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Radnurse54 has 33 years experience and specializes in Emergency Department/Radiology.

54 years old with 28 years of ER experience and 3 in Radiology

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  1. What's considered sedation?

    We use versed and fentanyl as well the dosing of course is dependant on the procedure and patient. Protocol for sedation always requires monitoring of bp, pulse, resp and p02, in some area end tidal is also used as in MRI sedations. There are several...
  2. What's considered sedation?

    Sedation standards and policies in my experience are administered by the anesthesiology department. This is the first place you should start. Also, I am suprised that your department doesnt have a protocol that covers anxiolytics, moderate and deep s...
  3. Questions for Rad nurses!

    I was an ER nurse for 28 years before becoming the only and first Radiology Nurse at the hospital I was working at, at that time. I learned a lot, the staff in radiology learned a lot about nursing as well. It was once described very well by a CT tec...
  4. Chewing Gum

    At my sister's hospital in Texas...the health depart..came onto units and wrote tickets with fines for staff chewing gum.... ?????confused since when does the health department give fines on hospital units???
  5. A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    The part that may be missing from those above who are asking why choose nursing: I have been a nurse for 41 years when I became a nurse the options for women in careers was less varied than today, however, we are not acknowledging the fact that hospi...
  6. A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    I am of the same opinion, about pushing out those of us with long time experience for no other reason that they dont want to have to pay us. Here is the problem with that thinking, eventually there wont be anyone left for mentoring......no one who "h...
  7. A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    I do not believe the word "rediculous" was used to refer to people who think they are in nursing as a calling. I may be a little wrong here but it seems some projecting is going on here (also a psych nurse in my past life). I believe it is important ...
  8. A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    MariposaLPN, again you have misunderstood. I am not upset, you have as much right to your idealistic views as anyone else, and I have the right to my experience and loss of idealism, after years of banging my head against the wall thinking I could ch...
  9. A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    I think you misunderstood, that this is my opinion, it is not required that you approve or agree. This is a site about sharing our opinions and experiences and points of view.
  10. A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    I am confused about the comment that what we do is a calling. Let me be clear I am not a nun. This is a career, NOT a calling, thats just an excuse to make nurses feel bad for asking what would be asked for in any other profession. You want me to kno...
  11. A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    Try being 61, and a nurse for 41 years, and not getting a raise for 5 years, because I am topped out. However, those new coming in still keep receiving raises...pretty soon we will be making the same. It appears that they may be forcing those of us m...
  12. Set up for cases

    I work in a teaching hospital with 3 IR suites and CT/US body rooms. At this time in the IR suites, which are only used for IR procedures, the techs set up the table and prep the patient just as the OR does, patients wearing hats and masks as well. I...
  13. Nurse with Disdain

    Not ED either, think again. As an ED nurse for 28 years I assure you that though it is easy to become jaded and disgusted by the abuse and misuse of the system by patients and their irresponsible behavior, however, those who are critically ill, injur...
  14. Nurse with Disdain

    Oh right, send him to administration...so we can have yet one more, disconnected, disinterested beauracratic administrator to oversee the care of sick people, from whom they are totally detached. I think....NO Linda
  15. Nurse with Disdain

    There appears to be one thing missing in all these posts. The problem my friend in fact might not be the job, but that you have an unrealistic expectation and seem to be egocentric in your search for "the job". You want excitement, purpose and intere...