I Passed The NCLEX PN 2/11/13

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    It's found out i passed today! Took the test yesterday at 8 am and was out by 9:45 with 85 questions.

    I graduated in December 2013 and used the newest Saunders (red book) I did all of the questions from the cd except the med ones.

    I used the lippincott 3000. ( I think that's what it's called wiregrass website) I didn't use it as often because I kept getting repeats of the same questions.

    The 35 page study guide that goes around and the Kaplan strategies book 2012-2013.

    I got 12 SATA, 2 drag and drop, 1 EKG, and a lot of priority questions. I got the good pop up when I left yesterday. I thought i failed because I didn't know a lot. The strategy book and the 35 page study guide helped me the most. If I didn't know what they were asking I started applying the strategy technique.

    So excited!
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    Congrats! !!!!!
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    Congrats! I tested yesterday as well for the PN I also got the good pop up but I'm not getting excited until I can pay for my quick results tomorrow! I had 98 questions the test was hard, I had a lot of med. questions and I honestly had to take a lot of guesses but congrats
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    congrats poky.... sounds like you used your critical thinking to get down to the safest option. GOOD for you LPN. Congrats 2 ya!

    & congrats Samantha, LPN, GOOD POP = passed.
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    Congrats!! , and goodluck being a nurse!!
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    Quote from Asteria
    Congrats!! , and goodluck being a nurse!!
    i was just wondrin if you're getting my pm? anyways Goodluck!
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    Congratulations you earned it!!
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    Woohoo!! Welcome aboard. Good luck in your career.
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    Congrats....how long and often did you studying??

    Planning on retaking mine in March, in the meantime i ordered a 5 wks of NCSBN and i try to review a chaper once a day. However, motivation is low but there is sooo much content and the last time i checked i'm not going for my m.d. just a l.p.n.
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