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the pearsonvue thread is well over 1000 pages and 10,000 posts long. the original thread (part 1) is now closed. here is a continuation of the same topic (part 2) with the following links: part 1 (the original thread)-- ... Read More

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    I took my exam saturday morning with 75 questions. I already had it in my head that I failed. Not surprising because it sounds like most people have that feeling. Anyways, I did the PVT and got the good popup. This morning I found out that I passed!! It worked and I am very impressed. Usually this type of stuff is bogus. I am a believer now. It helps with the nerves too. Good luck to everyone else still waiting!
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    OMG.....I passed!!!! I am a believer!!!! I am so happy I am crying tears of joy! Congrats to all that passed and hang in there for those who have to wait!
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    Quote from wecandothis
    Your post is SO encouraging! I took NCLEX PN in CA on June 15th and I'm still waiting on my results... the good "pop up" is the only thing I have keeping me sane at this point
    I know it's sooo hard to believe it works but since it's soo hard to function after that test or do anything else search thru the 1,000 of messages and get your spirits up. You'll see those say they got the cc page and then come back and say they failed. What an incredible joy this trick is. I know you passed it!!!
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    Quote from tmarti09
    I took the test on Friday the 25th at 8am... didn't get into the test until 815am and was out by like 910am (I dont like to think too long because I end up overthinking questions). It turned off at 75 questions and I tried the PVT trick -- got the good pop up and received my results earlier today SUNDAY! at about the time I finished 915am... 48 hours laters not business hours. I too felt like i BOMBED the test completely. I had no clue what one of the meds were on my whole exam... I got rare disease I have never heard of and was asked to describe what I would be looking for! Yeah right like I could tell them... I guessed a minimum of 10 questions flat out. So getting the good pop up to me felt like I was going to end up being the FIRST ONE to fail it with this pop up but like thousands before me who felt that they were completely HOPELESS.. I passed have faith. The worst 48 hours of your life thus far will soon be over, and in the mean time use the PVT as a way to make the worst 48 hours a little bit better for your body.. by not stressing so much if you did pass. : )

    Tara, BSN, RN : )
    Me too, felt the same way, I mean this journey has been so hard you don't expect a simple break like this trick... It's a Godsend! After reading thru all those messages for 2 hours or so I was like 90% sure. Even if it was wrong I thought might was well enjoy the hope of it, not like worrying or crying will help. IT WORKED -- I PASSED JUST LIKE YOU.
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    Quote from MrsLRJ
    what are you talking about that it is not guaranteed?
    This means if your state doesn't participate in "quick results" where you can pay $7.95 in two days and see your grade, they don't seem to grade them as quickly and there was some discrepancy when not waiting for the "delivery status" message on your account to be complete. You must have that 'Delivery Complete' or whatever it says message up.

    ADDED!!! MANY ARE SAYING NOW THAT IT DOESN'T MATTER. So maybe go by that. It doesn't make sense why the computer would take longer than another one in another state. Just something I saw ya know so wanted to mention. BUT AGAIN, MANY SAY NOT AN ISSUE. Great news for those CA nurses!
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    I am entering into week 7 of this long CA wait This thread has really occupied my mind from going crazy. I am still getting " the good pop up" I can't wait to get my letter and see the word pass, my finger toes and everything else i can cross are crossed. I know they are in may but i really wanted to find out before my vacation friday, so at least i can check my own mail. Any ways any may test dates out there still waiting here in CA for the slooooowbvnpt
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    *My Update*6/28/10
    I just received my NCLEX PN quick results......I PASSED!!!!!!!
    I took my test on a saturday 2pm, received my quick results Monday around 3:30....I did the PVT each day over the weekend and kept getting the notice about not being able to maybe it does work.

    Good luck to everyone taking the test, and to everyone waiting hang, in there..I know its pure thing for sure i can say between nursing school, the NCLEX horrible test experience and then the waiting for the results..I have more gray hair and stomach issues than i did before i started this on to my RN..

    :redpinkheTHANK YOU GOD, I know that its because of you that I have made it :redpinkhe

    .....I'm an LPN.....

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    Congrats Hope2B!!!!!! I passed to and the trick worked for me!! Cheers!!!!!!
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    I am not from Cali but i wanted to wish you the best of luck!!! I have read through literally hundreds of the post on the first blog about this (its closed now but you can still read through them). All of the results are the same so I really think that you are going to receive a pass in your future! You should contact your BON and ask them what exams they are currently working on! Hope you get them b4 friday!!!!

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