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Radnurse54 has 33 years experience and specializes in Emergency Department/Radiology.

54 years old with 28 years of ER experience and 3 in Radiology

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  1. Radnurse54

    Chewing Gum

    At my sister's hospital in Texas...the health depart..came onto units and wrote tickets with fines for staff chewing gum.... ?????confused since when does the health department give fines on hospital units???
  2. Radnurse54

    A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    The part that may be missing from those above who are asking why choose nursing: I have been a nurse for 41 years when I became a nurse the options for women in careers was less varied than today, however, we are not acknowledging the fact that hospitals and health care has changed greatly. We are now large corporations making money for our stock holders, or not for profits trying to get their piece of the DC money for research etc. When hospitals became more about money they became less focused on patient care, and when they became less focused on patient care, they forgot about the care givers. So now in the throws of the hysteria over "Obama Care" the focus has become (in my opinion) less about patient care than ever. Why then are we surprised that nursing staff is being treated as a liability rather than the absolutely necessity it is to keep patients safe, keep infections and falls down and decrease patient stay. Nurses have become an expendable commodity. This was not always the way it was. So the answer to the question why...are we still here.....nursing didnt start out this way.....there was more respect for our roles in the hospitals , now that this is no longer true, we are being treated in this shabby way. Getting out....you bet....and I should have done it sooner. Its like watching a friend die a slow and angonizing death....I just dont have the stomach for it anymore.
  3. Radnurse54

    A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    I am of the same opinion, about pushing out those of us with long time experience for no other reason that they dont want to have to pay us. Here is the problem with that thinking, eventually there wont be anyone left for mentoring......no one who "has seen it all" and knows other ways to deal with it.....we will have a derth of experience and those who are going to feel the loss the most will be the patients. That being said, please dont send me hate posts because you have been a nurse for
  4. Radnurse54

    A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    I do not believe the word "rediculous" was used to refer to people who think they are in nursing as a calling. I may be a little wrong here but it seems some projecting is going on here (also a psych nurse in my past life). I believe it is important that we are open to what others have to say, even if we disagree even strongly so, how can we say that we understand a point of view if we havent looked at as many sides as we can, with an open mind. MariposaLPN, I applaud your passion, but perhaps your experience has been that when people disagree with you they are talking badly about you. This is not the case here. There are nurses with a vast array of experience here, we all came to be nurses for many reasons, each of them our own. I celebrate your choosing to be a nurse in the way you have chosen, it just isnt the same for all of us.
  5. Radnurse54

    A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    MariposaLPN, again you have misunderstood. I am not upset, you have as much right to your idealistic views as anyone else, and I have the right to my experience and loss of idealism, after years of banging my head against the wall thinking I could change things and make the world a better place. But, what I learned is first you have to realize that the world....mostly doesnt care to change, that greed runs many businesses including unfortunately these days hospitals, and to use the reason that you are helping people in a sort of altruistic fashion is how some of above stated "greedy bastards" get you to buy into why it isnt necessary to compensate nurses for the agonizingly, difficult, self sacrificing work we do by patting us on the head and saying "but you are doing it for the good of the sick and injured". THAT was my point. So, I admire you for wanting to defend your idealism, at one time so would I, but I grew up and got a reality check. Nurses (in my opinion) have for too long failed to demand pay for the difficult and often soul draining job we do. We not support each other enough, for where else would it come from. Do good work, but dont sell out to some archaic notion of an "angel of mercy", that title doesnt pay too well.
  6. Radnurse54

    A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    I think you misunderstood, that this is my opinion, it is not required that you approve or agree. This is a site about sharing our opinions and experiences and points of view.
  7. Radnurse54

    A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    I am confused about the comment that what we do is a calling. Let me be clear I am not a nun. This is a career, NOT a calling, thats just an excuse to make nurses feel bad for asking what would be asked for in any other profession. You want me to know you appreciate what I do, then pay me. I never thought I would be the kind of nurse who did her job for money, but here I am and I dont feel bad about my choice at all.
  8. Radnurse54

    A calling to help others but give me a good paycheck

    Try being 61, and a nurse for 41 years, and not getting a raise for 5 years, because I am topped out. However, those new coming in still keep receiving raises...pretty soon we will be making the same. It appears that they may be forcing those of us more experienced nurses out the door, or if we get disastisfied, they wont be sad that we leave. I believe through my own experience that nurses usually do not leave for how they are paid but for how they are treated. However, being devalued on a continual basis cuts both ways.
  9. Radnurse54

    Set up for cases

    I work in a teaching hospital with 3 IR suites and CT/US body rooms. At this time in the IR suites, which are only used for IR procedures, the techs set up the table and prep the patient just as the OR does, patients wearing hats and masks as well. In the CT/US rooms which when procedures are not being done also do diagnostic testing as well, the docs set up a sterile table and prep the patients. We all wear hats and masks, including the patients and the docs wear scrub gowns. I have worked in other Radiology departments (smaller) where the doctors only wore hats, masks and gloves for the procedures.
  10. Radnurse54

    Nursing in IR department

    By injections do you mean the contrast? Or do you mean other medication injections? We do MRE's and Urogram's in MRI that require IV and IM injections. For those of course I would say definately not....but for IV contrast? That would require an enormous amount of nursing staff.
  11. Radnurse54

    Well just the other day I posted careeer suicide......

    I would have to say that the fault lies with the manager that hired you and did not then realize early on that you were having difficulties and addressed them. I dont think new graduates should be hired into an ED unless they have had some kind of background otherwise say EMT or paramedic. The ED like ICU's are not the place for new nurses to cut their teeth, they require a knowledge base and skill set that takes time to achieve. Shame on the manager who hired you and then it appears abandoned you....I agree with the other posts that you should just look at this as a learning curve, and this was not a good fit for you....at least not now....but you did learn one thing it seems....what to look for next time so you wont take a job that may not be a good fit.
  12. Radnurse54

    8s vs 12s; night shift or day shift?

    I think it depends on your own rythms, the problem with working nights is that most people do not get good sleep during in the day and this takes a toll on your general health however, there are benefits to working nights ie: not having to deal with all the beauracracy....however, as a new nurse I would not think that night shift is a good place, its usually under staffed and there are less resources around to help you problem solve. Most of us have worked nights at some time or another in our careers for a vast array of reasons, however, personally I find that 3 12's works better for me, I like having time during the week to get errands done without having to fight the crowds of 9-5 people at the grocery stores and other places on the weekends. Find what works best for you and your family.
  13. After having worked in the ED for 28 years, I would say it is the ED, because you have all of the mentioned possible, the ortho/med/surg/psych....and you are always moving and pushing patients from one area to another.....
  14. Radnurse54

    "working" when you're off...

    Judgmental, perhaps, but when you post the rant that goes on and on sounding as if you are standing on a mountain top declaring to the world that it cant possibly rotate without your assistance, you NEED a reality check. Perhaps it stings a bit when we all tell you that most of your problem is most likely your own doing. No one wants to be told they are responsible for how they are treated...but there you are....so in your own self interest....if you put yourself out there as the savior of all those in need.....why are you surprised that they all come knocking at all hours of the day or night. You may very well be great at what you do...so are many of us...however, we allow people to treat us as they do....so do yourself a favor stop seeing us as being "judgmental" and think of it as tough love.
  15. Radnurse54

    "working" when you're off...

    It seems to me that there is a lot of back patting and self-agrandizing going on here. Perhaps if you spent less time announcing how terrific you were and trying to be the center of attention, people would stop talking to you when you want to be off. Also, you clearly need to learn the art of making boundaries in your life. Just thought a little reality speak was needed here.
  16. Radnurse54

    Tired of Hearing the One Year Experience Required Line!!

    This is exactly why I am a big fan of nursing changing to fit a model more like physicians, where students actually do an internship or residency in an area for the last year of their training. Then when nurses actually go out into the "big wide world" they already have their first year of experience under their belt.