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  1. i graduated in dec. '03, so don't worry! did the lpn to bsn bridge. all tital about 3 years.....2 years part time (i do have a mortgage!), and the last 2 semesters full time; wasn't in too much of a rush. 'bird'
  2. sxu is a private college, and the way they have things set up (along with their reputation), they give you a better chance of getting into core classes faster. oh, yeah; i may have put off starting clinicals a semester, but that is a whooole story unto itself. 'that bird'
  3. if you have any pre-req's to finish up, you can finish them at sxu. warning...they want biochem! i tried to get outta it, had organic, etc. no luck. you are admitted to the core classes once you've finished the required classes. there are some classes that are concurrent, but you shouldn't have any problems. 'that bird'
  4. suebird3


    if you do go on for your degree, ptk does have scholarships. so....joining does have it's perks.
  5. st. xav's class of '03 here. high pass rate. you're in the right school. 'that bird'
  6. suebird3

    Ingalls (Harvey)

    did clinicals there twice. decent hospital. voted one of the best hospitals by one of the nation-wide magazines. yeah, it may be in harvey, but you see quite a gamut of things. suebird
  7. suebird3

    Welcome to the Missouri State Forum!

    I would personally get my license in Illinois, and then the MO one IF you take Boards before the move. Have you considered having licensure in both states? Suebird :)
  8. suebird3

    LPN'S Supervising RNs'? How would you feel?

    Welcome to allnurses, cowgirl. I moved your post to a more appropriate Forum for more responses. Suebird :)
  9. suebird3

    Greetings from a newcomer! Please advice!!!

    Welcome, Chloe. I moved your post to the General Nursing Student Discussion Forum, where others will be able to better help you. Good luck. Suebird :)
  10. suebird3


    congratulations, nurse! suebird :)
  11. Don't discount the Full Moon....I mean it! I swear our 'pleasantly confused' patients go gung-ho about then. And yes, some Full Moons are worse than others. The aides are good resources. Good idea!
  12. suebird3

    How do you become a Moderator for this site??

    Guess that automatically removes most of us, eh? Hehe.
  13. suebird3

    to give pain meds or not to give meds?

    One resident stands out in particular. Had end stage liver failure, d/t using Tylenol secondary to a back injury. Lord, she was in pain, and we had to really watch it cuz of the disease progression. I will never forget the whole situation.
  14. suebird3


    Any Psych Meds (Ativan, Haldol, etc.) require consent forms. Physical restraints such as wrist or vest restraints are NOT used. We do have Lap Buddies, though. Side rails are used for help in repositioning.
  15. suebird3

    Update on Gross Out Co-Worker

    Eeeewwwww! Yuckoid!
  16. suebird3

    to give pain meds or not to give meds?

    OK..was half asleep here.....sorry! Was trying to remember the max dosage and ditzed. I have so many rezzies who try to get 500 mg of ES Tylenol every 4 hours, PLUS other Tylenol based products, we devised a plan incorporating said products. So far.....seems to be working. That is where the 2400 comes from. :)