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    We've lost 2 precious angels recently, including one that I was attached too pretty strongly...and we have a gaggle remaining that are circling the drain. It's been a rough 4-5 days around my unit.

    As always, the post-mortem care/bath reminded me of the special nature of what we do. Not just anyone can bathe that precious dead baby. Or unhook that ET Tube and turn off that ventilator. It's an honor to be allowed to do it...to pay that last little bit of respect for that sweet angel.

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    Oh Bortaz. Am so sorry....you are one very special nurse.
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    Oh wow! You sound like a wonderful person who is willing to help all you can. Keep it up.
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    I'm so sorry.

    The parents are fortunate to have such a strong, skilled, caring nurse caring for their precious infants through their short lives.

    May you have the strength and knowledge to go forth in these difficult days.
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    I'm sorry buddy!! We just went thru a similar time....just sucks Big Hugs!
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    I'm so sorry about the recent losses, Bortaz. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you, the neonates and their families with hopes for the very best possible outcome in each situation.
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    I'm sorry, Bortaz, and my thoughts are with you and your unit. It is a very special privilege we have, to take care of people at this time in (and after) their lives.
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    I'm sorry it's been so rough lately, Bortaz. I'm only a student, but nurses like yourself are an inspiration to me daily for what you do. As a second career/non-traditional student, I've been around the block a few times -- but never in the capacity as someone as yourself and your unit. I pray that things start to turn around for you and your co-workers soon!
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    Sending them for you, your team, and your lovely angels....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<<<<<
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    I've always held nurses like you in special regard and will hold you all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Working as a rural L&D nurse, I was always so grateful to see the NICU nurses arrive via airplane and take over care of those tremendously fragile babies that needed more care than we could give.

    A big heart-felt thank you for what you all do.

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