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  1. SaoirseRN

    Putting MD in my resume

    I work with a GP who did the same as you when he came to Canada. He was honest about his prior work and similarly, he didn't lose his MD, he just wasn't able to practice and the diploma RN program was a quicker way to get work in healthcare and get some income while he plugged away at meeting the requirements for practicing as an MD here. Which he is now doing. Anyway, I think being honest is the best way to go.
  2. I wouldn't call. I would explain that while I realize he would like his eye vitamins, that due to the late hour, we do not call physicians unless it is an emergency, which eye vitamins are not, and that we have no after-hours pharmacy and so could not obtain them anyway. (We have access to a pharmacy night cupboard but it doesn't carry anything so optional as eye vitamin drops). A note would be left for the physician to order them in the morning, but no phone call.
  3. SaoirseRN

    Nurses, how do you keep track of your schedule

    I have an iPhone and I use the "shift worker" app.
  4. SaoirseRN

    Out of the mouth of Octogenarians

    The patient was a pleasantly confused but still mostly appropriate 87 year old lady, who needed to get to the commode before breakfast. I gave her a good wash up down below, set her up for breakfast, then finished her morning wash after. Handing her a cloth, I say, "I've already washed your bottom bits, so just wash up your front." Patient, mishearing me, replies, "Sodomy?" I laugh and tell her no, we aren't that type of establishment. She laughs and says, "Good, because I haven't done that in a long time!"
  5. SaoirseRN

    First Year of Nursing Do's and Donts

    Create a system for how you organize your patient care, and follow it. Ask other nurses how they organize their day and cherry pick the bits that work for you. As an example (what I helped my last student to create): Step 1: Report (Patient A, Patient B, etc) Step 2: Safety check -- introduce yourself, lay eyes on each patient, identify urgent needs (patient A, then patient b, etc) Step 3: Start your rounds. Vitals, meds, assessments for each patient in turn, starting with the patient with the most urgent needs. This is an example, and maybe wouldn't work for you, but if you always do things the same way, when you inevitably get pulled away by something, you know where to come back to and you spend less time worrying about what to do and more time doing it.
  6. SaoirseRN

    Voluntary Euthanasia

    You're entitled to your opinion. What you are not entitled to do is imply that I "killed" my pet because it was "convenient". You don't believe that euthanasia is a kindness and that's fine for you. But you don't get to tell me that my choice was "convenient" because there are no laws preventing it. You weren't there looking at my beloved friend suffering and unhappy and you weren't there to understand that there was absolutely nothing convenient about my choice. So please, believe what you like, but don't apply your own beliefs to the actions of others.
  7. SaoirseRN

    Voluntary Euthanasia

    And what is euthanasia but the ultimate comfort measure of modern medicine? You liken it to me taking the cat out behind the barn and shooting her. No. Just no. Maybe opiates could have kept her comfortable, but I know euthanasia did and she died in my arms, purring to the last moment. How is that cruel? How is that wrong? How does that equal me choosing convenience over her comfort? I am literally shaking I am so offended by this.
  8. SaoirseRN

    Voluntary Euthanasia

    Wow. Just wow. How dare you.
  9. SaoirseRN

    Voluntary Euthanasia

    As someone who recently had to euthanize my seventeen year old cat, I take great offense to this statement. I did what I did because she was suffering, not because I didn't want to care for her. I had her for seventeen years! I spent a great deal of time caring for her and money on her and in the end, why would I allow her to continue to suffer from an irreversible illness when I could end her suffering forever?
  10. SaoirseRN

    Men in the (nursing) field

    I've seen a few particular nurses who seem to have a problem with men who are nurses, but they are the minority (and seem to be the sort that have a problem with almost everything anyway).
  11. SaoirseRN

    What Baffles You?

    I just say, "Sorry, that isn't something we do." And then change the subject.
  12. SaoirseRN

    What Baffles You?

    This happened last night... After-hours bed move, sending patient out to the medical ward from telemetry in order to bring an admit up to telemetry. Two of us nurses did the move right at shift change. We were moving the lady in her bed and trying to make the awkward corner out of the ICU area into the other room (this involves about three sharp turns). This lady, who was visiting someone else on the medical ward, looks at the lady in bed and thinks she might know her. So while we are actively trying to manoeuvre the bed, the lady comes up right to the bed, and asks "is that so n so..?" Then when it was So n So, she stands there, in the way, as we are moving the bed, trying to talk to the lady. Seriously, she could see we were moving the bed and kept standing right in the way, not even taking the hint when we didn't stop trying to turn the bed. Her persistence almost got her wedged between the bed and the wall, and the other nurse had to step around her. Finally I had to ask her to please step out of the way so we could get the bed by, and she walked off in a huff as though I had grievously insulted her.
  13. SaoirseRN

    Getting doctors to listen to me

    Yes, a lot of the time, until they've gotten to know and trust you, doctors may we wary or hesitant to listen to what you are saying. Phrasing things as a question as someone else said can definitely help -- there are many nurses who DO try to tell the docs what to do, so sometimes that impression is all it takes for them to stop listening. A question asked appeals to their medical knowledge and often it'll open things up. I also am a huge promoter of generally getting the doctors to know and recognize you. You have to know who they are but not vice versa. Say hello to them even if you don't need them, make an effort to be remembered. A physician is more likely to listen to (and trust) a nurse they know over just some nurse.
  14. SaoirseRN

    Can nursing programs graduate practice ready nurses?

    I have a BSN, and while there was certainly much class room education, we also had lots of clinical time. The whole final semester was clinical practice. While I obviously didn't know everything when I graduated, I felt ready to practice. Of course I needed guidance and had questions, but I felt prepared. The same program I attended (while it has been redesigned since I graduated) has continued to turn out some awesome graduates who are ready to practice.
  15. SaoirseRN

    Work from home? What companies to look at?

    Perhaps you accidentally missed the 'f'?
  16. SaoirseRN

    things said wrong that drive you crazy

    I had a conversation today in which everyone was getting "stints" put in. STENTS, people. Stents.