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There is just somethings that really bother me, specifically mispronunciation of words. The specific abbreviation that realllllly grinds my gears is when a nurse or CNA/PCT says " O2 STATS" O2... Read More

  1. by   psu_213
    Oh, I thought of another one! "Cardiazem."
  2. by   douxmusique
    I only got to page 7 .... so if this was said sorry!

    Grow-in and not gr-oyn for groin. In not sure of technically what it is but it makes Mr crazy.
  3. by   Baubo516
    Just replying so I can find this thread later... there are SO MANY mispronunciations that bug me, but I feel obligated to read the whole thread so I don't repeat one that was already mentioned!!!

    BTW - to the OP - it should be "some things" that bother you, not "somethings." Yes, I am a grammar/spelling Nazi. At least I own it!

    (I'm sure I make some silly errors, too, when I post...)
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    Quote from morte
    orientated is a perfectly fine just aren't used to hearing it.
    I know people say "orientated" a lot in nursing, but I think the proper way to say this is "oriented." The pt is alert and oriented. You get oriented to a new school, a new job, etc. The fact that 1 million people a day say something wrong doesn't make it correct!
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    "The one I really can't stand, is when some says "lar-i-nix" (I'm hoping that bad pronunciation will come across) for larynx."

    OH MY GOODNESS - this one bothers me too! It is a LAIR-inks, not a LAIR-nix. (larynx) Also - pharynx is FAIR-inks... although this one doesn't seem to get butchered as often.

    I used to be a music teacher and taught middle school kids about the voice anatomy, including diaphragm and larynx. Even the science teacher at my school said LAIR-nix. Drove me crazy.
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    Quote from applewhitern
    My pet peeves are rales and yankauer. I hate it when people say rales with a long A, and say "yanker," like you are going to yank something. Both are incorrect, and that was drilled into us in nursing school in the dark ages.
    If rales does not have a long "a" sound, how is it supposed to be pronounced? I was taught to say it so it rhymes with tales (or bails).
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    This thread is awesome! I think I may have skipped a page while reading, so forgive me if I repeat one....

    I am curious why anyone would pronounce centimeter as "sontimeter." Is that, like, a French pronunciation? That's the only way I can get that from the spelling "centimeter."

    I have a nursing instructor who cannot pronounce corticosteroids. It sounds like her tongue gets caught while saying it. The best I can describe is that she is saying "corti-corti-steroids." Thankfully, she is not teaching the endocrine unit!

    My mother-in-law refers to the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) as "I-Bop's." It used to bug me, but it is so funny that now I just find it cute!!!

    I will now go and look up if "orientated" is really a word. Even when referring to positioning, I would say "The front of my car was oriented to the north," not "orientated." I could be wrong....
  8. by   sunny3811
    I do not like it when healthcare workers say a patients name wrong! Drives me nuts! Geez, look at your patient list the name is there written out!!
  9. by   morte
    It isn't wrong, just different.
    Quote from Baubo516
    I know people say "orientated" a lot in nursing, but I think the proper way to say this is "oriented." The pt is alert and oriented. You get oriented to a new school, a new job, etc. The fact that 1 million people a day say something wrong doesn't make it correct!
  10. by   IdislikeCODEbrowns
    MAC-Donalds instead of MIC-Donalds
  11. by   ProfRN4
    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Around these parts, we have folks who like to put an "s" after any type of store name. We go to "Kmart's", "Walmart's" and "Target's". Note: I placed a possessive "s" at the end of these names because I can only assume people who do this are thinking along the line of "Walgreen's"... but who knows
    We also hear "aksed" instead of "asked", "warsh" instead of "wash". Yep, I do that...I cannot tell a lie (just like George "Warshington")
    We also talk about "you guys"... "You guys comin'?". Sometimes, this is "ya's" or "cha's"... "Ya's comin'?" or "Whatcha's doin'?".
    Along these lines, one that has recently really bothered me is adding an s to a plural that already has an s. Example: I stopped by you GUYS'S house and no one was home.
  12. by   ProfRN4
    Quote from mom2cka
    I get very annoyed when I see RN's or LPN's or MD's when using it as a plural. I see it in articles, policies, powerpoints, etc. ARGH!! We should know better. When we write out two hundred nurses we don't do it as "two hundred nurse's attending the meeting" or our physician's are having a meeting. Thanks for letting me vent
    I was recently at a research day, where a highly educated nurse had "RN's" repeatedly written on her poster. I was actually embarrassed for her.

    Someone very near and dear to me says "I says" instead of "I said" when relaying a conversation. Her grandchild (my child, so now we know who it is ) picked up on this and asked me why she says this. Then I came to realize many of my elder family members speak this way too. It's not a geographic or cultural thing. I think it sounds so trashy.
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    Quote from jonnyvirgo
    theres also the all-impossible technical name for the bp monitor

    sphygmomanometer ? (hopefully i got that one) i like to practice spelling it from time to time. firefox has no idea what i'm trying to spell haha
    I love saying this word. I use it whenever I have the opportunity because I'm a ham and people actually think I'm joking or exaggerating ...but I'm NOT, that's really the word!!