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Quit PCT job to focus on NCLEX?

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I know that this might sound weak but I'm scheduled to take the NCLEX early March and I don't think I can balance studying and my full time nights job. I'm always too tired to study and although I talked to my manager about it, we're so understaffed that my request to be prn/part time was declined. My main problem is that I only started this job in December, and if I resign now I'll have only had 2 months of experience. Add to that the fact that I would be resigning during a time of staffing problems, I'm afraid they might not be too happy about that and that it would essentially burn bridges despite my performing well in the job. My number one priority is being a registered nurse, and I am certain that if I could just have February to study, my chances of passing the NCLEX and finding a nursing job are higher. Should I resign? Or would resigning look so bad on paper that I'd be better off toughing it out but risk failing? 

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First of all the staffing problems are not your circus, not your monkey.  The manager is  short sighted if she can't figure out that an experienced PCT  working PRN or part time, is better than nothing. And if treated decently could easily transition to a well qualified RN who knows the unit.

Honestly I wouldn't want to work for such a manager. No wonder there are staffing problems!

Talk to Human Resources at your facility. Maybe there are other units who'd love to have a PRN PCT.

Politely tell your manager you have to quit for the reasons  you gave.

On paper simply say you weren't allowed to cut back your hours so had to quit as studying for,  passing NCLEX, was a priority.

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