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  1. Clover123

    All 130 Questions!!

    Hey everyone, I had all 130 questions on my exam. Has anyone ended their exam with a SATA and passed? I am waiting for quick results!
  2. I sat for my NCLEX yesterday, and my test shut off at the minimum. I broke down into tears when this happened, not because I thought I failed, but because of the relief of the test being over, mixed with the terror that I could do nothing else but wait. If you would have asked me how I felt leaving the test center, I would have said I felt worried but almost positive that I passed. Knowing me- knowing where I graduated from and the amount of preparation I did, I would have been floored if I had been failed in 60 questions. Now this is where I made a series of mistakes. I began googling things I wasn't sure about, looking on forums and blogs to see if anyone could give me comfort regarding the NCLEX. The more I searched, the more I doubted myself. Then came the dreaded (or beloved) PVT. I followed the directions perfectly, and got a bad popup. I slammed my computer shut and became overcome with anxiety and dread. I started overthinking everything, trying to figure out how I could have been failed in 60 question. To me, it didn't make any sense. But to everyone else on the internet, it was the gold standard of finding out if you passed or failed the test. The remainder of the day was the worst, most anxiety ridden day of my life. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, and even now I still feel sick to my stomach. I woke up this morning and checked my state's BON. And sure enough, my name was there. I PASSED. I know people swear by the PVT, but it is not 100% accurate, I am a testament to that. Please save yourself the anxiety and refrain from doing it. I wish I never had. That 'trick' led me to doubt myself and my abilities, when otherwise I would have still been nervous but I would have been confident that I did well. If you do get the bad pop-up, don't let it define how you view your NCLEX. Logically think through everything you had done in school, how you prepared and answered practice questions. If you are confident in your abilities, then a glitch in a website should not determine how you did on your NCLEX.
  3. SarahC_RN_BSN

    Pearson Vue Trick 2020 - Good pop-up?

    I took my NCLEX-RN yesterday morning 5/30. At first I was relieved when I was stopped at 60 questions, but then once I got to my car I was filled with dread and doubt. I felt like I had guessed on all but 3-4 questions. I wasn’t sure if I was in the higher level difficulty or if I just truly knew nothing. I used the Hurst review to study and found that it helped mostly for the prioritization and delegation questions (which there were a LOT of). I had probably 10-15 SATA. No other alternate formats. I graduated at the top of my class with a 3.92 GPA, and to think that I potentially failed the NCLEX was devastating. My friend took the NCLEX the day before me and had received an email saying “you’ve taken the NCLEX” almost immediately after her exam. I did not, and I was panicking! I walked out of the exam at 9:30 AM, and did not receive this email until around 4:30 PM. When I got home around 1:30, I tried the PVT and got the message saying that I currently have an open registration and I cannot register for another NCLEX — indicating that I tried too early to do this trick. I tried again once I received the email at 4:30... and I got the good pop-up (our records indicate blah blah)!! It was a huge anxiety-reliever for me, but I’m just paranoid that it’s going to turn out wrong. I’ve always done well on my practice exams via the Exit HESI, ATI, PassPoint, and Hurst. To think that after all of that I could have failed the NCLEX breaks my heart. I’m just holding onto the fact that this PVT has worked for nearly everyone... Has anyone gotten got the good pop-up and then ended up failing?
  4. Kdevinva26

    Please Help! Nclex results on hold

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has RECENTLY had any issues with their nclex results being on hold? I took my nclex-rn on 6/22 at 8am, finished in about 40 minutes and the test shut off at 75. I have called Pearson vue to inquire the specifics of my hold, but I was given a scripted response I am sure they say to everyone. Any information would greatly be appreciated!
  5. _nurse123

    Passed NCLEX 2nd Time With 75Q!!!

    Preparation for First Attempt of NCLEXMy school used Kaplan and let me tell you, I SUCKED at Kaplan. I hated it. I thought their questions were so stupid and it just never made sense to me lol. I didn't even bother to practice Kaplan questions because I wanted to find another resource that would be more beneficial for me... I heard so many great things about Uworld. Most of my classmates only studied for a few weeks with just using Uworld and easily passed the NCLEX with 75 questions. I thought to myself, "Wow, the NCLEX shouldn't be THAT bad then." -- WRONG. I was totally wrong. I should have never had this mentality as I began to study for the NCLEX. I studied for about 1 month, did about 50 questions/day (10-20 questions at a time - untimed which btw wasn't good because I wasn't building up my stamina of taking multiple test questions on time-mode), didn't really take notes and didn't truly try to understand why I got certain questions wrong or right. My scores ranged from 43-55% (definitely low scores) on Uworld but for some reason.... I still assumed I was gonna pass the NCLEX since all of my other classmates were easily passing. Clearly, I was overly-confident for someone who didn't really study. HUGE MISTAKE. First Attempt of NCLEXAs I walked into the test center, I began to get nervous. When the first question popped up, BOOM. I completely blanked out! My anxiety was OVER THE ROOF... Looking back, I had many easy questions but I couldn't seem to figure it out because so many things were running through my mind that I couldn't think straight. 75 questions passed and its been about 3.5 hours. 80, 90, 100, 168.... I RAN OUT OF TIME. It took me 6 freaking hours to answer 168 questions. I immediately knew I failed. Before I even stepped out of the test center, I broke down into tears, went to my car and began calling my family. I was sobbing. I was hysterical. I was angry. I felt defeated. I was filled with disappointment. I didn't want to go through this again. Preparation for Second Attempt of NCLEXFor 2 whole weeks, I decided to give myself a break. I reflected on myself and went over what I did wrong so that I can take better action to prepare for NCLEX the 2nd time. LOTS OF PRAYERS AND THE SUPPORT OF MY LOVED ONES IS WHAT HELPED ME PERSEVERE THROUGH THE 2ND ROUND OF STUDYING. I not only prayed to God, but I also prayed to Mama Mary, my guardian angel and many Saints such as St. Joseph of Cupterino; I asked them to intercede for me so that I may overcome the fears and anxiety of retaking the boards. I prayed throughout the first round of studying as well, but I had just assumed “God’s got my back” lol even though I didn’t put 110% into studying. Totally no one else to blame, but myself. THIS TIME, I made damn sure that I gave my 1000000000% into studying — because you gotta meet God halfway… DO YOUR PART, AND HE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST. For 6-8 weeks, I treated studying like a full-time job. This was my schedule for about 6-8 hours/day Mon-Fri: Gym in the morning75 questions (timed-mode)Remediate on both wrong AND right answers Listen/take notes to at least one of Mark Klimek’s lecturesDo additional questions from LaCharityDon’t forget to take breaks here & thereOn the weekends, I would look over ALL of my notes so that it will engrain in my brain and I won't forget it. In total, I did about 2,000+ questions. You can scroll all the way down to view my scores. RESOURCESKaplan: This time, I used Kaplan and it helped so much!!! I used to despise their questions but tbh — their questions were much more similar to NCLEX. Uworld: I used Uworld for a bit as well, and my scores were so much higher this time. LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation and Management: THIS BOOK SERIOUSLY HELPED SO MUCH WITH PRIORITY QUESTIONS. Mark Klimek: YOOOO. I swear to you, if it weren’t for Mark Klimek I would have failed my Nclex! He teaches you all the basics you need to know to be successful in tackling the Nclex. All of his lectures are avail on Spotify! Every day that I went to the gym, I would listen to Mark Klimek instead of music — even if I already heard the lecture, I would still replay his lectures over and over again. Notebook: Make sure you write EVERYTHING down and split your notebook into sections e.g., RENAL | CARDIOVASCULAR | GI | etc. The more questions you do, the more you will get a feel of how to answer certain questions correctly. Nclex is VERY STRAIGHT-FORWARD. Many questions were one-sentence questions (similar to Kaplan). Make sure you know your basics and lab values! Once you get this down, you will ace the boards. Second Attempt of NCLEXI woke up at 5am, worked out, ate breakfast, prepared food for the boards assuming I’d stay there for 6 hours, visited the chapel and took my exam at 8am. I WAS CONFIDENT and I knew God was by my side guiding me as I took the exam. I was one of the last few people to get checked-in, but I was the first one to finish! It took me one hour and 15 min. (I built up my test-taking stamina by doing 75+ questions/day on timed-mode.) The computer shut off on me at 75 questions and I KNEW I PASSED. Instead of waiting and paying for quick results, I logged into Breeze exactly at midnight the day after I took my boards and my license id # was posted! I WAS SOOO HAPPY! I could not sleep (I ended up sleeping around 6am hahaha). All that hard work and prayers paid off… GLORY BE TO GOD! Thank you Mama Mary, my guardian angel and all of the Saints for your intercessions. This success is dedicated to my parents, family & loved ones. GOOD LUCK if you are taking/re-taking the Nclex. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! BSN, RN. Woo woo!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Also... here are my scores 2nd time around from studying: KAPLAN TEST SCORES 75’s: - 47% - 60% - 41% - 53% - 52% - 52% - 49% - 55% - 60% - 53% - 48% NCLEX SAMPLE TESTS: - 58% - 48% - RETAKE: 90% - 87% *who do you see first* - 22% SATA - RETAKE: 52% Q-TRAINER TESTS: 1. 67% 2. 55% 3. 49% - RETAKE: 72% 4. 59% 5. 57% READINESS TEST: 63% YAY!!!!! 🙂 *pat on back* (Kaplan recommends 60% or above) UWORLD TEST SCORES 10’s: - 60% - 90% - 70% - 80% - 50% - 70% - 50% 25’s: - 76% - 60% - 60% - 56% - 48% 75’s: - 80% - 52% - 57% - 50% - 49%
  6. Schools teach to the NCLEX because of the all important pass rates needed to stay in business. Students don't get the same education that I got 30ish years ago, that taught me to learn in depth and develop the critical thinking skills needed to adequately care for patients once I left school and got my license. Nowadays, they depend on facilities to fill in the blanks, which is proving to be detrimental to nurses, as well as patients. Not all residencies are good, and not all new nurses get the training and support that they need. I don’t blame nursing instructors, per se, they are hired to teach a class by the model the school wishes. I blame the schools that take these students money and leave many of them grossly under prepared.
  7. Hi everyone, yesterday 4-12-20 I took my NCLEX in NY (only place that had availability) I live in Pennsylvania. I walked out of Pearson feeling confident due to finding the questions easy & were pretty much self explanatory..I was confident, UNTIL I walked to my car and first thing I did was wip out an old expired card and do the Pearson Vue trick. I got the BAD POP UP. Almost 24 hours laters and still getting the bad pop up.. I am destroyed and so saddened. I haven’t gotten out of bed since I got home yesterday. Now that I think about it I knew it was too easy to be true I literally only had about 4 SATA and my test cut off at 68 questions.. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s so hard. Any ideas if PVT is actually 100% accurate did I do it too soon?
  8. Anyone who has recently taken, or scheduled to take the NCLEX-RN, how far out was your test date you were able to get? What was the soonest available? What area of the country are you in? I’m cutting it close with my program start date and wondering when I get my ATT how soon I can schedule. Thanks!
  9. ICU RN-andrews

    I passed my NCLEX with 60 questions!

    Hi! I passed my NCLEX with 60 questions two days ago. I don’t want to make this loong. I just wanted to tell you what worked for me. 1. Don’t spend too much time in one given question. This will make you over analyze each option. 2. YOU HAVE TO KNOW CONTENT. There is no way around. NCLEX is not an easy exam, and it shouldn’t be easy. We have a huge responsibility to care for people’s lives. Be responsible: learn to say NO—there is time for everything, take breaks, set a routine, be excited because you are a step closer to be what you’ve dreamt about! 3. Kaplan & UWorld are amazing. Between both programs, I completed 4200+ questions. My grades in the beginning weren’t great, but after I remediation they began to improve. I did 150Q per day. Took breaks in between.
  10. ForTheKids


    I took my NCLEX a few days ago. It shut off at 60, and I left KNOWING I had passed. I was just waiting on the email! I had 60 questions, 21 select all, 1 exhibit question, NO audio/hot spot/math... I used UWorld for over a month. I did a MAXIMUM of 75 questions a day. One day I only did 50, and one day I only did the NurseAchieve CAT exam (which shut off at 61 questions) and no UWorld questions. I bought the package with 2 assessments - on the first test which was 2 weeks before my exam I got borderline, and on the 2nd one 1 week before my exam I got very high. I wanted to share because I don't ever hear people discussing my experience. I didn't use anything else. I walked in feeling somewhat confident, but prepared myself to feel depressed after thinking I had failed. I did not feel that way whatsoever. There was only one question where I had no idea what the disease was. Other people led me to believe I would be guessing on every question. I was so confident in myself afterward, and found out 36 hours later that I had passed. I am BSN, RN!!
  11. Hi guys Under the new NCLEX rule if the computer shut you off at 60 question does it mean that you answered 50 question right or you only answered 25 question right. How bad is that the computer will shut you off at 60? Please kindly advice. So nervous and tired of taking NCLEX. I studied and I reviewed most material in the website LOL. Is this a bad news if you remember 5 question and you checked and you really answered the wrong answer. Also this not fair, you will study all month and NCLEX will ask question from different area. SMH I hope I pass honestly just tired of testing.
  12. Amandity

    NCLEX Struggle

    Hi, so I was wondering what the most times you’ve seen someone take the NCLEX. I have taken it 4x and have not passed yet. I’ve done nsring, Kaplan and uworld. It just feels very depressing right now....any and all comments welcome...
  13. JEMIK

    NCLEX June 2020, 60 questions

    I had my NCLEX taken yesterday (05/06/20). I finished at 60 for an hour. I find it difficult probably because I only studied and reviewed for five days and U-World was the only learning resource I have. I have not had sufficient time for study as I am working full time at the same time and everyone knows how heavy the workload is these days due to the pandemic. Apart from the rationales in U-World, I also based my answers from the residual knowledge I gained during university which was years ago and from my clinical experiences and exposures. Now, I am extremely anxious waiting for the result. Although I am not expecting anything, I tried the PV trick yesterday and I received a good pop up. Does it still work though?
  14. CPres2018

    Passed NCLEX in 60 using Kaplan ONLY!

    Hello Future Nurses! If you have your NCLEX coming up, and you're anything like I was, you're FREAKING OUT. I wanted to make a post about my experience with NCLEX and what I used and how I benefitted from those resources, hopefully ease some nerves. My school included Kaplan in the package, and quite frankly, I couldn't afford UWorld, so Kaplan is what I used and stuck with. In addition to Kaplan, I used the Saunders book for content review, and Nurse Achieve for their Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT). Nurse Achieve is doing a deal where they offer a free 30 days to sign up and utilize their test bank and CAT btw!! https://nurseachieve.com/register use code "free30" to utilize this! Highly recommend!! They don't ask for credit card information or anything, it is legit! I believe it's going on until mid-July. I did the question trainers through Kaplan and had average of low 60s and high 50s for question trainers 1, 2, and 3. Q Trainer 4: 60% Q Trainer 5: 57% Q Trainer 6: 58% Q Trainer 7: 62% If you have scores around these or even more than these, try not to worry, you are doing well!! I then went on the other exams. Who Do You See First: 80% Alternate Format: 38% (which is normal, people usually score in the 20-30s) NCLEX SAMPLE 1: 58% NCLEX SAMPLE 2: 48% (YIKES) This is where I got super discouraged. I knew under the 50% line was not ideal, and I needed to do some further review and strategy to do better. After a bit more content review, and some QBANK in my weak areas, I went ahead and took the readiness test and scored a 67%. This was good! I knew > 65% was the goal and I started to gain a little bit of confidence. At this point I was less than a week away from the NCLEX and this is where I started to take my CAT exams from NurseAchieve! This was essential! I was able to gauge the difficulty as I was taking the exam and could tell when I was getting some wrong and some right. This is how the NCLEX is designed and those adaptive tests taught me what difficulty level that questions were, and how to feel if I was doing well, or doing poorly. After taking the CAT exams 5x and receiving Solid-Pass on 4 of them, and Pass on 1 of them, I felt ready. I was going to pass this test, I knew it. I kept telling myself, there is no reason for me to fail. I am prepared. I will do well. Speak positively to yourself because you will be there in no time!! Try not to focus on bad scores, but remediate the topics and TAKE NOTES to review later!! The day of my exam, my husband drove me up to Sacramento and we had a nice lunch. He spoke positively to me and told me he believed in me. Support people are everything. We prayed together, and I left my phone in the car, and started heading for the building. Talk about an ANXIOUS MESS! I felt my heart beating out of my chest. Before I knew it, it was time to press start and do this test! At question 60, my heart was beating quickly again, when I pressed next, the screen shut off. I DID IT, IT'S OVER. Now the waiting game....... I received the email from Pearson Vue, that I had taken the test but still had questions, and didn't do the Pearson Due Trick right away, but when I got home that is the first thing I did! Got the "GOOD" pop up! Worked for me, since I found out 2 days later that YES, I PASSED! I didn't pay for the unofficial results, instead, I went to the Board of Registered Nursing and looked up my name. There it was. My license. Registered Nurse. Praise GOD! He brought me this far and came through! I hope these study tips and scores help some who may be testing soon. Remember with Prioritization think: Expected/Unexpected Stable/Unstable Acute/Chronic & ALWAYS Airway, Breathing, and Circulation - Safety! Keep your head up and remember you got this!! Every time I spoke about my test, my family and friends said they knew I would pass. I'm sure many of you relate. I didn't believe them fully, I kept saying "We will see." I should've taken their good energy and said YES, ABSOLUTELY, I WILL PASS! You will pass! Have faith! Prepare, and get a good night of sleep the night before. Good luck!!
  15. Cindy Aguilar

    NCLEX-PN, PVT “Results on hold”

    Hello everyone, I hope someone can answer my questions and give some peace of mind. I took my NCLEX-PN on Friday, 4/3/2020, got cutoff at 60 questions. With the whole coronavirus pandemic, they made some changes to the minimum and max cutoff numbers with 60 minimum and max 130. So I got the minimum cutoff. When I did the PVT about 2 hrs later and after receiving the email, it told me my results where on hold. So no answers there. I waited til today, Sunday, to try and do the quick results since they now offer it in California. Still says they have not received my results. I’m so anxious and I need to know my results! It’s a horrible feeling having to wait. Can I not access my results because it’s Sunday? I read on other forums that people are able to see their quick results on Sundays. Is it because of my hold? And how long can the hold last? I didn’t have any complications with my palm scan, that I know of, and I don’t think I finished too quick. I did the 60 questions in a little over an hour. I just need some peace of mind and some rest. Thank you to anyone who can give some answers and sorry for it being so long.
  16. MNCD

    NCLEX & The Trick

    Hi everyone, I’m an absolute ball of anxiety. I took my NCLEX-RN yesterday morning (02/08/2020) with the new COVID19 adjustments. I started at 8a and finished around 10:25a. I had all 130 questions. I received the confirmation email at 10:58a and I IMMEDIATELY (11a) tried the trick. I got the “bad pop-up” and I was able to register to take another NCLEX. I am beside myself, mentally physically and emotionally. I still haven’t received my quick results. I have done about a total of 950 UWorld questions, the first assessment I scored 41% with the average score being 56% the test said “low” chance of passing the NCLEX. I took that about 3 weeks prior to receiving my PTT. After receiving my PTT I scheduled for 5 days later. (Otherwise I would have to leave NY or wait until Sept 30th). I studied hard those few days and took the Kaplan Readiness test the two days before and scored 52% (which I believe was a 60-70% chance of passing the NCLEX). They could come anytime in the next 24hours. I am a mess, according to all the forums regarding the trick it is very accurate. However, I’ve also read that going all the way to 130 questions during these covid adjustments... theres could be a gray area? I know there is no true way for you to tell me but any info would help get me through the next day... day in a half. What do you think!?
  17. I often hear from graduates that worry the NCLEX shut off at 75 questions but remember having difficulty with some questions. They are convinced they must have failed. I am here to tell you that you most likely passed! Remember that in a 75-question test only 60 questions were counted to your passing score. The other 15 are usually highly difficult or new questions being tested against your performance on the items that counted. Test takers are more likely to remember those 15 questions they struggled with than the ones they could answer pretty quickly. Those 15 questions represented 20% of your test so they seem like a large portion. For the NCLEX-RN to shut off at 75 means you either did very well or very bad. It only fails an tester at 75 if they are unable to correctly answer more than a few questions in a row. If you struggled on most every question and it shut off at 75 then you probably did fail; but that happens rarely because you would have to be totally unprepared to do that badly. The test is designed to keep giving you chances to succeed (up until 265 questions). I hope this will relieve some of the post-exam second guessing I see. Feel good because the odds are in your favor. TL:DR If the test shut off at 75 questions then you most likely passed!
  18. Jess811

    Taking NCLEX soon during COVID.

    Hi all!! I take my NCLEX-RN in 4 days, and for some reason just realized they completely changed the amount of questions for the exam(those who don’t know it’s now minimum 60, max 130). Apparently I’ve been under a rock, cause how the heck didn’t I know that LOL.... ANYWAY.... I just wanted to hear what others thought about the NCLEX during the pandemic, and if they passed?!?! Also, if you used Kaplan what were your Qbank scores and CAT exam results?!? Trying not to freak out. Law of attraction will work its magic, positive vibes LOL! I am using Kaplan(scored green on my second CAT exam and taking my third tomorrow), as well as watching Youtube Simple Nursing videos, I also did a Bustza review course last year in Ohio and I’ve been going through that binder. Tons of practice questions scoring in the 50s and 60s with 75 question exams on Kaplan. I am doing very well with SATA questions, Kaplan really helped me dissect the question and fully understand it. Rationales are great. I tried UWorld last year but didn’t like it that much. My exam was originally March 23 but it was canceled due to COVID, and I rescheduled it again for April 30 and it was canceled again. So finally I am taking it this week, four days from now. Ugh. Trying not to lose my cool. 🤪 Any advice from anyone is welcome. Will keep you guys updated on results, after I take it. 🙂 fingers crossed I pass this time!! The first time I took it in October, I barely studied and didn’t take it as serious as I should have and I shut off at 126 questions. I barley even remember the exam.... Yikes LOL. Nursing school fried my brain so I think I was just very overwhelmed and forgot everything when I was taking the test. Good luck to anyone taking it soon, too!! Fingers crossed we all pass! 🙂
  19. olivelucy

    NCLEX-RN Study Prep

    Hi all! I am just looking for some guidance on studying for my NCLEX- RN. In the past, I used Kaplan to study for my NCLEX-PN and passed first time in the lowest amount of questions, but this was five years ago. I am now going to be graduating from an RN program and it seems that people are all about UWorld. I guess my question is: What did you use and what did you find the most helpful? Is there anyone who only used UWorld? Is there anyone who just took it and didn't study? I also have a Saunders book that I just got but it's a billion pages and I'm kind of just having a hard time deciding where to start. Help meeeee! Thanks 🙂
  20. SamanthaS1209

    Took the NCLEX I think I failed!

    Hi eveveryone, So yesterday I finally took the NCLEX after the testing sites closed due to the infamous corona Virus. I was scheduled to test on 3/17 but was my test date was cancelled due to them closing all testing sites. To be honest, I felt lost after that. I stressed over because the next available appointment was in May. That was going to be way too much time for me to wait. I kept going on the website to see if anyone would maybe change their testing date. Eventually, the testing site where I live reopened. I saw that someone had changed their exam and I was able to reschedule my exam to April 2nd. I did start studying more for the NCLEX. Even two days before the exam. Let me tell you, I felt prepared as I have been studying for two months. The test was the hardest thing I have ever taking in my life. I got about 5 drag and drop questions about 25 SATA, No calculation questions, 6 graphic questions and the rest multiple choice. I did indeed end up getting all 130 questions. I kinda felt like I was very slow at answering the questions 2 hrs had passed and I was on question 65. I took a break to recharge, I kept getting harder questions than easy ones just a similar path. I started getting a headache. I was on question 130 and I still had 30 minutes left. It was very dumb of me because I was getting very stressed out about the time and ended up rushing through the second part of the test. After I was done, I went to my car and cried. I didn't even want to do the pearson vue trick after I got home because I already knew that I had failed. Today, I did do the pearson vue and got the "bad" pop up. Now, I am trying to figure out how to study this time. I still don't know if I passed or not. But, If I did not pass I will use this experience to do better next time managing my time and not rushing through the exam.
  21. Clover123

    COVID-19: NCLEX Changed!!

    Have you guys seen the new update for the NCLEX exam? What are your thoughts? I see it a lot harder to prove that you’re competent. I don’t want to be a downer but doesn’t that mean with less questions you’ll need a greater percentage of correct questions to satisfy the competency level? But again 4 hrs for a max of 130 questions is quite a lot of time to prove competency. Also I also feel like they changed the standards. They just won’t straight out say that cause people gonna be going cray cray. We bout to see everybody with a license soon. But I pray it’s for the best.
  22. Authorization to Test (ATT) I'll start my story by first telling you that I graduated from Nursing school this past May in Florida. A week after graduation I moved to Texas. I knew in advance that I was going to move, so that did help, but I remember it took an extra three weeks for me to get my ATT from the TXBON compared to my classmates who all took the NCLEX in FL. The TXBON website was actually very helpful, you could log on and check your "Application Status" and it would show exactly what you needed and when it was complete, a date would go next to it. After seeing that I had "completed" all the necessary requirements (fingerprints, affidavit of graduation, application, and fee to Pearson Vue, and jurisprudence exam) I started to get nervous. So, of course, I called the TXBON directly and make sure everything was okay. The woman on the phone was very helpful and you could tell the poor woman had answered this same question a million times, but she was still nice enough to explain to me that once the BON has all of your requirements as "completed" they get up to 15 BUSINESS days to get your ATT to you. It ended up taking 11 agonizing business days, which turned out to be 18 days because of the weekends and one holiday. On a side note, I do want to mention that you do NOT have to complete the jurisprudence exam to get your ATT issued to you. I just did it early because I am a true nerd. I was so excited when I finally got my ATT, all my peers from FL said they got the email at 9 am, so I was wondered if that was the only time emails went out. That is not the case, I received my ATT via email in the middle of the afternoon, so definitely feel free to check your email all day because it could come at any time. 🙂 So once I finally got my ATT, I immediately went to schedule my date. I had been planning to take it three weeks after I received my letter to allow myself time to study properly. Remember I had just moved to Texas after graduation and getting into the house took longer than expected so I didn't even really get to move in until late May. Of course, when you're moving, you're not really studying. Sure I tried, and I was able to study a little bit here and a little bit there, but not like I normally would. So I was really nervous when I went to pick my date and the only dates available were for the same week, the next week, or not until August! Well I knew I couldn't wait until August, and testing the same week would have been ridiculous, so I went for the latest date I could... Thursday, June 20. That meant I would be testing in 9 days and I only had 8 days to study. Of course, I freaked out just a bit. The day I scheduled my ATT was a wasted day, I had way too much nervous energy to study, so I got on the treadmill for an hour, walked the dog, called both my parents and just tried to plan out how I would study. My plan that I created and stuck to consisted of about 200 Kaplan questions a day on top of the ones I had done here and there before I got my ATT. I also read content out of two different review books on the material I felt rusty on. I didn't read "new" material, but I brushed up on a lot of things. I think my biggest helper was Kaplan. I didn't take the review course, I only did the questions. The next few days I became a wreck. I was having a hard time controlling my anxiety, my stomach was in knots, I was eating terribly and not getting the sleep that all the "experts" say you need to get before a major exam. I had so much nervous energy I think I worked out almost every single one of those 8 days. This is probably the most important thing that I have to tell you: Don't worry what the "EXPERTS" tell you Don't worry about how to sleep, eat and study before a major exam. You know your body best, you know what works for you and you know what you need to do to get you through this. Obviously, you got through nursing school, so you know what works for you! I think the reason I had such a hard time was because I know that I like to study the whole day before and the morning of the exam. That is just how my brain functions best, I need to study a little bit in the morning just to kick start my brain and get it into gear. I don't study anything hard, I just review notes over basic simple things. 24 Hours Before the Exam: I know "experts," say don't study the day before, do something relaxing. I don't work that way, I like to study the day before. So I tried to find a balance, I only did 100 Kaplan questions, worked out and at one point even watched a movie, after all that I made sure to drive by the testing center so I could know for sure how to get there and what traffic might be like. I also made a trip to the gas station to make sure I had a full tank! I checked and rechecked probably 10 times that I had my ID and ATT ready. I also packed a snack in case I was there for 6 hours. By this point the day was coming to an end and I could feel my anxiety coming on, so I tried to do things to distract me, but I could feel my heart beat already. The Night Before NCLEX: The night before the exam I knew that I was supposed to get a decent amount of sleep, so like a fool, I tried to go to bed earlier than normal. (My exam was at 8 am and I planned to be up at 5:30) I know better than to try to change my routine but I listened to what everyone else said about how important it is to sleep the night before the exam and went to bed too early. I thought that if I just continued to lay there in the dark with my eyes closed that eventually, I would fall asleep. I was so wrong. I spent the whole night fighting my pounding heart trying to think of anything else that might relax me. Finally, I gave up fighting, turned on my light and checked my phone. It was 2:48 in the morning, and I was still wide awake with a pounding heart. I knew I wasn't sleeping and that just compounded the anxiety. So I did the only thing I could think of, I pulled out my iPad and at 3 am started to watch the most mindless television I could think of... Family Guy. Yup, I watched family guy until 4:30 in the morning, then for the last hour before my alarm was supposed to go off I browsed the internet searching for anyone else out there who might have had a similar experience to mine. I found nothing that sounded as bad as me not sleeping at all. So I listened to music till 5:30. Needless to say, I NEVER SLEPT. Morning of the Exam: Well, I didn't sleep in LOL that was one worry I didn't have. I thought about the "expert" advice for about 2 seconds and threw it out the window. I know how I function best, I did some flashcards to jump start my brain, had my typical "test day breakfast" which consists of two slices of honey wheat toast with Peanut Butter, then I reviewed some notes that I had compiled over the last few days. Then I got ready, put on my favorite comfy test day clothes, kissed my boyfriend good-bye and left. Honestly, I think it might have been good that I didn't sleep the night before, I think the lack of sleep was the only thing keeping my brain from running at bullet train speeds. When I got to the testing site, I said "thank you" to my peers that wished me good luck via text and left my phone in my car. I took my purse with my ID, and ATT and went inside. There were 11 other people there to test. I won't say much about the testing center because I don't want to accidentally disclose anything I'm not supposed to, but I will tell you that security is serious, however, the ladies at the desk were very nice and very calm. I think the fact that they were so calm helped me calm down too. When I took the test all I will say is that I sat down at the computer like any other time, and just fell right into test mode. I answered the questions the same as I had practiced. This is where I think the online Kaplan questions were so beneficial, they really get you ready for the test format and getting comfortable with how it plays out. I remember looking and seeing that I was on question 71 and telling myself to pay attention so I know how many questions I have, but I kept clicking next and all of a sudden my screen went blue and I thought "oh crap, my computer froze", but it didn't. I was already done. Test time was at 8 am with everyone getting there at 7:30, and I was back in my car by 9:03. After The Exam: I walked out with mixed feelings. On one hand, I thought the test was WAAAY EASIER than everyone had made it out to be. I was actually worried because some of my questions towards the end seemed "too" easy so then I also worried that I failed. Granted I graduated from a difficult school, so I think that prepped me a lot, but I really felt like it was not that bad and I freaked out just a little too much. I know that I spent too much time agonizing over what the "experts" recommend you do to prep vice what I actually did. I, of course, went home and did the Peasron Vue Tes (PVT) first thing, I remember it kept letting me enter my information and with each step, I could feel the tears forming... but then finally, I got to the CC information and I got the "good pop-up". I knew it was definitely not official, but it was a good sign. For the rest of the day, I was still coming down from the anxiety. I think I did the PVT at least 10 times that day just to be sure it didn't change. I checked the BON's website the next day (Friday) and of course, nothing was up yet, but all my peers from FL that took boards literally had their license number up in 48 hours, before the PVT quick results were even available! I was hoping for the same, but I kept reading that TX only does updates on Tues and Thurs. So then Saturday morning rolled around, and nothing. Anxiety was driving me nuts, so I invested $7.95 to get quick results and ease my anxiety. Results: PASS!! I was so excited, but being the true worry wort that I can be, I knew that technically it wasn't official. So, Sunday morning I checked the TXBON, nothing, and the same on Monday. Then on Tuesday around 8:40 am I checked... and STILL NOTHING. So I started to worry, most people had their results by Tuesday, so I figured I'd wait until 9 and then call the TXBON just to inquire. I distracted myself with breakfast and then when back to double check at 9:23 am. I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning getting up, and hoping to find what I have been wishing, waiting and working so hard for. I felt like I was 10 and Christmas came early. There, on the TXBON website, was my name, and under it... a license number! I was officially an RN!! So that is my story... I know it is long, but I remember one of the worst parts was agonizing over what all the textbooks and "experts" say about how to prep for this exam. I can't emphasize enough that you already know how to get there. At some point along the way, you had to have figured it out because you did graduate from nursing school, which is a well-known feat in itself! Trust in yourself, do what you know works for you, and do NOT let other people get in your ear and get your anxiety levels any higher than they need to be. This test is totally doable. One of my peers even told me, the passing rate for NCLEX is somewhere in the high 80s! So most people are passing. If you are reading this and taking the NCLEX soon, I wish you the best of luck and hope you can keep the anxiety at bay! Hope this story helps!
  23. Hello future LPNs and RNs, Were any of you initially bummed that your state test was postponed due to Covid-19? It has been a few weeks now since my test has been cancelled. I've had sometime to get over those initial feelings. My rescheduled test won't be until sometime in June. If you're currently going through the same thing, how do you stay motivated in studying with this huge delay in testing?
  24. love.elle

    Pearson Vue Trick NOT accurate

    Hello all! Those of you who are about to take your NCLEX or just finished and want to try the PEARSON VUE TRICK, just don't and wait that 48 hours for quick results or how ever long your state requires. I just took my NCLEX last week and was shut off at 75. I was antsy and went home and tried to sleep and waited. I read hundreds of testimonies and there was even a website that is dedicated to the Pearson Vue trick and walks you step by step! My friends all did it and it worked for them, showed them the "good pop up" which said they were already registered for an exam and cannot register at this time, etc. Some used a fake CC, most used a valid, and some used valid with wrong exp date. So I'm thinking if it works for 12 of my close friends it should work for me? No. Anyways so they tell you to wait about 6-8 hours to check. Which I did wait 12 hours, and I went through and filled it all out with a valid CC and only changed the exp date and it got declined! The message that popped up was that my credit card was invalid and declined! Which means they tried to take my payment ... So I was devastated! 48 hours later I checked my quick results thinking I was going to fail, and I didn't, I passed! I took it April 26th, found out I passed the 28th, and was officially on the BON website the 30th! Honestly, just wait! The Pearson Trick doesn't work for everyone! Nothing is for certain until you see the actual results!
  25. Sabrinasthename

    Passed NCLEX with 69 questions

    I took the NCLEX RN the first time on February 14th. I honestly didn't feel prepared and I got the whole entire test and failed. The first time I studied using the NCSBN review which was a big mistake. Since I failed I wanted to try a different review program. I purchased Uworld with 1 self assessment. I did about 100-150 questions each day. These questions were really hard but I studied all the rationals. Two days before I took my exam I did the self assessment. I felt like I was getting on the questions wrong but I ended up getting a 73% which meant I had a very high chance of passing NCLEX. Took the exam and computer shut off at 69. I felt much more relaxed and prepared after using World. I tried the Pearson due trick and it really doesn't work