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About msvegaslpn

35 y/o married chihuahua...recently passed the pn nclex.....just waiting for license.

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  1. Why do you have to take the CNA class for LPN program at CSN?

    i graduated the lpn program at csn in 2010....we all asked the same question about why we had to be cna certified and they couldnt give us a good answer. my opinion....more tuition money in csn can apply to the program and take the cna c...
  2. No more LPNs -- oh really?

    ok ok.....i know this is an old post....but i had to reply.......first of all there are alot of lpn jobs here in the las vegas valley...both in hospitals, LTC, SNF, outpatient a new lpn and i am making 20 an hour at a outpatient behavi...
  3. any nurses/nursing students on methadone?

    i just contacted the nevada board of nursing because i was curious of the answer to this question. according to nevada a nurse may NOT practice under the treatment of methadone....they said that is considered an IMPAIRED MEDICAL PROVIDER. just call y...
  4. im Wrong? PLZ tell me

    KGH that was a freaken awesome metaphor with the beach ball example....imma use that next time the opportunity comes up..................lololololol
  5. Practical Nursing Entrance Exam

    i would grab the HESI book and practice their science questions....should be all you wishess in your career goals....keep us posted. michelle
  6. New Nurses! Post here, Lets get to know one another!

    my names michelle.....35 y/o new lpn here in las vegas....graduated may 2010 cant remember the date i passed my nclex.....i work IMC at a local hospital here in the vegas my city....plenty of hospitals, work, and night life.
  7. im Wrong? PLZ tell me

    your just starting premed....your not in med school....far from it....sound like to me you couldnt cut it in nursing you ran to the next best thing....dont put down nurses because you didnt like the program you were in. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  8. Passed NCLEX-PN First Attempt

    just answer alot of questions.....heres a free way to do so... dont buy all those silly books... go to your local library with your lap top...grab all the pn nclex books with the disks and upload them on your lap top....thats what i over 8...
  9. Passed NCLEX-PN First Attempt

    i also did the ati at my school.....not by it was great....i also passed first try.
  10. im Wrong? PLZ tell me

    as for thinking like a doctor and not a nurse...i would NOT be bragging about prevent doctors from accidently killing people.....i would be bragging more about being a doctor who thought like a nurse.... there would be less...
  11. im Wrong? PLZ tell me

    welcome to nclex type questions.....choose the most correct answers.....get use to these type of will see them again on the nclex.... example....the most correct answer would be the problem that requires asap attention. your example ...
  12. Other jobs for BSN with revoked license?

    Wow tough question...they are going to ask in any medical facility if you have ever held a professional license and had discipline action....
  13. LPN starting pay $26.50!

    In las vegas i just got a lpn new grad imc position for 28.75 an hour...were a high demand area for nurses......i have fellow grads who are making similar in subacute facilities and hospice centers.
  14. 12.50/hr in Raleigh for LPN?!?!?!

    Wowwww you need to move to vegas....i just got hired by a local hospital...imc unit....28.75 an hour....i use to work as a cna there...made 19.75 as a has some of the best salaries for medical professionals...and its cheap to live here..

    American hospital service group is the main civilian medical contractor for many military hospitals...they do not hire lpns....

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