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Ambulatory care
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Inori has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Ambulatory care.

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  1. Inori

    What color scrubs do you wear?

    It really depends on your facility ... mine its wear whatever you want so long as its scrubs. So you have pcas, RN, lpns, wearing long lab coats, short white coats, white pants, pinks, fusha, purple, erm I wear batik prints and hello kitty so yea. uniform its whatever your company decides on. I agree that its helpful to have a set color so at one glance you can tell who is who.
  2. Inori

    New Grad Hospital vs. Community Health Clinic

    take whatever you can get as it is experience. Waiting for the perfect job and getting zero experience you lose opportunities. Alot of times your first job becomes your speciality because the longer you're in it the more you know and the harder it is to move. BUT blame it on economy there's alot of qualifyed nurses who are unemployed so employers can be picky. Ideally we would all have 2-3 yrs of medsurg floor exp before going into a specialty or community heath clinic. You learn on the job well good luck. What do you think are pros and cons? if possible work for a facility that has a hospital affiliation and vice versa once you are in the system can move around. HOSPITAL: 24 hrs 7 days a week, you as new person would get the worst hours and perhaps not even get full time status but perdiem, they call you when they need you. Pts are sicker and weaker so you need to do more physical labor, pt are more acute and unstable so need more care, pt are in and out you never see them again. reactive care you see them only on acute episodes of unmanaged diseases. skills: depends on specialty . school prepares us for floor nursing, so those are the basics. CLINIC -- hours M-F 9-5 almost, day hours, no holidays, no weekends, pts are healthiery so can walk, you have more continuous time with pt so can follow up on them, education, preventive care. you get to know your pts. skills its different .. you gain a different skillset but yes you lose the floor nursing type skills like foley, IV, wound care but again this depends on specialty. The word clinic can mean primary care, out patient surgery, cancer, GI etc clinic. Don't think clinic work means its slow, boring and relaxing .. i am constantly running around, and ocassionally we do have situations that come up and hopefully never need to use bcls on anyone. I do wish i had the chance to get some medsurg exp first but this was the opportunity so yep. Good luck
  3. Inori

    Possible termination for HIPAA violations

    becareful what and how much detail you post here because nurses (your coworkers) also frequent this site and anyone with a passing knowledge of situation would be able to identify you. get a good book, NSO malpractice insurance, Good luck
  4. Don't do it as others said: 1.) get fired, 2.) **** off others 3.) it just ain professional 4.) to each thier own. you're a nurse not a preacher which you can do on the side on weekends . We're teaching students to be culturally aware, transcultural which is being aware of different religious beliefs so we are more respectful of others beliefss without inadvertently trampling on it. so please as a professor practice what you teach do not impose your religious beliefs on to your students. And personal and professional life should always be separate
  5. Inori

    Graduated almost five years ago.

    at this point 5 yrs later I'd suggest you take a refresher course, as much is forgotten as soon as you leave school because I know i forgot lots. take your BCLS, ACLS and apply to any and all jobs in person and online too. Even if they were to hire thing is how confident are you with these skills which you've not used in that long .. and would you be able to practice safely and not lose license. Good luck, keep trying you'll find something. and restudy your medsurg/nursing stuff too
  6. Inori

    Question regarding cumulative gpa and job

    GPA is irrelevant when it comes to job search at best they use it as a tool to cut down on the ammount of applications to go through. YEs it limits you as the most desirable hospitals only want creme of the crop top 5% of class but once you get a year or two experience gpa is moot point. So apply all and everywhere.
  7. Try aiming for 1000 resumes / applications that should net you a job. good luck and keep applying ... all of my friends/classmates got jobs before getting to 1000 so yes that goal works
  8. Inori

    Burned out and hate nursing

    good luck! try a bit of everything perhaps weekends, vacation time, per diem work and maybe ... consider branching out to non nursing - you know medical software, pharmaceuticals, legal, all have nurse consultants. Ex: there's forensic nursing, travel nursing, writing etc etc. OR switch out completely if that's what you want. volunteer in areas you're interested in and see if its something you want to get into. Anything is better than going to work miserable for 8 hrs a day for the next few decades
  9. Inori

    What would you do?

    I'd suggest you look up salary for your state, city and ask for/ the middle range. http://www.salary.com If they balk, you tell them that's the going rate for nurses in the area, and what range did they have in mind. State that if you're expected to provide 24/7 on call then you need to be compensated accordingly. Ultimately it is a buyers market .. there will always be someone who will happily work for less because they need to get that job exp in. Alternative accept job work there for 1-2 years dont lose license and leave for something better cuz now you have that gold 1-2 yrs exp.
  10. Inori

    Frustrated new grad

    Dear Mads.RN, gotta keep trying, consider relocating, apply to rural places in areas that are less desirable aka poor neighborhoods. volunteer, network, take courses to get ACLS, PALS, get BSN if dont have already. apply in person ton nursing homes/rehab centers. As new grad you're basically the same so keep following up with your applicatoins, good luck the job will happen .. its just may take a while. keep applying for work, go volunteer, exercise, and believe in yourself you are a valuable person and its not you its the econony. Stay positive, smile and shoulder on. Every day write down and repeat to self. I am a nurse, I went into nursing because __ and __. I have strong points in __ and __. I can help you. and SMILE. You're brain washing youself until true or not you believe it so will everyone else.
  11. Inori

    Should I give nursing another try?

    okies if the undecided person is still reading tis. Nursing if you think you can succeed go for it. though after a certain point you really are on your own as parents can't be funding your pipe dreams if you can't make it a paying reality. There' s no rule that you can't do nursing cuz it pays well. Most people in it for the money so what if you graduate pass then you're a nurse. No one gives a damm why i chose nursing just that I've got a license and can do the job. As for being a writer/editor that is a career that you can do with any major just gotta write well. Before you reattempt nursing you must find out why you failed out to start, what steps can you take to ensure that does not happen again. trying harder is not the answer. Either way you will need to have a strong grasp of your anatomy physiology and nursing concepts before you reattempt medsurge. There is a time limit on how long after leaving can you go back so good luck.
  12. Inori

    Interview Scenario Questions!

    read this guide "John hopkins nursing interview guide" from cover to cover... it will answer any and all nursing interview questions. sub in your own clinical stories do not memorize thiers. http://nursing.jhu.edu/life-at-hopkins/center/documents/interview_guide.pdf
  13. keep applying for work, go volunteer, excercise, and believe in yourself you are a vaulable person and its not you its the econony. Stay positive, smile and shoulder on. Every day write down and repeat to self. I am a nurse, I went into nursing because __ and __. I have strong poitns in __ and __. I can help you. and SMILE. You're brain washing youself until true or not you believe it so will everyone else.
  14. May i suggest, a few changes in the order of your items. I got these from recruiters, HR managers when I could get them to look at my resumes. Definetly put your title because I had one recruiter ask me so what are you LPN or RN can't tell. In a way all new grads are alike zero exp and want a job. So you must do something to separate yourself. Use expensive resume paper, send thank you letters, give weekly/bi weekly phone calls, practice interviewing so it flows. Eh NYC is so saturated so every recruiter has thier own preferences BUT i find that this format works best for most. I write 2 resumes one designed for computer scanning and another meant for human eyes. Name, R.N. (size 16 font). contact info Educatoin certfications clinical work/volunteer exp nursing skills computer skills Associatoin memberships language skills I'd suggest leaving out the entire line refernces avaliable becuse well it is aailable why waste space. AND I do not include references because one if they're intersted I'd immediately fax it over and #2 I do not want my refernces contacted unless they're seriously interested in me aka call me in for an interview first. I'll bring it then. I protect my references from being unecssarily bothered because they're busy people so only employers who are willing to interview me will have access to that info, nor do i want employers to reserach me before hand :)
  15. Inori

    To left justify or not to left justify....

    look through most of your reading papers, news, textbooks what do you see that they have in common? most text is left justified because its easier for the eyes to track when you're going from line to line. You use bullets to bring special info out. google resumes just scan through all of them see which ones catch your attention then why. Oh no doubt a resume is a work of art in its own right where you're aiming for information, readability, balance.
  16. Inori

    What to wear to an "Open House Interview Day"

    you will be wearing a suit even if its 100F out there not debatable. a full interview suit with tie if you're a man and lite make up if female, complete with waxed shoes, interview portofolio with lots of resumes and a big smile. I really feel that this is what set me a cut above the rest of the applicants that day it was 97F and I came in full interview gear while other applicant wore slacks shirt no tie, casual shoes, sat in the lobby playing w his phone while waiting his turn. I got the job. As an interviewee your uniform is your suit sure you'll see some people show up with flipflops and jeans which is better for you because now you'll look even more professional.

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