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You know when they beg you to come in sick making all kinds of promises. You can leave if it is too much, we won't give you a big assignment, the charge nurse will help you. Just for a few hours, or just until 11. Well you know... Read More

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    Quote from loriangel14
    Really? My work place is the opposite. If you are sick you are told to stay home.Usually you can't come back until you have been symptom free for 48 hours. They will send you home if you come to work sick.
    Which is the way it should be

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    Until now I have never had a job where I didn't get a guilt trip for calling in sick. My current supervisor is very understanding and trusting, and asks no questions if I call in, but I have been so nearly traumatized from my past experiences that any time I realize I am not well enough to work the idea of calling in fills me with dread and tears. The last thing someone needs when they are physically unwell is emotional turbulence on top of it. I am so glad this isn't something I have to worry about anymore!
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    The worst is when i cant decide if i am sick enough to call off or not. i just feel tired and some symptoms but no fever etc. where if this were an office job i could get through it. or if i got easy pts i would be fine. but then i start to consider well i might get awful pts, tons of turn repos, and time consuming pts that i dont feel i can physically handle. then i alwAys debate over and over what to do and usually end up going in . ugh. i will answer my phone and gleefuly say, "no" to comming in. i have worked plenty of ot. the only pro is the money, there is no recognition for it and management is not appreciative of it. doesnt even factor it in evaluations .
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    OMG. Your post had me laughing so hard.

    (orange tree)
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    Quote from mindlor
    I AGREE! But how does this happen, where does one begin?
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    Quote from monkeybug
    Treasure this experience, because it's definitely not the norm! I now work outside the hospital, and we are also encouraged to stay home when sick. My last hospital job? A call-in was treated like a betrayal and you were made to feel guilty. To the point that supervisors might call you at home for an in-depth review of your symptoms so they could try to change your mind. And I worked L&D, where no sick nurse should ever be!
    Last time I called in sick with a very obvious head cold, they asked me if I had a temp.

    Seriously? Why?

    I already felt guilty about calling in, don't know the point of asking if I had a temp.

    It annoyed me.
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    oh heck no if i'm calling in i'm gonna rest and sleep etc anything but go to work. Whats the point of me going in especiallyif i'm just as sick as the patients if not worst. I need to be at my sharpest to protect that license. AND when it comes down to it the charge nurse IS an RN too so let her work, shoot if there is no other nurse on the floor guess what? as the RN she is now legally bound to stay hah take that! so yea you called out followign rules, so stay out. wheover's there can deal with the rest of it. The way i see if when someone else calls out my workload increasescuz i'm sharing thier job functions and i work later well cuz there's no coverage. So why would i feel guilty calling out? none none at all and i'm a newbie
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    deleted duplicate post
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    We are only human, we need to rest when we are sick.
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    My last hospital was horrible. They guilted me into coming in even though I told them I had a 102 temp. I was promised just a few hours until someone could get there to relieve me. Like a sick, idiot, I fell for it. Of course once I got there, they made me stay. I had the assignment from hell, and the other nurses were at the desk laughing it up. My pt's took one look at me and knew I was sick.
    I did make it to 1 pm on an 8 hr shift. I told the CN to find coverage because I was either going to be passing out, or I was going to leave.

    Thankfully, my current employer demands we stay home if we are sick. No questions asked, other than concern.

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