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  1. rnpediyuh

    New RN at SNF

    Hey y'all, I need a little advice about something. I'm at the pre-employment screening stage for a nearby SNF/post-acute facility. I've been interviewed twice and was already told to wait for an offer letter, but today I was contacted to interview for a dialysis position for a company I've wanted to work with. I don't know how long the dialysis job application process would take, or if I'll even get in, but I am a little more comfortable starting my nursing career in dialysis. Should I (or can I?) hold out on accepting the offer letter for the SNF and try to go through with the dialysis application? Or would it be better to just go with the SNF since it's a little more guaranteed?
  2. rnpediyuh

    COVID-19: Pearson VUE test cancellation

    found out today that I passed!! I stayed off my phone to stop from overthinking; I've been so worried after taking it cause it was pretty tough and the moment after the 60th question was so tense. definitely challenging and having the lower minimum really makes you hyperaware of how you're doing throughout. it's easy to overthink/doubt your instincts and I definitely didn't feel confident walking out but now that I'm on the other side it's definitely better to go with what you know to be true and stop deconstructing each answer choice to fit different parts of the question. if you haven't taken it yet, I am rooting for you and wish you good luck!! stay confident in your ability to pick the best answer.
  3. rnpediyuh

    COVID-19: Pearson VUE test cancellation

    Finally testing tomorrow thanks to your update!! Wishing the best for everyone and hoping that things will start looking up. Keep safe!!
  4. I understand it. I respect it. I'm just... so sad. Hope everyone's holding on okay. We'll get through this.
  5. rnpediyuh

    St. David's RN Residency Summer Cohort 2020

    got a call from a recruiter two weeks ago but still no emails or interview calls
  6. rnpediyuh

    Quit PCT job to focus on NCLEX?

    I know that this might sound weak but I'm scheduled to take the NCLEX early March and I don't think I can balance studying and my full time nights job. I'm always too tired to study and although I talked to my manager about it, we're so understaffed that my request to be prn/part time was declined. My main problem is that I only started this job in December, and if I resign now I'll have only had 2 months of experience. Add to that the fact that I would be resigning during a time of staffing problems, I'm afraid they might not be too happy about that and that it would essentially burn bridges despite my performing well in the job. My number one priority is being a registered nurse, and I am certain that if I could just have February to study, my chances of passing the NCLEX and finding a nursing job are higher. Should I resign? Or would resigning look so bad on paper that I'd be better off toughing it out but risk failing?
  7. I graduated in March, reviewed for the Philippine board exam until June and after that... definitely took too much time trying to recover from nursing school. Applied for NCLEX in August and since then have been studying on and off because waiting for the ATT makes it feel like I don't have enough pressure to *really* study. And the longer I wait, the less it seems I remember. Any advice for study materials/tips that can help me be ready? I am working full time and target exam date is in or before March 2020.

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