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  1. state surveys tips

    thanks for the replies and all the helpful tips. being the only charge nurse in the whole facility, i know everything will be on me.
  2. state surveys tips

    i've never gone through the experience of being surveyed. any tips and advice? what kind of questions do they ask? will they expect everything to be perfect? i have 40 to 45 patients (depending on census) and i do everything from med pass to wound tr...
  3. Freaking out

    waiting is hard, hang in there, hope it all works out in your favor, just keep your self busy try not to drive yourself too crazy=), i'm sure the result is on its way. GOOD LUCK!!
  4. How often is this site updated?

    yes after i got my passing result, paid the $100, saw my name on the website and got my license a few days afterwards. the entire process took 5 weeks. hope yours will be faster, good luck!
  5. How often is this site updated?

    my name showed up a month after i took the exam.
  6. So frustrated!

    they said 13 business day, sure enough on the 14th day after i took my test, my result came in the mail. i know waiting is hard, just hang in there, do something fun to keep your mind occupied. GOOD LUCK!!
  7. Wooohooo!!!

    :balloons: congratulations:balloons:
  8. I Passed NCLEX-RN with 137 questions

    :balloons: congratulations:balloons:
  9. I passed

    :balloons: congratulations:balloons:
  10. For those who got >75 questions: I got 110 & i PASSED!!!!

    :balloons: congratulations:balloons:
  11. Least amount of study time?

    I used suzanne's study guide, i did 100 q's daily for about 2 hours and about 10 hours browsing and reading allnurses posts , i passed!
  12. Monday 6/5

    good luck you 2!
  13. I PASSED: Mercedes674, RN

    :balloons: congratulations:balloons:
  14. I just took my nclex today..

    it sounds so much like my exam, i had a bunch of select all that apply, a lot of infection control, tons of pharm, couple on diets, proper positioning, lab values, prioritization, i finished with 85 questions (thank goodness) altho i was asking for m...
  15. yay!

    I wish i knew the secret recipe hehe, but what worked for me was suzanne's study guide, doing saunders chapter tests and 100 q's daily from the CD-rom, if you haven't gotten the whole study guide tip, pm suzanne so she can email it to you, it worked ...