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  1. 0 HEllooooooooooo!
    I cant tell u exactly how I felt when I saw my name in the board of Nursing.

    Gosh I passed the NCLEX RN exam..and I am RN now.

    A big thanks to Suzanne and all of u guys. I followed Suzanne's study guide and now here I m.

    As well as Thank you God!!

    Sunzzi---- a proud RN
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    :smiley_aa congratulations :smiley_aa
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    you did it!!!!
    [color=#00bfff]great news, ms. rn.................
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    congrats! nothing to back up suzanne's study plan like a testimonial from someone who passed .
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    [FONT=Arial Narrow]congratulations.its celebration time,enjoy your success.
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    good news, you finally made it!

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    Thank you so much guys.....


    Doesnt it feel good????:roll
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    :hatparty: congratulations, sunzzi! :hatparty:

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    Congratulations!!! Hope you enjoy your new career, nurse.

    Great job!
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    Congrats!!! It's a wonderful feeling to be done!