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  1. CrazyGoonRN

    St. Thomas-Nashville

    Thank you! That is helpful! When I looked on their website I never saw the length of the job. I was probably looking in the wrong place .
  2. CrazyGoonRN

    St. Thomas-Nashville

    Does anyone have any info about the "RN - Short Term Premium Pay Travel" critical care job at St. Midtown in Nashville? It will be a few months before I will be out of my current travel contract before I could apply for this job but I'm just curious if anyone knows anything more about it like length of the job or pay? Thanks!
  3. CrazyGoonRN

    Resume after cancelling my contract

    So I cancelled my 3rd contract early after 4 weeks. My orientation was inadequate and I was working with some hostile nurses. Anyway, My company suppported me initially then quickly decided I needed to return and stick it out. They no longer supported me. I want to switch companies now but I'm not sure what to put on my resume. Do I include this 4 weeks on my resume? It seems wrong to leave it off. Will this make it hard for me to get another contract? I have been working PRN for years and this will be on my resume and will not show any gaps in employment. Any advice is appreciated.
  4. CrazyGoonRN

    Travel nurse licensing tips

    Yes, it ended up only taking 1 week before I recieved an email saying I had received my license. Much quicker than expected! :)
  5. CrazyGoonRN

    Medical Staffing Network: respiratory fit test

    I am having the same issue. The N 95 mask that I am already fit tested for is not the same one that is used at my upcomming travel hospital. My credientling coordinater contacted the hospital (at my request) and asked if I can do the fit test there when I arrive for my assignment. They said I can and that it will cost $40. That is expensive but saves me a lot of hassle.
  6. CrazyGoonRN

    Travel nurse licensing tips

    I sent off for my Georgia license last week and I recieved an email from them the next day with a link to where I can log in and see updates. Also, I had to get ink fingerprinted and mail it to a company in California for my background check. They only accept electronic fingerprints if you go to specific locations within the state of Georgia. The nurse manager at the hospital I have been hired at says it typically takes 3 weeks to get a Georgia license. I just hope there is no delay so my start date is not pushed back.
  7. CrazyGoonRN

    Prophecy Testing

    I just took the CCU prophecy exam and I have never worked in a CCU before. My specialty is MSICU, but my first travel assignment will be in a CCU. The exam was tough! I studied before I took it and then I had to retake the exam to make above the required 80% passing score (recommedned passing score is 71% by prophecy but my travel company requires a 80%). I also had to take 5 other ones that included pharm and ekg. I had to repeat the pharm one also, but it was no where near as tough as the CCU exam. They allow 2 re-take's if you do not pass the first time.
  8. CrazyGoonRN

    Housing: how do you book it?

    Thanks for your reply. It's not my only choice but I am finding the best rates on airbnb compared to other places I have looked.
  9. CrazyGoonRN

    Housing: how do you book it?

    I'm thinking about using airbnb for my first travel assignment. There is the option to book the entire 13 weeks or just book a few weeks at a time. I'm afraid that if I do not book the entire place now that someone may book the next month and I'll have to move. Then again what if I don't like the place and want to move. What do you normally do when booking housing for a new travel assignment?
  10. CrazyGoonRN

    Health Insurance for Traveler's

    I am new to travel nursing and am trying to figure out the best option for health insurance. I am too old to be on my parents insurance and I don't have a spouse who can put me on thier insurance. I plan to go PRN at my full time job when I travel, but I will loose my health insurance. What has been the best option that you have found? Do you just take the insurance the travel agency offers? I want to be home for a few weeks in between assignments to spend time with family and work at my PRN job. I don't want to have gaps of time without health insurance. Cobra is expensive. Do you just get private insurance? Thanks!
  11. I am new to travel nursing and I have been submitted to two hospitals by my recruiter . How long does it typically take to get a call from the hospital for an interview? It has only been a couple days. I am just wondering about other peoples experiences I know every hospital is probably different. What is the longest you have had to wait for the hospital to call and interview you?
  12. CrazyGoonRN

    Things LTC Nurses wish EMTs and Paramedics would understand.

    I agree 100% with everything you said. I was a LTC LPN for 3 years and I had many frustraing encounters with EMT's. My supervisor would get mad and tell them to just "load and go" because that is their job. I am now a critical care RN and I have no more than 1-3 patients at a time and it is very different. I am treated with much more respect by the EMT's and paramedics than I was as a LTC LPN. There is absolutly no reason that I should have been treated so poorly by them when I worked in LTC. IN LTC nurses rarely ever know the entire medical history of their patients because it is not practical when you have 30-40 during one shift. I remember running non stop for 12-16 hours when in LTC and never getting a break. I sure didn't have time to look up medical history on any of my patients.
  13. CrazyGoonRN

    CVU- is this considered critical care?

    Call the general hospital number and ask who ever answers what it stands for.
  14. CrazyGoonRN

    CRRT and mobility

    No absolutly not. If a patient is too hemodynamically unstable for hemodialysis and requiring CVVHD then I do not see it being safe to get them out of bed. Sounds like the higher up's are out of touch with reality.
  15. CrazyGoonRN

    Health Providers Choice

    Thanks for your reply. I have not spoken to them yet. I have been researching compaines before making contact. I'll probably apply with them, but it's always nice to get some insight from those who have worked with the company in the past.
  16. CrazyGoonRN

    Health Providers Choice

    Have you heard of this travel agency? What is your opinion or experience with this company? I have not been able to find many reviews on this company. They are rated #1 by Highway Hypodermics for 2017 but other than that I don't know much. Any info is appreciated :)