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Hi. I've got to vent here, since I have no "friends" that are nurses, and I want the input of some perhaps unbiased individuals. I'm a mid-30s male career changer. I left a career I had for a... Read More

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    Have you ever considered flight nursing? Lots of the patients are tubed, so no conversations. High adrenaline, short amount of time spent with the patient, and in some organizations the RN is the chief person on the aircraft. You would have to have trauma experience. As for something you could do right this minute that would fit your needs, how about OR? Your patients are asleep.
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    Well, I'd stay away from LTC. Your list of dislikes reads like a job description for LTC nurses.

    It's good thing you have your BSN. This opens many more doors. There's so many different areas you can work as a BSN, I'm confident you could find a speciality more fitting your personality. Like The Commuter said, PACU or OR nursing might be a good fit. The pt is sedated. It's more goal oriented, so you won't feel so much like a babysitter. Best of all, family isn't allowed. (at least, I *think* family isn't allowed in the PACU.)
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    You would probably like a busy PACU. Medicate the patient and get them stable for transfer then on to the next. Minimal family interaction besides maybe a quick update.

    I think a lot of people like going to an NP for the better bedside manner so might not be a good fit but too late now.

    Sorry you are unhappy..not sure what you thought bedside nursing was about but it is a lot of dirty work. I don't love it but I manage.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I'm going to sign off now and probably delete the account if I can figure out how. I'd like to expound on some of my statements and answer some of your questions, but....OpSec.
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    Quote from HouTx
    Maybe 'pure research' would be a better fit. Dealing with tissue samples and molecular interactions rather than people.
    Pure research usually requires a biology background, and the pay is crappy (equivalent to what a CNA or LPN makes). Research nursing, on the other hand, still requires a significant amount of patient contact.
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    Quote from StuckInTheMiddle
    Thanks for all the replies. I'm going to sign off now and probably delete the account if I can figure out how. I'd like to expound on some of my statements and answer some of your questions, but....OpSec.
    I am confused as to why you even came on here if you are so worried someone will identify you. Trust me, with what little info you've given us no one can identify you.
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    i honestly don't know what specialty would be ideal for you.
    i just wanted to ask about those who suggested er nursing...really?
    i get the high pt turnover, but shoo, many of those pts will try those who have the patience of mother theresa.
    talk about needy, manipulative, and demanding!

    op, if you pursue er, think twice...or do more research on it.

    best of everything.

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    There appears to be one thing missing in all these posts. The problem my friend in fact might not be the job, but that you have an unrealistic expectation and seem to be egocentric in your search for "the job". You want excitement, purpose and interest, but it has to be on your terms, interesting that you have found ANY job to meet your expectations.
    Perhaps you would be better served by looking inside, if in fact you are able to see that you may have faults, and start there.
    I dont think it is the profession......its the person.
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    Now I wonder if the OP was doing research for an article, not really seeking an answer for himself.
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    It sounds as though you disdain human relationships. You stated your previous employment was in a field that had a disregard for the feelings of others. Did you mean you worked in a field that exploited others? Without knowing more about you, I am initially thinking porn industry or professional soldier. Nursing, whether at bedside or NP does require you to have empathy towards patients and to advocate for their well being. Your post sounds as though you abhor human relationships.
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