NCLEX PN Review Help!! I keep failing

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    HI! I have taken the NCLEX PN 3 times and failed every single one of them. I have numerous books to study from and taken 2 courses of Lifesavers and still.. failed. I am so discouraged. I have been trying to pass this test since I graduated back in 2005. I really want to pass this test this time and I just dont know what to anymore. Please.. any advice would be useful. Thanks..

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    Sorry I cant contribute an answer but I am curious as a new student. How long was it from the time you graduated up to the first time you tried the test?
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    Anne36 i tried about a month later.
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    Hi, I'm still in school, but I would say do you use the cds included in those reviews materials, if yes how? For me one good way would try to do those questions on cd without looking up answer. Do your best to answer them by yourself until you make a good score. Because reading the question and looking up the answer and thinking you will remeber it on tje board might not work.
    It is scary to know that you have been doing the board since 2005, but there must be something that works for you, just do your best and try hard to find it.
    I wish you luck.
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    Has anyone tried I have not taken my NCLEX for LVN since I graduated in 08 and I really want to take it now. But I've been advised to take a refresher course before I take the test. Has anyone taken the review course from here and has passed the boards?
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    Try answering in this form, use your ABCs and then if that's not the answer then look for Maslows! Those two things I took into consideration when I would choose an answer. Take a month off from studying and clear your mind before studying again. Then once you start studying make sure you don't over study. Once you see that you're frustrated and you're not grasping the material then stop, and rest for a few days before you start up studying again. Hope this helps and good luck
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    Clear your mind and start your preparation again. Approach it as if you had never tested before, don't leave anything out. Keep at it. You will pass as long as you don't give up.
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    lizzymac : no i have not heard of that before. and i do not know about that review course.. i have only heard about lifesavers and american healthways review courses.. i am seriously considering taking american healthways but it is just wayy to much money..

    nursetobe745 : when i took it last.. my prep method was to answer as much questions a possible..and yes, i have reviewed with the cd's.. i would try to answer 100 per day for atleast 5 days a week= 500 questions a week = 2000 per month.. still failed.. i think i have alot of test anxiety.. i do great with the questions i answer at home.. but as soon as i step in to take the test... im so nervous i cant focus.. i want this to be the last time i take this test!!

    nursecubanitarn2b and caliotter3 : thanks. i will definitely keep that in mind.. i guess i just have to really relax when im taking the test.

    i am thinking about buying exam cram practice questions book.. anybody had any success in that book?? any feedback would be great..
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    dont spend all your money buying all those silly practice books....

    free way to study.....go to your school library or public library....bring your lap top......get all the pn nclex practice books with the discs in the back......upload the discs free on your lap top.

    i did this last may when i graduated....was able to upload 5 discs for over 8000 questions and study guides that were on the discs....didnt cost me a penny,.....

    i used these to study and took my test in july and passed......i had eight other classmates that did this.....they also passed the nclex on first try..

    things to really pay attention to:

    lab values
    infection control

    good luck!!!!!

    if you made it through school......then you can certainly pass this stupid test they make us take....
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    Well, I took the NCLEX-PN this morning for the first time and what helped me the most was the Hurst review course that I took. It feels like I learned more in that course than I did all year. I mainly studed that book and I did some of the Saunders review questions from my review book. I feel pretty good about the test and I got the good pop up on the PVT. I would have failed for sure if I hadn't taken the Hurst course. I highly recommend it. Everything made much more sense after I studied that material. Good luck to you!

    If your interested here is the link to the Hurst review:

    It is not cheap but it is definatly worth the money. If you pay for a live review then after you go to your first live review you can continue to go to as many live reviews as you want for the next 2 years. It is a combined review for PN and RN students. You can also take the review course online or go to a DVD review. Each one is a different price with the live review being the most expensive. It is awesome because if you take the live course for your PN and within 2 years you graduate with your RN then you can take the course again for free! I really think this review would help you
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