worth the return! Thanks for the grin, Davey Do. I give a rat's patooty why you're motivated to work if you're performing. There are lots of jobs that pay better and are a lot less risky to your sanity. That said it bums me out to hear someone complaining all the time at work. It's usually the same ones all the time grumping around. It does not make for a positive work environment. Maybe if they complain enough they will be avoided and won't get assigned any extra add-on patients. Just give that patient to me so I don't have to hear Debbie Downer complaining all damn day long! When you chose nursing, did you think sick patients and their families were going to be pleasant all the time??? Really?! Go gripe in the closet to your self. That may be a little harsh, maybe not. Some of us don't want to hear your constant negativity, unless you can make it humorous at the same time maybe, something uplifting! Like turning lemons into lemonade. That can work.
  12. wondern

    Are We Too PC?

    Lil Nel is not a troll poster.
  13. wondern

    Are We Too PC?

    Okay, thanks for sharing, Tweety. I have used 'that word' (without the specific item being sucked) with a negative connotation. You taught me something this morning. Now I can do better. I will listen and learn. Thanks. Happy Holidays to you! Come to think of it, I used it in the profanity thread and I did feel a little hypocritical. Hmm. Sorry I used that negatively. Thanks for the 'sbomb awareness'. That was just right on out there. I appreciate your honesty and education. At least that word has other meanings that aren't sexual, e.g.suck a sucker, popsicle, or straw, a baby sucks on a nipple, and it's positive too, right? Still no excuses...I don't want offend any gay friends! I'm sorry. I'd prefer to call it plain good old fashioned manners. The 'PC' term sounds like some kind of negative propaganda made up and spread via emails to divide people. Why add 'politically' to it? I just heard some guy (one of GWB's friends) say the word 'politics' actually means, poli=many, tics=blood-sucking parasites. Ironic, but there's that word again. Sorry. Isn't everyone sick of politics??? I am. I do like that people are speaking out for their rights. I do like that song Christmas song too. Oh well... Is it 'PC' that we all have to bust our butts or be totally broke for practically no health care and the politicians are all taken care of for life with our taxpayer dollars? To me that is a real 'PC' question, not ths cute little flirty Christmas song. Change the channel. Call it sexualizing but 'PC'...let's look at the real 'PC' and call it out? This feels like 'fake news' most likely made by the originator of the same, meant to distract from real issues that aren't being taken care of, e.g. our health care! Let's get the same or even similar heallth care our politicans have for life. That's 'PC' to me. How about you???
  14. wondern

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    Couldn't help but share this popular sentiment and humorous quote on a 'crafty' thread this morning as I'm still procrastinating myself...from Old Dude ..."Secret Santa brings out the Scrooge in me more than anything else. I HATE Secret Santa stuff and refuse to participate in any way, shape, or form...just tape a 5.00 bill on a picture of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and call it." You, Keepstanding, Kooky Korky, and 18 others like this. Wow, do we agree, Old Dude! Right on! Secret Santa Sucks! Say that 10 times real fast!
  15. wondern

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    Remember the side effect advertised on tv for a while there, '...flatulence with oily discharge'?...Oh my... REALLY?! Gotta go...
  16. wondern

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    I'm enjoying this Grinch thread. It's fun, and green is my favorite color...I've got to start wrapping NOW!!! [ATTACH=CONFIG]28124[/ATTACH]

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