Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3 - page 160

here are the exact steps to see if you passed the nclex exam on the pearson vue web site: go to . select the 'test taker services' tab at the top. click 'register' on the right side. click the 'credit card'... Read More

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    Quote from Silverdragon102

    yes it should be the same as that is what your account will be with pearsonvue
    thank you ill check it later as soon as she sends it... thank u sooo much...

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    Quote from Silverdragon102

    Merged with existing thread as asking about the pop up
    Hi i tried clicking or program code?
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    Quote from Silverdragon102

    Merged with existing thread. Suggest you read what others posted and wait for BON but Congratulations
    Pls help i tried checking the pvt what code will i enter the OR-program code?
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    I took the PN today and it shut off at 87q. It wont let me register on the Pearson Vue website. Is that a good pop up? It says sucessful delievery! yes or no. It it truly corrected with the pop up??????
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    I can't help but notice posts regarding the "newer" good pop-up statement that states "the candidate has previously passed this exam. a new appointment cannot be scheduled." I have the original good pop-up statement listed above. Does the older good pop-up statement still hold? Did I pass? Or are they changing things on us?!! So confused!! Should I worry?
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    New vs old pop ups, when did this change??? Eeeewwww
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    Ipassed nclex
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    Took it this morning, I get "Our records indicate you have previously scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." WOOT!!!
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    Congrats KristeyK How was the test?
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    Quote from healthstar
    I am going to do it after the nclex, but I don't know how. Can someone give me step by step instructions please? Thank you
    So I took my exam today... 10/9/2012.... I'm pretty bummed out.. can I do the Pearson Vue trick now? Like 5-6 hrs from when I took it? I live in NJ...

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