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  1. kaydensmom01

    prn/overtime addiction/survey

    You do not know me, my family, or my finances so please do not act like you do.
  2. kaydensmom01

    Atheist at Catholic hospital

    I was so excited to get a job at the largest healthcare system in my state. They have an excellent reputation, all of my peers enjoy working there, and I was offered great pay and great benefits. I knew it was a Catholic hospital, and even though I am an atheist I did not think that this was going to be an issue as I respect all religious beliefs and will aid my patients in any way possible with their spirituality. I thought the fact that I am a compassionate person would be enough but am second guessing this after the orientation today. I really enjoyed the orientation and otherwise would have had a perfect perception of the system. I am not sure if I am being overly sensitive or not so please give me your opinions. I was okay with the two prayers and one blessing that they performed as I discreetly declined to participate. The only issue I had was with the system stating that their system has all management titled "ministry leaders" and that they must provide healing through the power of Jesus. This makes me worried that in order to be promoted I would have to pretend to be Catholic? (Of course I would not be willing to do this and would just hide my lack of beliefs while I am here)
  3. kaydensmom01

    what did I get myself into

    All hospitals in my area only hire nurses for variable shifts. They will have you for nights one day, off the next day, and days for the next. So you get home from nights must stay awake all day so you can sleep for days that nights. I cannot believe that they all get away with this but it seems that they have no intention of changing this...
  4. kaydensmom01

    RN to BSN timeline

    In my area it is very easy to get a job with an ADN, so many of my classmates have not returned to school. Although the major hospitals in the area are now requiring ADN's to have their BSN's within 5 years- so most do have plans to go back. I graduated with my ADN May 2013 and was back in class 4 days after graduation. It is taking me 2 years of full time classes to complete the RN-BSN. I didn't have a lot of co-req's done for the program though because I was only in school one semester before starting the ADN program. I went full time in the ADN program but didn't take many BSN co-req's because I was completing the ADN co-reqs needed to graduate. I have been in school full time for 4 years with no summers off, only a few weeks for Christmas vacation, and I am burnt out! I work full time as a nurse, and am taking three classes right now. I spent 44 hours on homework last week, no exaggeration. I would recommend going part time for the RN-BSN if you are planning on working unless you don't mind sleeping 2-3 hours a day and not seeing your kids. I do have to say that I have seen so many posts that say there is no point of the RN-BSN but that is not true from my experience. I am learning so much, not just in the RN-BSN classes but also in the co-req's. It really gives you a new perspective when caring for patients and seeing healthcare. I thought that I seen the "big picture" before but feel that I am seeing it much more with these classes. Anyone who says that these classes do not help with being a bedside nurse probably isn't having an open mind or taking advantage of the education, just my opinion.
  5. kaydensmom01

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    1.) Ohio 2.) $21/hr with no differential 3.) Hired as new grad (now have 7 months) 4.) SNF/nursing home I just got hired and will start in a few weeks: 1.)OH 2.)$24/hr with $1 evening and $2 night differntial. $1000 bonus every 3 months for being float. 3.) Pay grade for new grad 4.) Float for intermediate care units at several sister hospitals.
  6. kaydensmom01

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    An hour from Youngstown and Pittsburgh
  7. kaydensmom01

    New Grad RN's working in Nursing Homes. What's your experience?

    old post
  8. kaydensmom01

    Disillusioned, stressed, regretting nursing?

    I am also feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs done and the amount of time to do it. I am a new grad in a SNF and only had 4 shifts of orientation and my next shift I will be on my own, taking care of 12-24 patients! I am scared out of my mind, and leave feeling like I have missed a hundred things- heck I barely get med pass done let alone assessments, labs, orders, phone calls, etc. There are so many places to chart and file everything that I can't even keep track. I have never done an admission or discharge which is bound to happen and I have no idea how I would even fit that in since it takes an hour to complete (and that is for the experienced nurses). I do not get to look at things and analyze them like I feel like I should be. Everyone also keeps telling me that it will get better with time, and I sure do hope so...
  9. kaydensmom01

    Nursing Student Issues

    It is your responsibility to let her know that her behavior is unacceptable.
  10. kaydensmom01

    Should I find a new job asap?

    "Overexageration"? Whatever you want to think.... I'm not some naive child that believes nursing is rainbows and butterflies, I'm simply trying to find out the norm for a SNF. I've only ever had experience in acute care and was trying to see if this was the norm. I was taught to always check vital signs before administering medication that will lower the bp/pulse rate in order to prevent complications- I understand that SNF and acute care are two different things and was wondering if this is something that I should be concerned about. I understand that what I was taught in nursing school and "real" world nursing are two different things. But yes being told that assessments, vital signs, and lab result checks are not necessary on my first day in a facility certainly raised a big red flag and made me WONDER if this was dangerous practice since it was completely against anything that I have ever learned. I'm sorry that you think it is an over-exaggeration to wonder if it is dangerous to only worry about getting meds down the throats of your patients in time without knowing any of the diagnosis of the patients or even what the medications were for (my impression after yesterday). This is completely opposite of everything that I was taught so I think that it is absolutely fair to be shocked initially and wonder about the quality of care. I didn't automatically assume the facility to be dangerous for my license, I went back and worked with another nurse today who told me pretty much opposite of what the previous nurse told me (even though the care was not at my standards but I guess I will have to lower my standards...). I didn't go into this with unrealistic expectations, or so so I thought. I went into this knowing that you have 15 patients so of course you are going to have to rush to get the med pass done, but I just thought that you would need to assess a patient at some point and would have to know about the medication that you give them (that is what a nurse does, right?). At this point I am convinced that they can just take anyone off of the street and train them to do this (not my impression in acute care). Harsh? Maybe. This is just so upsetting to me...
  11. kaydensmom01

    Should I find a new job asap?

    You are not alone with worrying about working in a possibly dangerous facility. I just started my first job yesterday in a SNF and was told by the nurse training me that we don't need to do assessments, that we don't need to do vitals, and that we don't need to look at labs (that we only need to fax them in to the physician when we get them and they will change a med if it needs changed). I have never worked in SNF facility so I don't know if this is expected or not because I was expecting to do a general assessment, take vitals before giving a medication such as abx or heart meds, and thought that I would have to look at relevant labs for certain meds (e.g. Coumadin). I don't want to overreact because it is SNF and you have 15 patients so I know that you can't do everything like acute care (which is my only experience). I will be with a different nurse during my orientation next week, so at least I will see if how other nurses work. Thanks for any advice.
  12. kaydensmom01

    Has anyone here handled both school and kids?

    I started school when my son was 6 months old, and graduated when he was almost 3. I think it was harder on me, but easier on him going to school when he was still a baby.
  13. kaydensmom01

    Frustrated with Graduating in May

    Same around here, can't apply until you are licensed.
  14. kaydensmom01

    2 duis in CA and applying to take NCLEX

    I would really recommend hiring a lawyer. Although I believe they are more able to help in preventing a mess, I think they may be able to help in cleaning the mess up. Honestly, it is common for people with former DUI's to be given a restricted license, I know several people myself, and I am SURE that I would have gotten stips without a lawyer pushing them for an unrestricted license. Don't get me wrong, I had to have plenty of evidence of change, recovery, and no other offenses- but even with all this I really think that the BON wouldn't have given me an unrestricted license without the help of my lawyer. Good luck!
  15. kaydensmom01

    2 duis in CA and applying to take NCLEX

    Not to discourage you, but it can take a looooong time to get your RN license with criminal convictions. I finally just got my license after almost 9 months of waiting for the BON. I turned everything that I could possibly need in at the beginning of June and did not hear a word from the BON until the end of October. They sent me a letter requesting a psych/addiction evaluation that cost $3000. I sent all of my 400 pages of my documents to the evaluator, went to see him for the 9 hour evaluation on November 19th (which went great) and then waited again. I got my ATT on January 24th and a letter on January 27th that stated they were giving me an unrestricted license. I just took the NCLEX February 10th and passed. I KNOW for a fact that I would not have gotten an unrestricted license if I didn't hire a lawyer before I sent everything in. He sent a letter to the board when I sent my application in stating that they give consent agreements to everyone with a "past" and that it is not acceptable considering that it was apparent that I was a "recovered" individual. I too am completely changed, but still knew that it would take a while to get my license so I took pre-req's for the RN-BSN program while waiting because you can't actually start the program until having a license. I'm not trying to discourage, just trying to prepare you for the worst because the BON takes these offenses very seriously. You may want to consider getting a lawyer. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  16. kaydensmom01

    I have an OHIO consent agreement

    I have known several people with consent agreements and they got hired into drug rehabs. Good luck!!!