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  1. zinn

    Texas Service Center Tracker for I-140

    my story ofI-140 is very sad i am the one who is waiting since last 11 month my case is also at Texas centre.my first petition was cancelled by USCIS in the month of auguest 07 which was filled by my agency in the month of oct 2006 but they did not disclosed it to me after all they refilled in feb2007 and still it has not been approved.i dont know what i should do,i tried to contact to agency but they say wait it would approve in near future..................... please suggest me what i should do? whom i can contact? i am totally lost and always cursing my destiney......................what else i do .some body please help.
  2. zinn

    Retrogression Is Not Over

    good news. your agent has got visa fee receipt.if you dont mind can i ask name of your agency.p m to me. regards
  3. zinn

    query about DS-230

    Thanks for prompt reply and sorry as i have written my previous post in capital letters.
  4. zinn

    query about DS-230

    Hi I Have A Query I Just Wanna To Know ,that Once Your I-140 Is Approved Say In Auguest 2007,will N.v.c.issue Me A Visa Bill And Accept Ds-230?i Am Concern About Effect Of Retrogression On My Further Processing Once My I-140 Will Approve. Any Response Will Be Appreciate. Regards Zinn
  5. it is not well clear to me that do we need to keep an eye on time while appearing for nclex R.N.exam.one of my friend told me that she could not perform well due to short of time she had 265 question and unfortuntly she did not pass.as in cgfns we must allot one minute per question ,what all precaution one can take related to time factor, in nclex R.N. kindly suggest. zinn
  6. zinn

    Coming to US from India

    dear cks i have only one address with me hope it will help you B.M. BIRLA HEART RESEARCH CENTRE SHOOL OF NURSING 1/1 NATIONAL LIBRARY AVENUE KOLCATTA WEST BENGAL INDIA PIN COAD NO 700027 TEL NO;91 033 24567890
  7. zinn

    i called cgfns......

    dont be upset God has decided some thing good for you.just be optimistic and prepare for nclex.
  8. zinn

    hi to every body

    read saunder and practise thousands of question. good luck zinn
  9. zinn


  10. zinn

    cgfns results

  11. zinn

    NCLEX was today

    lots of best wishes.
  12. zinn

    I passsed and am an RN finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats.and best wishes for your future. zinn
  13. zinn

    Just took NCLEX PN

    stay positive,good luck, zinn
  14. thanks for such valuble responses,i started my studies one month before,as i m not U.S.gradutate i know i have to study hard,so friends wish me good luck.
  15. hi friends i just curious to know,that how many months prepration is required to pass nclex. waiting for reply:lol2:
  16. zinn

    hi to every one

    hi thanks for response,whata co-incident i m also a paediatric nurse.i enjoy caring children and specially neonates. plz keep in touch regards zinn

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