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  1. loryn

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Hi Leis23, i think we saw you at the US Embassy, we have the same interview date. You had a baby girl and you wore a gray dress right? also the your baby's stroller was in gray as well right? Your baby was playing with a laminated paper and one time, during the consul interview, the paper that your baby was playing fell so you had to pick it up several times. I hope you were the same person that we saw during that day. I wanted to ask you something, is there a way I can reach or email you? Hope to hear from you soon. Congrats!
  2. loryn

    July Visa Bulletin

    I actually saw that coming. Well let us just pray for the best and hope for a brighter future for the next fiscal year. Loryn :)
  3. loryn

    Can I bring my baby to the U.S.?

    bump for suzanne4 :) hope to hear from her soon. Take care ppl! Loryn
  4. loryn

    Can I bring my baby to the U.S.?

    Hi Suzanne, thanks for getting back at my thread. Anyways, aside from the fact that she already received a request notice from NVC on the updates of their DS230 and other documents, the rest of the informations are hypothetical. I suppose she is just trying to prepare in advance by getting some advice from those who had similar experiences before. Also, I already suggested to them to ask personally the consul during their interview so they can be guided accordingly. She told me the main reason why they plan to delay their travel to the US is that his husband has financial credits, which he owes from his employer and has until the end of this year to pay all of the debts; else, the company will resort to legal means which then will complicate or to the point even delay their travel to the US. Hypothetically speaking, if they get their visas by July this year and if husband continues to work until December to pay all his debt, part of their problem is resolved. However, his wife has already given birth by November, which is gives them another setback. The wife can't just leave his husband then have birth in the US for they don't have any relative there and since the husband (nurse) is the one being petitioned by the employer. Lastly, is it true that giving birth in California is free (under state insurance) for immigrants/green cardholders? Or this apply to certain hospitals or small clinics only? What are the qualifications? Manny thanks!
  5. loryn

    Can I bring my baby to the U.S.?

    Thanks for your reply. But what if both parents completed their consular interview and got their visas while the baby is still not yet born, how can they still the bring the newborn to the US if they decided to have the baby born here in the Philippines (assuming the mother is due for labor 3 months after their received their visas)?
  6. loryn

    Can I bring my baby to the U.S.?

    Hi Suzanne, with the above case of my friend, will she still able to bring her baby to the US based on her stated case? What are her chances and options if she proceeds with such setup?
  7. loryn

    Can I bring my baby to the U.S.?

    I'll keep you posted once she's done with her interview but right now, no schedule yet. In her case, I don't see any problems as long as she mentions that she is pregnant during the medical exam. Loryn :)
  8. loryn

    Can I bring my baby to the U.S.?

    Are there any articles from NVC or USCIS that can help her validate your suggestion so she can be guided accordingly? Loryn :)
  9. A close friend of mine is seeking advise regarding her case. Any help will do :) Thanks, Loryn Here's an excerpt from her e-mail: Our EB3 petition (PD Feb. 2006) is now current and if things go uninterrupted,let's say we get our Packet 4 and visa by July this year. So we have 6 months left (till Jan. 2009) to stay here in PH. I'm pregnant and due November. So what if we decide to stay here until I give birth, can I still bring my newborn to the U.S. and what are the steps? Will the Embassy grant my baby an immigrant visa as well? You might suggest that we should migrate instantly upon receiving our visas and have the baby born in the US to avoid such problem. How I wish it was that easy. Due to financial reasons, it would be less expensive for us to have the baby born here and at the same time, my husband's employment contract will expire by December.
  10. To Joelovesnurses, Pharm_studentnurse, Ice1978, Silvermed, What a small world, I know someone who goes to the same school. Were you all there at the recent "Linggo ng Wika" celebration? I was told that the only good thing that happened that day was there was lots of foods to feast on, not to mention it was all paid by the students and there was a few participants during the program. It was not so very well organized I heard and she wished that it will be over sooner. All of her fellow classmates share the share sentiments and there's not a day that passes that they brag about new problems they face. They can't find any significant benefit of these non-sense activities (Acquaintance Party, Bayanihan concert, Raffle tickets, etc). Really, she's confused if she can still stand the poor standard of teaching (the worst she says) compared to other school even though she still have a few months before graduating. Not to mention some of the CI's (questionable competence) are actually out of line when it comes to giving instructions to the point of embarrassing some students in the field. For her, its really a waste of time considering they are there to gain knowledge and not to play some silly school programs. They should be focusing more on how they will elevate their learning to increase the competence of their students. My 2 cents. Loryn :)
  11. loryn

    HK hotels

    pal is 30-40% more expensive compared to other airlines. i would suggest anyone traveling to hk to just book via cebu pacific's promos at least 2-3 mos. before departure to get the cheapest airfare, then just reserved online with your desired hotel that suits your budget. loryn :)
  12. loryn

    HK hotels

    Your Hotel is located at Wan Chai area. I suggest that you find the nearest MTR station from your Hotel wherein the travel time via train would only take 5-10 min. which is 3 stations away to Shueng Wan, where the testing site is. I would still recommend that you buy specifically the "Airport Express Tourist Octopus" card instead of the ordinary octopus tickets (comes in 4 varieties). This card already entitles you unlimited MTR rides for 3 days plus round-trip ticked to the HK Aiport via the Airport Express Line. Loryn :)
  13. movement of EB3 classification is already a welcome blessing i invite everyone to pray more harder Loryn :)
  14. loryn

    RA 9439 Patient's Illegal Detention Law

    i would say this law was rushed without consultation with the hospital associations Loryn :)
  15. loryn

    where to apply as a staff nurse?

    location is also a factor, include this in your evaluation Loryn :)