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There is just somethings that really bother me, specifically mispronunciation of words. The specific abbreviation that realllllly grinds my gears is when a nurse or CNA/PCT says " O2 STATS" O2 "stat"uration? Anyone have... Read More

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    Prolly drives me nuts. Somewhere on here, I've even seen it written that way!

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    Slightly off topic, but my fiance and i being from different places have different words for things. We completley understand each other though.
    My fiance is from New York and i'm from Wisconsin, So we so alot of traveling back and fourth to visit family and such. I always get picked on by my fiance and his family because of things i say and my "thick wisconsin accent". First time i was visiting his family in New York (Near buffalo) we went out to dinner and i was like "I need to find the nearest tyme machine" they looked at me like i was on crack. They were like "You need to find a time machine? Where will you be going?" Then there was this awakward silence and my fiance chimed in and goes "She means ATM machine"

    Apparently everywhere else in the world it is an "ATM machine" but where im from it is a "Tyme machine" Embaressing at the time but we laugh about it now
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    "Me and my sister", "me and another nurse".


    When did basic grammar go out the door? My sister and I are not happy when we hear this...

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    Quote from samadams8
    Same thing with your and you're. I don't think most people mean to do this. I think it's just typing to fast, or getting caught up in the spirit of what they are trying to communicate, and so they missed what they have typed.
    No. I don't think so. If you know the meaning of the differently spelled homophones, you don't misspell them. Your autocorrect might though. But that's what proof reading is for. IMHO.

    This is another thing that drives me bananas. But then again, I'm hypersensitive to it because I have a slight dyslexia, so spelling is very difficult for me and I've basically had to memorize words. So misspelled words jump out at me from a page like monsters. I want to mark up just about every post on here sometimes. I do blame most of the errors on the use of phones for typing. Easy to miss stuff.

    I really don't mind regional accents at all though.

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    The ones that annoy me most are 'axe' instead of 'ask', and 'irregardless'.
    I know, I know, Webster's added irregardless because of how much it was used, but still, makes me grit my teeth!
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    Annoys me when people say "i could care less." the correct saying is "i COULDN'T care less"
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    I say "Buttah", "Whatah" "Cah" and "Yahd" Oh and "Bahbahcue" and It'll never change ;-)
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    I assume you have pahked the cah in hahvard yahd, and sawr it drive away? lol
    Quote from Glycerine82
    I say "Buttah", "Whatah" "Cah" and "Yahd" Oh and "Bahbahcue" and It'll never change ;-)
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    Quote from bsnstudent16
    The one that drives me crazy....

    mELK instead of mILK

    In Ohio (Ahiya)- it's 'melk', and 'ruf' (roof), and 'pop', not soda!
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    Sonometer instead of centimeter!!Aargh, that's irritating. When I lived in Colorado, "I feel puny today" for "I don't feel well today".

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